back to article Google seeks $1bn flight search engine

Google is going shopping again - it's in talks to buy travel search specialist ITA Software for more than $1bn. ITA, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts was founded in the mid-90s by boffins from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its flight search and shopping software is used by Orbitz, several US airlines and Microsoft. …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    XSSXXXX but Better ....... in AI Beta ProgramMING 4Talking2Minds

    Hell, for a $ less you can buy a CyberFlight Master Pilot which returns Travellers their Investments with Interest and delivers them Safely from Exotic Destinations with Erotic Programs and Refreshing Memories.

    Who Cares and Shares, Dares Always Win Win and can Never Ever Lose to Losers and Always Pleases to Surrender itself to the Powerful Control of the Magical Mystery Turing Enigmas that are AI and the Paradoxical Leads which are Covered and Protected in the Astute Advanced Analytical Algorithm which Delivers the Perfectly Immaculate Submission which Drivers and Steers Heavenly Passions ....... which is in any AI Beta, a Novel Program Default for Virtually any Practical Project you would care or be able or enabled to Imagine.

    1. paulf


      Did I really miss something here?

      Did the Moderatrix let a spam slip through (shurely not!) or is this a satire on the kind of management speak that would get multiple "HOUSE" calls from a game of BS Bingo?

      I could understand this on a Friday afternoon - post liquid lunch, but Dude its only Wednesday.

      Megaphone as I'm competitive at BS Bingo, but don't get much opportunity to play these days!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    May not lead to a deal?

    I should hope not. I like ITA software's search engine well enough that I'd hate to see it do-no-evil'ed by the oompa-loompas.

    Everyone else has you swim in annoying dancing-rodent style ads, these guys instead offer the raw rules data and cost structure of a found flight. Guess which is more useful to me?

    And they don't require plugins or javascript or whatnot. Their site still works with lynx. And yes, that's definitely useful to me.

  3. Andy Dent 2

    Lisp finally makes it into Mountain View!

    Erann Gat is vindicated



    I did try to introduce Lisp to Google. Having had some experience selling Lisp at JPL I got all my ducks in a row, had a cool demo going, showed it to all the other members of the ads team, and had them all convinced that this was a good idea. The only thing left was to get approval from the VP of engineering. The conversation went something like this:

    Me: I'd like to talk to you about something...

    Him: Let me guess - you want to use Smalltalk.

    Me: Er, no...

    Him: Lisp?

    Me: Right.

    Him: No way.

    And that was the end of Lisp at Google. In retrospect I am not convinced that he made the wrong decision. The interchangeable component model of software engineers seemed to work reasonably well there. It's just not a business model in which I wish to be involved, at least not on the component-provider side.


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