back to article Omegle invites you to show world+Facebook your bewbs

The UK’s online child protection agency, CEOP, reacted with alarm today at the latest manifestation of the new trend in random online chat, Omegle. CEOP is concerned that there is no online panic button for users who find themselves getting into situations that they find uncomfortable or abusive. This isn’t surprising given …


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  1. Alpha Tony

    South Park anyone...?

    Big lol!

    The week before last's South Park Episode (entitled 'You have 0 friends') is all about Facebook and includes a long period of Kyle and Cartman trying to meet people on Chat Roulette only to find that pretty much the only people using it were guys jacking off!

    Best episode for ages btw - I'd check it out if you haven't seen it!

  2. A B 3

    LOL When all tasks are automated...

    The pinnacle of human technology, all mundane tasks are automated, leaving them more time for contemplative pursuits... Like masturbating for several hours a day.

  3. M Gale


    Not me.

    Anyway, after the death penalty thread, I figure this would be categorised more as light entertainment. Wonder how long until Omegle is used as an example of why the Internet should be censored and not, more sensibly, as a reason not to let children onto it alone?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    CEOP button on Omegle...

    ... going to happen shortly before they add one to 4chan.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      I for one am longing for the day a politician stumbles across 4chan and voices disgust in the daily fail.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I find

        I find it hard to imagine they havn't found it, I also suspect it could be an interesting few days when they did make a fuss about it.

        When they do of course, I will go and get some soup.

      2. M Gale

        Re: lulz

        Or the day after, when said politician finds precisely 9001 emails waiting for him, each saying "loldongs".

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Waste of time, and money

    Hey, maybe we should have panic buttons on porn websites too, right? Just incase a young person is dissatisfied with the size of the penis they are seeing. On Omegle, what would the panic button even do? Omegle does not control what the other person decides to do, and if they are masturbating, how are they to know the age of who is watching.. You go to Omegle or ChatRoulette, expect to see a lot of penises.

  6. dannymc

    See ya, CEOP

    CEOP are looking out for themselves and themselves alone. If big names stop supporting them, they effectively dont exist. They're as bad as the IWF.

  7. Lyall

    South Park

    As Cartman says: "If you wanna find some quality friends, you've gotta wade through all the dicks first!"

  8. gribbler

    see the little x in the top right corner?

    that one that closes the browser window? What more protection do people need in online chat sites?

    And if children are the concern, then can I kindly suggest that their parents need to take responsibility for them.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: And if children are the concern...

      To all those parents that complain (yes, you ARE complaining) that:

      1. "There are not enough hours in the day to monitor EVERYTHING they do."

      2. "I don't have time to watch him surf the internet (when s/he should be doing homework)."

      3. "I was doing laundry/cooking/out at the bar; I didn't know they were doing THAT."

      4. "They get home before I do - I can't watch them while I'm at work."

      Yes, it -=IS=- YOUR fault. If you don't "have the time", you can definitately pull the plug! If you don't know enough about your computer to keep your kids greasy mitts off of it while you are not there, then you need to lock it up in your room/the shed/your parents or ANYONE else's that will tell the little buggers "NO!", because you obviously won't.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Well in that case...

    I am going to email CEOP because I want a panic button for the Registe that I can press whenever a story about a self aggrandising idiot who has no clue about how the internet actually works, and only wants to push his own agenda upon others in order to further his own narcissistic view that he is some sort of 'white knight' set to rid the world of online dangers.

    And whenever you click the button a small machine kicks him in the balls.


    The sites such as Omegle and ChatRoulette are pretty idiotic and will just be a bunch of guys having a wank. I could have told the makers that before they even released it. When (more like if, to be honest) I have children, up until they're 16 there will be a proxy blocking service on the internet. And they will only get to use it when I say they can. and I will regularly check up on them. And I'll teach them what to look out for.

    God I can't wait until my generation is in charge, so when people come out with this stuff we can just tell them to shut the hell up.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Tsurotu

      "And whenever you click the button a small machine kicks him in the balls."

      That's extreme porn* mate, you're nicked.

      *because I said so, QED.

  10. Mouse_Nightshirt

    Normal people!

    Myself (male) and a housemate (female) tried the video chat today. First 5 were penis surfers, but then we had a good chat with two fellow students from Denmark! Chatted for five minutes.

    Our entire house is planning to go on tonight and start laughing at all the penis surfers for kicks. Ah student life!

  11. Anonymous Coward

    I don't know about dangerous...

    ...but it's certainly the saddest use of the internet I ever heard.

