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Microsoft has opened up a repair shop online to identify and fix common software problems in Windows PCs. Currently in beta, Fix It Center consists of a client that you download onto your PC and an online option that enables you to manage multiple computers from a single location on the Internet. A library of troubleshooters …


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  1. mfraz
    Gates Horns

    The problem?

    Windows is the problem, what's the solution?

    1. Frank Bitterlich

      How to fix this...:

      So, does MS install Linux on your machine then, to fix the fundamental software problems?

      Icon: The *real* M$ "Fix it"!

  2. John Sims
    Dead Vulture

    Microsoft will fix it for you ... Oh no they wont

    Fix it Center Setup encountered an error

    An unexpected error has occurred. Please close and try to run Setup again later.

  3. Tim Bates
    Thumb Down


    Why not fix the bloody OS instead, MS?

    I don't know how many times I've deleted "upperlimits" and "lowerlimits" from the registry to bring back CD drives.

    Or changing the Intel power management thing to not start when we install SP3 on XP because it turns out AMD systems aren't Intel based.

    Or fixing the networking stack because it broke when a 3rd party firewall was removed (or sometimes because the MS one was flicked off and on).

    Or my personal favourite - fixing the BCD stuff on Vista because someone farted near the partition table!

  4. A 31

    oh the love

    Darn, 4 comments, 3 sweeping statements, and a technology hurt badger !

    I, for one, think its a good idea, and fingers crossed it will stop the in laws calling me about their computer not working :D

    It's bound to be a bit pants, but you'd be surprised about the amount of "faults" that can be simply resolved by software.

  5. TJ 2

    Pull pin.....

    * If you had any common sense you would have built an image and fixed all your issues there before deploying. Your inability to use the OS "in a clever way" is no reason to bitch. XP is incredibly versitile, scriptable and scalable. Your skills are not it seems.

    * Linux.... Blah blah ...b .l .a .h. Just like Apple will never be mainstream, Linux will never be mainstream. Everything has it's place, get over it.

    * If windows is the problem for you, see above and install that instead.

    1. HobbleAlong

      Built an Image???

      It looks to me you're suggesting users build an XP image to fix their problems before installing it. Since when did M$ supply the source so you could build an image or are you suggesting that everyone should roll their own? I think you're giving the average microsloth user a lot of credit. After all M$ has some competent programmers and they can't even get it right. But I do agree that XP is the best they ever came up with, but jeez it's 10 years old.

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