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Entertaining, thought-provoking and not to be easily dismissed. These are the reactions that come to mind after working my way through Heavy Rain, the interactive drama/game from developer Quantic Dream, a company previously known mainly for Fahrenheit. They are also French, and when everything goes a bit Jean Luc Godard I kept …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Loving it..

    It's a VERY different game, and very refreshing (if depressing at times).

    It's got ALOT of replay value, as you need to play it several times to see the effects of your decision. Every once in a while, a game turns up that redefines a genre, and this is one of them. It certainly deserves more than a 85% IMHO. More like a 95%.

    There were a couple of bugs in the initial release, so make sure you go online and get the patch that sorts these out.

  2. cre@mstick360
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    Makes a change from the usual title releases...

    ...more please.

    (Can characters please walk faster though).

  3. Steve Crook


    ...who is introduced to us getting beaten up by masked men in her underwear....

    Why were the masked men wearing her underwear?

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