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Bioshock 2 Released in late 2007, the first Bioshock was the perfect antidote to an unending stream of derivative first person shooters. Borrowing elements from RPGs and brimming with fresh ideas, both in its aesthetic and play mechanics, Bioshock offered a compelling blend of first-person shooter (FPS) and RPG within a highly …


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  1. Gary F

    Nice review, but just a little point...

    "A reasonable attempt to follow up on a genuine masterpiece"

    Hmm. I would argue that a very talented team spending the last 2 years and a small fortune on developing a sequel is anything but a "reasonable attempt". I'm sure a massive amount of effort was put into the game with every intention of making it as good or better than the original.

    A "reasonable attempt" is when several guys spend a couple of months rehashing the original in their lunch hour. If the game falls short of expectations then can I suggest the words "valiant attempt" would be more accurate given the huge effort that was actually put into the sequel?

    BTW, I have no connections to the developers, I just couldn't understand why a company would only make a reasonable attempt at a sequel given the massive costs involved.

  2. Jerome 0


    "Borrowing elements from RPGs and brimming with fresh ideas"

    Presumably the reviewer has not played System Shock, System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. Had he done so, he may have noticed that the original BioShock was little more than a pale shadow of these truly innovative games, dumbed down for the benefit of the console kiddies. It may have had beautiful art, and even a clever story in places, but innovation was conspicuously absent from the party.

  3. rastansaga
    Thumb Down

    A little bit 'meh'

    First was fun, certainly graphically impressive, the 'great story' loved by so many didn't impress me - I found picking up the never ending 'recordings' frankly tedious. Good enough to play through once, but there's only so many times I want to endure playing a 'connect the pipes' mini-game.

    As for the 2nd - far too much of the same - I'll admit I gave up before the end, because I just wasn't finding it any FUN, it just didn't have that GRAB factor. Oh, and the multi-player was a disaster almost on par with the last Wolfenstein whenever I tried. Don't even get me started on the downloadable content.

    Let the 'franchise' rest in peace.

  4. UncaringKiller

    Review totally wrong

    Andrew Bailey, your review is terrible. Bioshock 2 had me gripped until the day I completed it, to say "Ultimately, Bioshock 2 feels like the gaming equivalent of giving it another go with your ex." Clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding of computer games.

    Incidentally, why has it taken you so long to write this review? The game was released ages ago.

    1. Lionel Baden


      Bioshock 2 feels like the gaming equivalent of giving it another go with your ex.

      That analogy is the best i have ever seen to describe a sequel !!!

      Im actually with the auther on this one bought both games and was horribly dissapointed by the multiplayer aspect (only reason i bought 2nd)

  5. Tony Paulazzo

    When is an RPG not an RPG?

    When it's called Bioshock.

    Only played the first - nice atmos, story, graphics etc, but it's a corridor shooter with a storyline.

  6. [email protected]


    If you were 'gripped' playing Bioshock 2 I'd love to know what games really turn you on?

    What happened when you completed Halo?


  7. djswivel

    A Different View

    The whole idea of Bioshock 2 was to present Rapture from a different point of view - hence the "pointless" underwater sections.

    Also, the review failed to mention the on-line multiplayer - granted, there isn't a lot of good to mention but a lot of development went into it and it can occasionally be fun.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Unreal Engine has had it's day.

    It was OK for Gears and Bioshock back in 2006/2007, but come on, it's looking REALLY dated now when you compare it to recent tiles (PS3 titles in particular).

  9. Andrew Bailey

    Thanks for all the fish!

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm glad to see the review's generated some thought and debate, both serious and irreverent!

    I did play (and loved) both Deus Ex and Deus Ex 2, so completely understand where you're coming from Jerome 0. When I wrote 'brimming with fresh ideas' I didn't mean hacking turrets, controling NPCs and the like, I was merely talking about Rapture in general and the tactics of fighting Big Daddies specifically. Obviously very, very excited about the prospect of Deus Ex 3 later this year / early next!

    I didn't ever get the chance to play System Shock or SS2 (to my eternal shame), as I was between PCs at the time, but totally understand the lineage through to BioShock. Can't wait to see what Ken Levine has in store for us in his new IP.

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