back to article Adobe plots rebound with latest Creative Suite

Adobe will launch a major upgrade to its creative tools software on Monday, amidst an increasingly acrimonious spat with Apple. The software maker is banking on the Creative Suite 5 product family to keep it at the cutting edge of web design, video and photo editing. The suite promises improvements in interactivity and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Apple vs adobe....

    Historically, hasn't Apple sold its Macs on the strength of Photoshop and Indeisgn. (And I guess Quark too...)

    I so want Adobe to do some kind of "CS5 works better on PCs" campain. I guess they can't because they need the money. And apple probably don't care about the graphic design world like they used to, now being mainly a consuer company?

    Still, with Jobs pulling the rug from under adobe RE the flash stuff - that I think seems damned sneaky (even if flash is buggy and horrible) its a big attack from a dominate provider of services. Sounds unfair to me. I judge it, but the way if Microsoft pulled the same tricks it would be ruled against very easily.

    I think its very unlikely that Photoshop will get put on the table by adobe, in anyway. I'm sure apple would have a just as mighty response that would be very silly too. But adobe is a huge brand, that uses Apple hardware alot. And they do seem to be being treated very badly.

    How much can Jobs do, before people don't want to play in his playpen any more?

    1. Paul 25

      Photoshop increasingly un-Mac

      From what I've been told by graphic designer friends, Photoshop has been becoming a more PC centric product for a long time. Apparently the Mac version is feeling increasingly like a port from Windows, and less like a purpose built product.

      I think the days of the mac as the be-all ad end-all of the designers world are pretty much over.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Flash and the ban

    Whilst I'm not great fan of Apple, I can't say I'll be losing a lot of sleep over their ability to ban Flash. It always leads to attrocious webs content: text you can't cut and paste, annoying animations in the way of information, and yesterday I watched firefox.exe eating up 50% of my CPU just rendering a single website (it was the 'new look' [Flash driven] >:-(

  3. Andrew Culpeck
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    ... stopped playing in the mac playpen years ago and it forced apple to produce a very good xp shell which can run AutoCAD so I dont see why Adobe can't say we no longer support mac as well. Sooner or later people will see they buy a mac to run windows and extra for the privalege!

  4. Dan 55 Silver badge

    It's got a Flash -> HTML Canvas exporter

    Which Apple will have a hard time banning.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting, I didn't know Adobe and Apple were hating each other.

    Isn't 90% of software running on 90% of macs Adobe Createive Suite something or other.

    I mean the reason macs are so popular amongst design types is because of the way the CSX suite of software works so well on them...right?

    What gives? Does Apple expect money from Adobe because Adboe has developed for their platform?

    What's next, will Jobsey boy want a cut of royalties from anyone if they make content using a mac?

  6. Wile E. Veteran

    Please, Adobe

    Please, please, please put out a version of CS5 for Unix! Restrict it to *BSD for now, if you have to (given the BSD base of Mac OS X) but Linux and Solaris versions in the future as well.

    The ONE and only thing that keeps me tied to Microsoft is the need to deal with Adobe forms for government-related volunteer work, I;ve got to do more than just read them, I've got to fill in fields, update fields, save documents with updated fields, etc. Turning the PDF into a graphic and manipulating that as OOo does is simply an unacceptable kludge.

    There are 30,000 of us in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary alone and a similar nmber in the Air Force Auxiliary. Plus untold numbers in state and local governmental, charitable and other organizations,

    It's a market!

    1. jaygeejay

      Re: Please Adobe

      I use pdftoword ( to convert a pdf document, then edit it in OpenOffice and then export it as pdf if necessary - all in Linux (Mandriva). I refuse to pay for bloated, overpriced software.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bang on about the pricing question

    There are a ridiculous number of pirated Photoshop installations around (much as has been the case since day one, by the by), which a price realignment would be able to convert into an impressive revenue stream of people who wouldn't find a couple of hundred quid an unreasonable outlay for the functionality they'd be getting (and not being fobbed off with a crippled shitty cut-down version).

  8. Donald Miller

    Flushing Flash cookies

    I don't know if I'm the only one to be able to disable these trackers, but I find it interesting that when you do there's no error message generated locally. I once hit a site that said "You must have third-party Flash cookies enabled to view this content" in the IMG tag; most of the time things just don't work, like shoplocal pages, but they obviously don't want you to know that it's the lack of tracking ability that keeps them blank.

