back to article IBM profits out-climb sales in Q1

Maybe the worst of the economic meltdown is over, even if we still need to send some people who helped create it to jail. After Wall Street closed today, IBM reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2010, and in just about every product category and geography, Big Blue showed sequential growth at constant currency …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Good news

    that our division made double digit growth this quarter... but what are the chances we will actually get a pay rise this year? Probably small to none.

    Still it's not all bad news... there is a shortage of IT bods in the local (Australia) jobs market and analysts are saying companies trying to attract quality staff this year will need to offer a 20% premium on current salaries.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Shout out to the UK?

    8% - that's similar to the amount of free hours over my contract I'm expected to work every single week, or miss my utilisation target.

    Record profits all round for the last two years whilst being told we were in such hard times and we are lucky to have jobs (nice, is that the best you've got?). Rather than a hearty pat on the back, I'd rather the Pigs of Armonk coughed up some money for a non-derisory pay increase this year. Or we'll take our 8% back.

  3. Gwaptiva

    So that's ...

    what lay-offs are good for

  4. Mark Cathcart

    "Software Group, which sells operating systems"

    Oh yeah, which ones would those be ? Microsoft WIndows or Linux ? The IBM OS's are from IBM Systems Group... just sayin

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