back to article DoH puts brakes on Summary Care Record

The Department of Health has suspended the creation of the central electronic patient record in regions where it had planned for an accelerated implementation. It has told the British Medical Association's (BMA) GP IT committee that it would halt the work until more had been done to spread awareness about the Summary Care …


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  1. Pat 11

    Early adopter

    Where are the early adopter areas then?

  2. Tom Chiverton 1


    This is another of those election coincidences innit...

  3. Steve 26

    Call it what it is

    It might help if, instead of calling it something vague and stupid like 'Summary Care Record', they called it something descriptive like 'Electronic Medical History'. Or even better, Computer Health Record Of National Insurance Contributor, CHRONIC for short.

  4. Jacqui

    scare stories

    Hmm, let the scare stories currently wamking the rounds die down first?

    Doctors in my area are inundated with opt-out letters - and all of the surgery staff have opted out!

  5. Matthew

    Opt out, schmopt out

    I got my "Important Information on SCR" mailing from the NHS on Friday. A letter describing how wonderful the SCR is and some other fluff, but the form to opt-out is not included. For this, you have to write to the NHS to request one or you can download it.

    Considering the number of people who won't follow-up and will then find themselves opted-in, this is a cynical way of increasing take-up.

  6. BlueGreen

    But they are improving!

    Got a leaflet through post a couple of days ago - checked it carefully & nowhere did they make the usual fatuous promises of keeping your SCR safe.

    Howzat for honest!

  7. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "Surgery staff have all opted out."

    Says it all, does it not?

  8. Oldfogey
    Thumb Down

    Opt out rate?

    I was visiting my 83 yr old mother-in-law recently, and the leaflet about the SCR arrived.

    She read through it, asked me a few questions, then said "I don't trust them. Can I get out of this?"

    So I printed off the form (she's not that hot on the web yet, but I have hopes), she signed it and I dropped it off at the doctors.

    Now shes telling everybody in her area, and with the contacts she has, and their contacts, and so on, I supect they will get opt-outs from about half of the surgery.

    If this is at all typical, the whole thing will be useless anyway.

    Oh, and it dowsn't cover Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland anyway.

  9. Aibopals
    Thumb Down


    Considering it is supposed to have been shelved, all members of my family received our letters today, I am disgusted they are making us jump through hoops just to opt out

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