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When it comes to providing users with access to the tools and information they require to perform their daily tasks, the notion of service provisioning is usually to be found close to the heart of IT operations. A wide range of new solutions are now available to ‘help’ IT deliver services to users but is the job getting any …


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  1. Steven Jones


    In my experience CMDB is almost universally the Configuration Management Database (that's the definition in ITIL), not Change Management Database. Of course change management is closely associated with configuration and I would expect it to be integrated but the abbreviation ought to be used in the normally acceptable way.

    Also, to answer the question, CMDB systems have to be integrated into service management, performance and other systems. Once things start going wrong with systems with abstracted services then, if you've no idea where things are running or what performance levels are being achieved by the umpteen layers of abstracted levels of service in a modern IT infrastructure, you are stumped. Some simple things can be dealt with through simple capacity planning approaches, but they can't deal with the more complex issues where real application behaviour touches the metal.

    There is, incidentally, no such thing as a comprehensive general purpose CMDB and it remains, to my mind, the most difficult technical problem in designing software to manage IT services.

  2. Frank1025

    President & business owner

    I did not realize how valuable IT asset management tools were and honestly found that they were way too pricey. My IT department used a free download three weeks ago with Desk Center USA. Not only was I not in compliance (which scares me) but I realized that not having these such tools I was over spending. Since the free download, I purchased the software with Desk Center and have already cut costs of approx. 18% and still counting. I had no idea that my computers were running all night and most weekends, now with this software from Desk Center all my computers can be shut down when not being used. I have learned so much about my own business and I am more aware of compliance.

    I am thankful for the software and the people at Desk Center and the great deal we worked out. My business could not have afforded it otherwise and now I won't run my business without it. Knowing what I know now, I cannot see how a small or medium size business can run efficiently without this type of software.

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