back to article HP fingered in bribe probe

HP's headquarters in Moscow were raided by Russian investigators yesterday looking for evidence the computer giant bribed its way to victory in a big contract. The raids were ordered by German authorities, investigating because the payments are believed to have been made via a German HP subsidiary. The ink giant is suspected …


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  1. voshkin
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    "Whether these are the same prosecutors who are now investigating HP is not clear."

    - this statement looks very nice and ironic, but is not true. since then the prosecutors office have undergone huge changes, the whole structure was reformed, in fact, only low level grunts may remain, but even they where probably moved to a different division.

    - regarding illegible signatures. Russia is a hugely bureaucratic country. the official documents such as a contract to supply toilet paper will have the directors name, rank, official stamp (seal) and a signature. moreover, there will also be papers with name, rank, and official stamp of the chief accountant - so the document with "illegible signature" is most probably a spoof, something HP filled for it's records.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Imagine HP bribing this shining example of Police Administration. It could actually lead to all sorts of criminals operating out of Russia. Viruses, Identity Theft, Bank fraud, Scareware, Worms and so on. Imagine that !!!!!!

    Good to see the Russian government would not allow that. I mean, seriously.....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Common practice?

    I dated a woman in Chicago once who told me that at her company large foreign infrastructure contracts usually involved huge bribes ( that she helped negotiate). Was standard business practice then but it sounds like it's going out of fashion.

    I suppose this stuff is one of the reasons people in those countries strive for political office, to get access to this kind of booty.

  4. RB3

    Hope they dont hurt Mr. Hurd

    He seems like a good man for HPQ

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