  12. Paul Gomme


    If CEOP are so concerned about the protection of kids, why don't they start their own service, complete with a 7000-page vetting questionnaire before allowing people to join?

  13. Camilla Smythe

    For Shit...!

    FaceArse and Google.

    Probably uses GoogleApis, as indicated, to run itself. FFS.

    GoogleSyndication.... Huh???? How does that one work?

    Also available on the iPhone AppStore!

    Woot. Does Mr JobsWorth know about that one?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Panic button

    There is a big Disconnect button. And computers have an off switch. What on Earth do they want: something that calls the cops when you click on it?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Pretty Much.......

      "What on Earth do they want: something that calls the cops when you click on it?"

      That's pretty much what I thought it was, a direct line to CEOP with the ability to report stuff

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No CEOP Panic Button Facebook group

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Tis certainly a good example

    'Tis certainly a good example of the sort of thing that gets the morality knights' at CEOP and elsewhere panties in a twist. It's also good to consider that these people have positively drowned in the ``think of the children'' kool-aid to the point that Everybody Must Be Treated Like A Child, And Never Be Allowed To Grow Up.

    I think it would certainly be good for parents to be informed and to be able to make informed decisions as to what their kids are allowed online. As parents are (still, but for how long?) their children's guardians, legal, moral, and otherwise, and are therefore entitled to and responsible for making that sort of decision.

    But that's not what CEOP wants for everybody. No, they've decided their gimmick is the silver bullet and thus everbody must swallow the blue pill, or else! Nevermind the in context horrible pun. The CEOP is playing right on the governmental agenda of undermining individual responsibility so the nanny state can take over. The thing is, when nobody can be expected to act responsibly, then all you can do is make sure every little thing is always thorougly vetted and censored. A panic button means asking the deemed irresponsible crowd to help the new overlords take ever more content away. Might as well label it ``please censor this''. Yeah, that'll work, and won't ever be abused, nosiree.

  17. Kar98

    Panic button?

    Alt and F4, or CMD and q seem to work fine for me. There's also the "close tab" option, and the power buttons on the computer and the modem.

  18. mlo0352

    Too Bad

    I think that people should just be able to interact whoever they want. If a kid sees a penis, and is too dumb to know what it is, too bad. If they learn about sex through this, then holy crap, they might be a normal human being. The problem I have with policing the internet is that all laws appeal to the lowest level of intelligence, and on the internet, that can get pretty fucking low.

    A police button!? Do you know how much that will get abused?? Even on accident!

    I hope The Register is among the sanely minded people like myself who think that you accept a certain level of personal responsibility when you access the internet. If a parent is afraid that their child is going to get involved in this kind of thing, TALK TO THEM as you would about strangers in real life. If you are still scared, limit their internet connectivity. Just because the internet exists doesn't mean that they should have unlimited access. This of course in my opinion should only apply to under teens, really. After that, they should be mature enough to handle the internet...

    *rant over*

  19. Anonymous Coward

    In all fairness..

    This is the kind of thing that most young people using the internet come to expect. I'm 16 and using any "anonymous" chat room of any sort I would come to expect explicit behaviour and all that kind of stuff. The disconnect button is surely as useful as any other button the CEOP would like to incorporate. As your chat partner has no information about you as it is, then they have no way of gaining information unless you are willing to give it. I'd hope that anybody using these services would be mature enough not to give out their personal information. As COPPA technically restricts children under 13 from using certain websites by law then they should certainly not be using Omegle or other services like Twatroulette as you may call it.

  20. Brian Miller

    Expected somethine different?

    "The final session was a chat with an older man, who appeared not in the least bothered to find himself suddenly chatting up someone who was easily 30 years his junior."

    So what was the chat about? Was it about gardening? Come on, don't hold back on us here! As for Ugandan weather, the current weather is 88%-100% humidity, with thunderstorms and rain in Tororo. So "hot and wet" might actually be appropriate, depending.

    It sounds like 5% of the chats weren't with twits and twats, so that's about par for our global culture. Or lack of it. Really, what did you expect?

  21. Graham Marsden

    Dear parents,

    If your kids are doing this...

    ... where the FUCK are you???

    Try taking some responsibility for your kids' safety!

    Yours sincerely,

    Someone who knows that the net is not a child-minding service!

    1. NogginTheNog

      Someone who seemingly doesn't have any children either

      Can I just say that as a parent, and hopefully a responsible one, I'm getting a bit tired of all the preaching on here from all those who obviously haven't got any themselves, and think that they're like ventriloquists dummies (or pets) you can keep locked in boxes, and will do exactly what you tell them all the time when you do let them out..

