back to article UK Blu-ray Disc sales shoot up

Brits bought 2.7m Blu-ray Discs in the first three months of 2010 - 69.5 per cent more than they purchased in Q1 2009. So said the British Video Association, a trade organisation representing publishers and retailers, this week. Some 15.6m BDs have been bought since the format first appeared over here in 2006. The BVA was …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Poor sales

    Wow. Almost 1 disc sale per 10 households. And that's a success!?! That's probably not far off the number of dvd PLAYERS sold.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Prices mainland europe

    Maybe it helps the statistics that most people I know in the Netherlands are buying their Blu-ray discs in the UK, seeing how much lower the prices are there.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    What's FAIL

    Is El-Reg's fickle reporting...

  4. z0mb13e

    The UK, cheap?

    Thats the main reason I haven't bothered to buy a blueray player - the high price of both player and disks.

    I picked up a DVD player that does upscaling and has a hdmi for less than the price of two movies on blueray... not the hi-def fest that blueray provides but good enough compared to the current output of the majority of UK broadcasts.

    Blueray should have been an evolution rather than a replacement. We expect quality to get better as technology improves and I for one am done with paying a premium for that. I will buy a player when the cost < £50 and the disks < £10.

  5. Arnie

    last one

    I just bought my last Blu-ray (LOTR). Now that the mandy bill has been passed I will not be spending a single penny on this corp bullshit. infact I wouldn't even spend a penny on mandy if he was on fire.

    in the word's of the prodigy

    "Fuck 'em and thier law"

  6. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    I was about to say

    How surprised I was that Blueray movies were that popular, as I don't know many people who buy them. Then I realised it was Blueray discs, so includes games as well.

    Does the XBox now use Blueray or is it still just the PS3?

    I'd love to know how much of those sales are of films and how much games.

  7. Jimmy Blake

    Lower cost = more sales

    When I first got my Blu-Ray player retailers were charging in excess of £30 for some movies - I only brought 5 in 24 months. Over the past few months I've noticed lots of sales dropping the cost down to around £8 - £15 a disk, as a result I've now brought dozens, including duplicates of those I had on DVD.

    Content producers really need to stop taking the proverbial if they want to maintain sales, hopefully these lower prices will become uniform.

  8. Bod

    Price better, but still apathetic

    The price has improved a lot to where you can now get a film for only a little more than the equivalent DVD, but you still have to shop around and still generally ripped off on the high street. However there are now good prices on players and we're seeing proper multi-region players now (albeit from east Asian "no name" models, which are rather good to be honest).

    However I just have no enthusiasm for buying tonnes of films like I did on DVD. I look at my collection of DVDs and just realise it was mostly a waste. The majority I've watched only once and I'm never likely to watch again. On Blu Ray I'm only buying the core essentials that I really really want. I could rent, but I'm not that fussed and I really do think decent legal downloads are only around the corner now (especially as BT may be doing fibre-to-cabinet next year in my area). And before anyone jumps on the "ah but you need 50gb or whatever for a movie", well you don't really. I've seen plenty of 720 and 1080p downloads that on a 40" 1080p telly look perfect and are only a fraction of the size. For the vast majority it will be perfectly adequate, and given the vast majority don' really give a toss anyway (judging by their acceptance of low standards on iPods), then it's the way forward.

  9. fattybacon
    Thumb Down

    Terrible user experience

    I got a BluRay player with my new tv, I'm glad I didn't pay for it. It takes about 5 times longer to load a DVD than my 10 year old Pioneer does, it's even worse with BD discs. They've got as many unskipable adverts, warnings and disclaimers that have put me off buying DVDs but they all happen in treacle-time.

    Luckily, the BDs I did buy came with the same movie on DVD (good work Disney - never though I'd say that), so I ripped the main movie with Handbrake and play them back on my Western Digital Live and Xtreamer boxes.

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