back to article Microsoft yanks KIN ad boob

Microsoft has deleted a clip from one of its KIN ads that showed a young bloke surreptitiously photographing his breast before sending the image to a woman. Redmond apologised for including the scene in the ad for its new so-called "social phone", after an alarmist US consumer group complained that the clip promoted sexting …


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  1. Code Monkey


    Who voted for these Puritans that have taken over the English-speaking world? They'll be banning dancing next!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Maybe he was saying what a tit he looked using a Micro$haft phone.

  3. stringfoto

    ur opinions are ridiculous

    the alarmists are downright creepy with their shocking, amoral inappropriateness -- it is not safe for our children to be exposed to such sinister influences. the rights groups of this world should be ashamed, deeply, deeply ashamed for their unending stalkerish obsessivness with all exposing young impressionable minds to such strict judgments of right and wrong. their poisonous, sick terrorist views are damaging our society, but we will not be frightened by them. we will not let the rights groups intimidate us, or assault and abuse us into surrendering our basic humanity -- our celebration of humanity and all the tits, cocks, pussy and arse and male and female sexting we can take, and more. let us be free of the fear of ourselves, the terrorist self hatred rights groups seek to poison us all with -- their seditious behaviour, highly inappropriate and wrong, will no longer be tolerated. say good night, rights groups. once i saw a rights groups' chick checking out this hot guy walking down the street, i pointed out the deep inappropriateness of her objectifying humans as self gratifying sexual objects for her own vaginal satisfaction, she went red, and became verbosely apologetic. gosh they are all such losers, aren't they? if only they were human, they would understand, but they would rather excise their humanity, than live with the responsibility of being what they are. again, say good night, rights groups.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "Take sexting very seriously"

    Yep, so do I.

    But I don't think we all mean in the same way...

  5. Basic

    Won't someone please think of the children

    'nuff said

  6. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    It's only just occurred to me

    They probably didn't mean to say, "Guys! You can send photos of your naked body to your girlfriend!"

    (Which would be probably not well received.)

    They meant to say, "Guys! Your girlfriend can send photos of her naked body to you!"

    (Which might take some persuasive talking of your own, but, if you're so inclined, - )

    And the message is more persuasive to YOU because they made you work it out YOURSELF.

    MAN, advertisers are evil.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Forget about sexting

    I consider the showing of man boobs more brain-damaging than whatever sexting promotion the ad may have been attempting.

    Gah! My Eyes!

  8. John A Blackley


    "We take sexting very seriously". Lighten up guys. You'll never get any with that po-faced attitude.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    When I saw the clip...

    ... I thought it was a really ugly chick that was taking the photo and sending it to her girlfriend.

    Would explain the shock and horror.

    OK, sorry, I'm just going anyway...

  10. John H Woods Silver badge

    kin hell

    what the kin hell was he doing with the kin phone and why is everyone getting so kin worked up about it? it's only a kin laugh after all. Not like it's anything kin important and why did they kin call the phone a kin stupid name anyway? is that kin asking for kin trouble or kin what?

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