      Now there is a lot of common sense spoken here as well, but please those of you who've yet to experience the wonders of parenthood, especially the teenage years, have some consideration of the reality of being able to guide, but not have 24/7 control of what are essentially autonomous human beings.

      1. Pirate Dave Silver badge


        as the father of 16 year old and 12 year old boys, I heartily agree. I'm not a net nanny, I'm a father, so I've taught them right from wrong, but when it comes down to the wire it is still their judgement and their decision that determines their actions. And it's their consequences when they choose poorly.

        OTOH, it was sad that so many of the videochats that the Reg joined were guys who were wanking. Geez, we used to keep that kind of stuff PRIVATE, not blast it all over the Internet to whomever happens to pass by.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        When I was a teenager my number one requirment was locating porn to fap too.

        My number two requirment was getting vodka to get into a sorry state with.

        My number three requirment was to score some draw so I could get ever so High.

        My number four requirement was late night TV.

        My number five requirement was trying to be "cool" to get girls.

        Number six was trying to get home work done so parents and teachers didn't lynch me.

        Thing about teenagers is it's a time when you're supposed to take dumb ass risks and get yourself into lame situations where you think "shit I should have listened to my mother" just before phoning her from High Barnet Tube station at 6am coz you've got no cash and got lost.

        I still havn't nailed number five.

        The problem isn't that parents arn't "controlling" their children, it's that a very large number of parents believe that they're children should be safe all the time, Media is a prime culpret here (making the world seem far more dangerous then it is), this feeds into politics, then back out to parents and society at large, it's one massive moral panic feedback loop.

        Good parents realise life is full of risks and that nobody can be 100% safe, and sensible parent/adult also realises we live in a very safe country. When's the last time you heard about a guy who dissolving hundreds of people in caustic soda and buried the mush into holes in the ground?

      3. I didn't do IT.

        Re: All the preaching

        <rant> Can *I* just say that as a parent, and hopefully a responsible one, I'm getting a bit tired of all the preaching on here from all of those who obviously haven't been a parent to the children they have, and think that the community at large MUST take an interest in protecting their obviously darling treasures, because the spawn of *your* loins is SO MUCH BETTER than anything I could have ever donated. </rant>

        <MUCH calmer/> There is no one saying that you can or should have 24/7 control of your children. What is being said is that you SHOULD have 24/7 control of your own home and what goes on there.

        Computer being used inappropriately by the sprats? Take it away. If they go and do it at someone else's house, your internet won't be cut off my Gamble or Mandelson and it won't be YOUR house they raid. As it would be at another parent's house, THEY are liable and you can sue them - retirement sorted. Either they won't be allowed at anyone's house or they will wise up that some behavior is inappropriate.

        "Children will always either mature from your example or your apathy." -me

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Omegle not latest

    IIRC, Omegle was around a long time before ChatRoulette was created.

    1. Jane Fae

      omegle latest?

      True: omegle has been goin longer than chat roulette - in text form. However, it has recently added the video link. Apologies if that is not 100% clear in the piec.

      As for differences: we did much the same experiemtn with chat roulette, and only found one solitary wanker ...well, they would tend to be solitary, by definition.

      But, on the bais of our very small sample, it looks like yiou are around five times as likely to encounter wankers on omegle as on chat roulette.

      i would say i am torn both ways on this. The conversation (which we copied) between our researcher and the somewhat older guy was definitely suggestive, definitely leading. Since aforementioned researcher was having to pause from time to time to stop it being too obvious that she found the whole experience thoroughly hilarious, we don't exactly think she was in any danger.

      The guy was obvious, and we can't imagine any teenager with half a brain cell to rub together falling for his line - a bit like some old guy hanging out round the kiddies' playground, wearing a large placard with the words "paedo/letch" in large black caps on it.

      Like: he shouldn't be...but so what. If parents keep an eye out, then they're about as dangerous as a 50-ton truck, hurtling toward you at two miles an hour.

      But then, that's the issue all round. The presumption in some quarters seems to be that children are terminally stupid and that parents are incapable of doing the parenting thing. Hmmm. Were one or bothof those propositions true, i, too, might be a bit more worried for our children.

      1. Andy Enderby 1

        @ Jane Fae parenting capabilities

        Unfortunately their is a hardcore of parents who are not necessarily from the Mails famed "sink estates", if anything they'll be just as likely professional working folk but are utterly unprepared to take responsibility for their brood,.

