back to article Apple sets 3G iPad for May 7 as Sprint ups ante to 4G

Americans will get the 3G iPad before UK punters can even order a Wi-Fi model, at an expected price of £399. And Americans can even get 4G connectivity, after Sprint ran up its own WiMAX case for the jumbo pod. Apple has just slipped the 3G iPad onto its US on-line store with a shipping date of May 7, three days before the Wi …


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  1. Ashley Stevens


    What is an iPad-nano? Is that a nickname for an iPod Touch?

    1. Sam Dutton
      Thumb Up

      Size is relative

      The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain refer to their (one) guitar as a 'bass ukulele'.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    £399 seems about what's to be expected. Our friends over at Vouchercodes rightly pointed out the 'complications' of VAT and other duties on the device, which account for the "average transatlantic mark up of 22[%]" So, take of the VAT, and the price drops to ~£340. Which would leave ~5% for other excise duties giving ~£325. Taking an exchange to be 1.54 (08:00 20/04/10) that gives a US$500. So the *reason* that it cost more here is HM Government. Whether or not you think £399 is *reasonable* for the device is a whole other debate!

    Next question; With this in mind, why do Adobe feel its OK to charge ~150% more in Europe for the boxed versions of it's products? That is *before* VAT is added. The download versions are more still! Bear in mind that software is only subject to VAT in the UK and AFAIK the EU. I know this is off topic, but since "transatlantic mark up" was mentioned, I feel it's worth pointing out. There is a whole article there, El Reg. Does anybody else do this to this extent? Adobe won't answer us about price gouging, will they answer you?

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