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The G11 is an intimidating camera. Hand it to someone inexperienced and it's likely they'll hand it straight back. The top is scattered with dials controlling everything from the shooting mode, exposure compensation and even - unusually - ISO. Canon Powershot G11 This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it makes the G11 …


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  1. blackworx
    Dead Vulture

    Apparently one of these is indispensable...

    ...if you want to shoot a gig/event but can't get a press pass. Even dirt cheap bridge cameras get KB'd at some gigs, but security will let you in with a G11 because they look like a compact (just) whereas in reality they can outperform a lot of DSLRs.

    @ El Reg: Seriously, you need to fix the comments for these grouptests. I can see the thinking behind it, but in reality a separate comments page for each reviewed machine is just dumb.

  2. ajny


    355g? Compact camera? Are you kidding?

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