        Schools, tech like television, videogames, movies and internet are increasingly treated as automated cheap child minding services. It's not so much in many cases that they can't parent, it's that they wont parent. They don't see why they should sacrifice whichever facet of their life to parenting. In that they are just another example of the me first generation, which such parents invariably identify with teenagers and those adults that do not have children.

        Parents generally need to wise up and get a grip. The internet can not be made an entirely child safe environment without reducing it's use to replaying Hannah Montana videos. The internet is not a child minder. Allowing your brood access to 18 certificate movies and video games and adult internet resources of any description is parents fault, not the industry and not the publishers or society - Seriously parents, it's your own damn fault. Tarquins girlfriend pregnant ? Shouldn't have left the brat alone in his room with her.....

        Sounds harsh but try and discuss such issues politely with a parent and all you hear is, "...but your not a parent, you don't understand".

        Another example - quickly before I get into the Daily Fail territory I hate so much....

        Feedback for a rather nice Suffolk restaurant I have eaten in recently included an irate parent who felt that the restaurant was rude, child hostile, and had eject the mother in question and her brood. Therefore no parent should ever use them again.

        In fact her kid had been stood on the seating throwing a ball full pelt across the restaurant at other diners, staff and furniture. When asked to address the problem or restrain him, she refused.

        I say again.... parents need to parent.

        end rant

  23. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    doesn't that mean...

    that a rather large proportion of these young men probably end up wanking it to a vid of another dude yanking on it? Gross.

    back on topic, virtually any unregulated place online can be seedy and this one definitely is. The "think of the children" types can piss off, just don't let your kids on there!

  24. Heff

    What a crock

    a panic button?

    You know where the panic button is, right? its in the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN

    1. M Gale

      Top right?

      Don't OS X and the latest Ubuntu put the panic button in the top left?

  25. Neoc


    "The final session was a chat with an older man, who appeared not in the least bothered to find himself suddenly chatting up someone who was easily 30 years his junior."

    And this age difference matters because...? Or did you send an under-aged "tester" to test a website known for NSFW contents? Either way, that comment is of the sort I'd expect to see in The Daily Fail - casual, yet inflammatory, for no good reason except to make waves.

    Try again, this time without the rhetoric.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not surprising...

    ...that Omegle consists of masturbating boys and requests for tits - considering that it's a popular target for 4chan. I've seen many threads on 4chan getting people to go on Omegle and post the results in the thread - in fact, there are days when every fourth or fifth 4chan thread is about things people are doing on Omegle. Hence the "bewbs" reference, and I'd bet your researcher (wouldn't happen to be the redoubtable Sarah would it?) probably encountered the phrase "Tits or GTFO" more than once.

    I'd love to see Gamble push for one of his magic buttons to be put on 4chan. The response would be hilarious. In fact, maybe Gamble and his think-of-the-children police state brigade could do with a dose of what Anonymous dishes out...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nothing different to the timeworn Stickam threads

      which are equally full of nudity, masturbation and idiocy, largely conducted in teenagers' bedrooms without a parent in sight

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      even funnier

      Even funnier if you think 70% of /b/'s current audiance is 12 to 22 year old males.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    What did you expect?

    Omegle is just a 4chan extension anyway.

    Those areas of the net are the arid wastelands, occasionally something of value is discovered them but generally they are just a waste of space.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The CEOP can f*** right off.

    What a bunch of self-absorbed, self-righteous morons. Panic button? Is that their all-purpose solution to the evils of the internet?

    What do they think the 'X' button in the top right hand corner is for?

  29. lansalot

    hey !!!

    "On the very first connection, before she spoke a single word, she was treated to the riveting display of a young man with his penis exposed, masturbating"

    I was MULTI-TASKING, OK ?????

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I snortled.

  30. David Evans

    Never having used ChatRoulette or its ilk...

    "In all, one in five sessions opened up on shots of young men masturbating, with a further three apparently preparing to do so."

    South Park was right on the money then?

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but it definitely sounds like Omegle needs a report or ban function. And parents should be blacklisting the hell out of this site.

  31. Peter Kay

    It's not even a problem

    Block the site, problem solved.

    I don't believe sites mostly inhabited by adults should be dumbed down because there's a few children on it.

    Add it to the site blocking software or the active parental monitoring that parents should be running to protect the children.. Don't restrict my world because you're too lazy to sort yours out.

    (and no, I have no real interest in Omegle or Chatroulette or similar)

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "CEOP is concerned that there is no online panic button..."