    Note that I actually disable their formation, not remove them after the fact, so I leave no trace of my surfing except for the inevitable IP collection.

  9. Ramshackle

    Er, what?

    "DreamWeaver is not as good as many other open source web design packages, and the majority of companies now use a built in content management system(CMS) for managing their sites"

    What web designers has he been speaking to? Dreamweaver's still industry standard and a CMS only handles content, people aren't logging into Drupal to design templates.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      dreamweaver? industry standard?

      you're doing it wrong then.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      There IS no industry standard Web IDE. in fact I'd go as far to say that Coda and TextMate are used as much, if not more! If you are looking for an alternative for Windows, look no further than Expression Web, it's actually very, *very* good.

      >"people aren't logging into Drupal to design templates." And people aren't firing up Dreamweaver either, which by the way, doesn't change the point that CMS have taken over *content* management.

  10. benc

    Adobe please rethink

    I've disabled flash with click to run type add ons in firefox+safari. 90% of flash content on web pages I surf is bandwidth eating adverts that just lag things up or poor navigation systems that make me want to slap people.

    Running flash on arm based systems whenever attempted has been a lesson in extreme patience. So I can understand apples reluctance to permit it.

    So please adobe, stop the bitching as I for one would be happy to see the death of flash or at least see it used so as not to be pain making me go searching for a way to kill it and selectively enable it.

    Photoshop - would love a second copy but get real with the pricing please. We aren't all rich design houses and something sensible between elements and a full version seems an obvious gap.

  11. Marcus 8
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    Please move by one decimal place to the left..

    Id have bought every top version since mx studio 2004....

    Id also have been able to get multiple Adobe Photoshop licenses for the company I work for and heck a lot of organizations would invest more money into Adobe products if they moved the decimal place one point to the left... who would bother pirating it then?

  12. Ramshackle


    '"people aren't logging into Drupal to design templates." And people aren't firing up Dreamweaver either, which by the way, doesn't change the point that CMS have taken over *content* management.'

    You're right, it doesn't change that point, but that point is completely moot in the context of new developments in the web industry as any professionals worth their salt haven't been using flat html to update content for years now. Also if you look through job adverts for web designers (designers, not developers) Dreamweaver and creative suite familiarity are still one of the top requirements. There *are* far better IDEs for back end development, however for HTML/CSS design Dreamweaver is still the most commonly used tool in decent sized pro agencies and is also what students are trained up in on most web design courses. Personally I'd rather hand code in a basic editor than spend the money on it for freelance work but all the agencies I've worked for have used up to date versions, and all the designers in those agencies have used it.

  13. RJPH
    Jobs Horns

    Just sat through the CS5 launch material ...

    'Content Aware' and 'Puppet Warp' are fantastic additions to Photoshop - will save hours of work!! Flash Catalyst also looks intriguing.

    What I want to know is when will they stop overcharging based on geographical location. They're charging the US $699 for an upgrade vs £559.30 in the UK!! Over £100 dearer for the same download version FFS!

    I agree with Marcus 8 ... although perhaps a more reaslistic divide todays price by 2.

    My employer doesn't directly make any of it's cash through the use of Creative Suite - I'm part of a small team in a much wider organisation. As such they probably won't be upgrading ... again ... looks like I'll be stuck on CS3 at work - CS5 at home whenever it's released/cracked.

  14. asdf

    Adobe used to be relevant

    But since they ran out of new ideas about a decade ago and now just buy all their compeitors and ruin their products I say Adobe needs to die a horrible death. Can't wait for web to move on and leave the malware portal that is flash and reader in the dustbin of history. Good move there Adobe moving your software dev over to that bastion of code quality, India. And no I could care less about Steve Jobs cult I mean company, I hate adobe on all platforms.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Errors in article fixed

    " to keep it at the cutting edge of web design, video and photo editing, phishing sites, malware creation and the World's Most Popular Security Risk(tm)"

  16. Barry Lane 1
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    Too expensive

    I used to try to upgrade my Adobe stuff regularly but it became too expensive. I had considered buying CS4 but the upgrade package was over £600. Looks like I might be giving CS5 a miss, too.

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