back to article Fusion-io gets $45m in C-round

Rumour Central says Fusion-io just got a $45m-$47m injection of funds in a C-round of investment. Fusion-io is the supplier of PCIe bus-connected ioDrive and ioDuo flash solid state drives (SSD) using both single and multi-level cell flash. It has recently promoted its co-founder and chief technology officer David Flynn to the …


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  1. SteveS

    Happy they got their money - but spending 45M in 13 months?

    Always good to see funding activity.

    But 13 months ago Fusion-io got 45M. That is burning 3.4m/month which is crazy.

    They operated on a bridge loan for the last 6 weeks or so and things were tight.

    Chris - have you asked about this? Gonna be very hard to be profitable if burning cash at this rate.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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