    Yes there is, it's clearly labeled "Disconnect".

    Users familiar with their browser or operating system will also be aware of numerous different ways to close the browser window, many of which do in fact involve button clicks.

    And if it is really necessary for one to "panic" at the mere sight of vulgar language or images, one can always throw their computer across the room. Another favourite is to stand up and throw ones chair at the screen. When panicking it is also important to scream as loud as possible, shit one's pants, and renounce all one's cognitive faculties to NuLabour.

  33. Subban

    Points lost for this....

    "The final session was a chat with an older man, who appeared not in the least bothered to find himself suddenly chatting up someone who was easily 30 years his junior."

    What was the point of that observation?

    Is it now, to the authors mind that an age difference of 30years is somehow "suspicious" when all you are doing is "chatting" with no mention of inappropriate behaviour

    I've looked again, and the URL definitely doesn't say Daily Mail or The Sun anywhere...

  34. Tom Kelsall

    I don't get how CEOP are helping...

    ...because most teenagers doing this are either (a) ENJOYING their "inappropriate interactions" online, or (b) naive enough to believe the identity of the person on the other end absolutely. A Panic Button would do NOTHING, because most teenagers won't see themselves as at risk even in the grossest of online chats/camconferences. If they didn't like it they would click the "X". What we need is for parents to take responsibility for what their kids do online and EDUCATE THEM.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    the human race is doomed

    and here is the proof

  36. lukewarmdog

    It is?

    "Facebook is there to promote interaction and debate"

    I always wondered what it was for.

  37. The First Dave


    Before we go any further, perhaps CEOP might like to provide some independant statistics on what effect the buttons they _have_ been able to bully sites into displaying have had? My guess is pretty much no effect, but there is always a chance that it has somehow actually been negative.

  38. Titus Aduxass

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "The final session was a chat with an older man, who appeared not in the least bothered to find himself suddenly chatting up someone who was easily 30 years his junior."

    Since when did talking / chatting to someone younger become a crime? Even someone - oh the horror - someone under 18?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Nothing wrong with chatting. Chatting up means something else.

  39. Rich 2

    Switch off?

    If the results of your research show anything, it is that these sites are full of rubbish. It's a bit like modern TV - there's nothing on TV now except soaps, and programs about buying a house, dealing with unruly kids, looking at fat people and annoying neighbours. There is an old and rather tired answer - switch it off.

    Why subject yourself to this stuff when there is no need? And if you want to stop your kids from accessing this stuff then there's plenty of firewall and filtering software out there that will help you do it. It's not a panic button you need - it's an off switch.

  40. heyrick Silver badge

    Dear CEOP,

    Can you please press for a CEOP REPORT (aka PANIC NOW!) button in children's bedrooms so they can report parental abuse and other, ahem, abuse from favourite uncles.

    Can you press moan and wail for a PANIC NOW! button in classrooms for children that feel they are being abused by their teachers. Such abuse can be a lot different to a guy trying to cop a feel of his favourite fluffy schoolgirl. I was made to sit in the corner facing away from the class and to not speak to anybody. Months later, I was transferred to a school for children with learning problems (and finally, somebody noticed I might need sight correction too). Does this count as a viable form of abuse, or are you only interested in people thinking dirty thoughts about children?

    I guess you really ought to have a little GSM-enabled PANIC NOW! button to stick on to magazines and videos, especially those of Japanese origin. Hell, affix them to everything that isn't the Beano, you don't know who might be offended these days by a drawing of a girl of indeterminate age in her nightie...

    And, finally, can we please please please have a PANIC NOW! button on the CEOP website so people can click it to report themselves prior to engaging in a destructive unfounded witchhunt because all of you are too chicken to try to work on the real cause of the problem. A little PANIC NOW! button isn't going to change the world, stop trying to pretend that it is.


    By the way, are you or And should we trust online reporting to an organisation with a blatant error on their front page (external newsfeed: msxml3.dll error '80072efd') set up by a government notorious for losing personal data, including those of children, not to mention the lurking disaster that is ContactPoint. As was recently demonstrated to El Reg, the authorities are moving away from server-based data access to zipping files around by memory stick or, cough, email. Practically ZERO traceability. If El Reg's reporter passed it to a friend who passed it to a friend who... you get the idea, personal data doing the rounds with no audit and no safeguards and yet you government types want to sit on Facebook etc? Get your own bloody house in order first, and make a big part of that educating PARENTS to what social networking websites actually mean. Educate PARENTS that letting children loose on a computer with scant supervision is not the way to do things. Don't whine "oh, I don't understand", computers are not difficult, they are just obtusely literal and finickety. If you can drive a car and understand all those signs and markings in the road, you can figure out Facebook. And best of all, you can tell your child "never talk to strangers" applies just as equally to people that aren't right there. This needs an awareness and education that isn't going to be resolved by a simple "I feel this is dodgy, let me report it" button.

    So, CEOP. Less noise please, and more action. No, no, not against Facebook, but against parents and supervisors who let children willy-nilly around Facebook et al unsupervised.

  41. Anonymous Coward

    How very odd

    The first thing the Omegle site seems to say is "talk to strangers".

    When I was a kid, my mum [and Charlie - miaow-mraow-mrrriiaow, etc] told me specifically to *not* talk to strangers.

    Seems fairly obvious, dunnit.

    I agree with Neoc, incidentally - an age gap isn't necessarily a sign of perversion of any kind, as alluded to by the author [although if he was getting his cock out, that would be a fairly telling giveaway]; hell, if large age gap flirting were officially dodgy, my dad would be in trouble for flirting with, well, basically any lass he comes across [and then criticising me for not doing the same]. He's perfectly safe, if sometimes horrifically embarrassing, although at his age, it's his right to make me cringe.

    Still, I don't get why anyone would want to use an anonymous chat service, except for the reasons listed by some of the crueller commentards - hooking up and basically laughing at any cock on cam and insinuating it looks "weird - never seen one *that* shape", before hanging up. I'm sure there must be ways to insert the goatse image into your cam feed at the vinegar strokes, or similar...

    Also, I laughed when someone suggested that this might be how kids learn about sex, or are introduced to it - isn't that like saying that the Catholic Church had it right all along?

    Anon - but only to save my dads blushes should he decide to google me one day!

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Henry Wertz 1

    Oh noes! Because they could be ghey! Urrrrghhhhh!

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The yummy-mummy internet

    What I’m worried about are clueless middle class liberals, using something they don’t understand (like the internet) and then maybe taking steps to get it censored and diluted to their intolerant levels.....but for the benefit of all of us!!! NOT!!!!

    Who would go to a Live non-membership video webcam site and expect daisies and daffodils…? A dumb idiot would.

    People who can't shoot shouldn't have guns.

    People who can't handle the un-restricted and uncensored internet, shouldn't be given access.

    I guess these people have been living in a hole for too long.

    Almost any search in Google will find X-rated stuff within a few pages, and that’s without even trying.

    BAN the Internet freedom, is what they are saying!!!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Consenting adults in private = mind your own business.

      Consenting adults in public = everybody and their maiden aunt has a say (and an equal right to say yes or no to what goes on).

  44. Anonymous Coward

    Hypocritic idiots

    CEOP are a bunch of witch-burning idiots, nothing more.

    While they have a good idea (which witch-burners also had) they are as incompetent of doing it in practise as witch-hunters were. No way of identifying real criminals from resto of the people so they treat every middle aged man as a paedophile: Guilty

    Brain-damaged people who should be put in jail with criminals to get some relativity to their small absolute world.

    Do CEOP ban church?

    No, of course not, because most of the members are strict believers, they are happy to condemn Internet for _pictures_ but not church for _deeds_. That's the definition of hypocrisy (for me, at least).

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Tits or GTFO

    If it's random and anonymous, it's being trolled.

    If you wonder what you can expect for a troll check out 4chan /b/. Even moderated, people still sneak in cp (child porn). It's impossible to stop trolls set behind off shore private proxies. It's futile as long as it's semi anonymous.

    Gore, masturbation, bestiality, suicide vids, and anything that will provide a 13-30 year old man and a ton of women hours of fun for me, not for you (FFMNFY) type entertainment.

    With that in mind, statements like "tits or GTFO" are pretty tame.

  46. Craig 28


    Not to mention that many modern routers are capable of blocking specific IP addresses by schedule. Get less technically aware parents to know about this and it'd help too I believe, especially if places like Sky's broadband service allowed this function. Yes it requires you to give the specific computers a static IP but if they tried that could be very easy for even non-technical people. Hell Sky or other companies that insist you use their own router could always include a function to choose which computers to block when individually and what kind of parental controls to apply to each, maybe based on MAC address combined with the computer's network name.

    Thus the kids could use their computer for word processing but not for surfing youtube or whatever other crap they want to do.

  47. Lionel Baden

    This is not a Random chat

    Here is the proof

    sorry but i could not resist !!!!!!!

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