back to article Shuttleworth goes Maverick with Ubuntu's 'Perfect 10'

Mark Shuttleworth has named Ubuntu 10.10 after a very fast, highly social, and primarily insectivorous African mammal. With a Friday blog post, Ubuntu's "benevolent dictator" announced that version 10.10 of the Linux distro will be known as "Maverick Meerkat". According to Shuttleworth, this means that Ubuntu's "Perfect 10", …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "Simples <click>"


  2. Neil 32

    Is anyone else thinking...


  3. Christian Berger

    My wish

    My wish would be to have a simple way of making meshed networks and to join them. For example when you get to a network of the Freifunk movement, it should just tell you that you can join it, and automatically set itself up to do so.

    Another idea would be to have an option to "be public" which would automatically try to find other "public" computers in the network. You could then copy files to them, for example via drag and drop. Or you could start applications "publically" for example via VNC or something.

  4. Jon 66

    I look forward to

    Nefarious Narwhal

    1. MinionZero

      I can't help it...

      I had to do it, its like in the film A Bugs Life when the bug goes into the blue light, so I had to do a list. So here's my attempt :) ...

      Opulent Otter

      Podgy Penguin

      Quarrelsome Quail

      Racy Rabbit

      Smutty Sheep

      Tantalizing Tarantula

      Unruly Urchin

      Vigorous Velociraptor

      Wobbly Walrus

      Xenophobic Xenopus (a frog)

      Yacking Yak

      Zestful Zebra


      1. Anonymous Coward

        How about "Xenophobic Xenomorph"

        With custom art by H. R. Giger?

  5. Andy Senyszyn
    Thumb Up

    How easy to install and use will this one be?

    Seemples! *Squeeeak*


    Get Aleksander advertising it and kids across the country will be taking up the OS revolution! :P

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Direct Question of Ubuntu Ambition and Shuttleworth Maverick Drive*

    Now that Sounds like a Real Program for Virtual Leaderships in AI with SMARTer Animals Working Together on Spooky Stealthy Space Missions for Remote BaseD Cloud Command and Control of Earthly Power and Energy in SCADA Systems.

    When GOD does not play Dice, they Play Poker for the Casino as House Champions ..... thus to Ensure Win Win even as they Lose. After All, what Good is a Casino without Players who are Happy to Lose to Win Winners?

  7. SynnerCal

    Still not sure about this naming scheme

    "Meerkat" - hmm, okay I'll buy it - as long as they keep it "simples" ;) (and we don't get any loud fat bloke in a tux-edo turning up unexpectedly).

    "Maverick" - um, not sure about this - you really want an OS that "writes cheques your body can't cash" ? Or goes flying off at great speed before blowing up (see - let's leave that kind of behaviour to Windows. :D

    I'd have voted for "Majestic Meerkat" as a better choice - if anyone had asked.

    I'll look forward to 10.10 (as long as they don't frak up 10.04 this month) because 9.04 and 9.10 UNE have been pretty darned good on my little Acer netbook - certainly a quantum leap over the shoddy excuse for a Linux OS that was shipped with it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      10.04 Beta

      is looking fairly good.

      I'm having to resist temptation to move my main machine from 9.10

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just make video work

    Please, in the sweet name of god, stick the social media up yer arse and get video (esp. Flash) to actually play at a reasonable pace. I don't care how you do it (take the Adobe directors down a dark alley and introduce their legs to baseball bats) but Flash is a sack of shit on Linux and that really hampers adoption.

    As does the fact that all the attempts to sell Linux boxes have been an abysmal failure. True, that has more to do with the machinations and anti-competitive practices of MS than it has to do with Linux; but unless someone can get around that issue then Linux will remain a dead duck (or should that be penguin?) in the consumer market.

    No one really gives a feck about boot times once they go sub 30-seconds. What people want is something that's easy to use, responsive, plays their media, supports their tools and has buttons where they should be.

    1. Tom Chiverton 1


      Get the 10.1 player (from rather than what ships with Ubuntu. Much nicer.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Linux boxes won't sell...

      Good points, AC.

      I'd like to add the opinion that Linux boxes won't shift becuase people with enough brain cells to use Linux know that buying a box off the shelf is a sub-standard waste of money ... and that to support them, the companies would either have to re-write the rote diagnostic sheets that their call centre staff read from (they have enough trouble with the Windows ones!) or else actually employ people who know what they're talking about.

      Much easier to buy the pieces of the machine you want in the first place.


      Mindless Flash nonsense

      > and get video (esp. Flash) to actually play at a reasonable pace

      Flash is the same on Linux as it is on pretty much any other platform.

      Even on a WinDOS PC, you are going to have lots of pain unless you have a bleeding edge version of the Flash plugin and just the right gear unless you've got a nice beefy CPU. Then it doesn't matter because you can just brute force your way around Adobe's general apathy.

      The idea that this nonsense is limited to Linux is just mindless FUD. Laying it at the feet of Shuttleworth is also clueless. Linux has PureVideo support, Adobe just doesn't want ot be bothered with using it. They treat the Mac the same way.

    4. Ceiling Cat

      Maverick Manatee

      "Flash is a sack of shit on Linux and that really hampers adoption."

      Flash is a sack of shit on ANY operating system.

  9. Dave Murray
    Thumb Up



  10. Anonymous Coward


    I was holding out for MiniMoose, am I right, GIR?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So the animal name is significant...

    What was the thinking behind Lucid Lynx then?

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Anonymous Coward

    How come...

    ...noone else has mentioned that "insects" == "bugs"? I'm usually the slow one...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Pedant attack!

      bug == insect

      insect != bug

      Insects are the largest order of creatures on Earth and covers more than such bugs. For example flies, which are not bugs.

  14. OffBeatMammal

    destroy "un-free" software

    so, um, how do developers working on writing the apps that hold the world together feed their families?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Hammers are not patented, no black art on "Hammermagery" that must be kept secret, no laws against taking a hammer apart to see how it works, anyone can make a hammer, there's no big secret as to what a hammer looks like or what it is used for. Yet people who make hammers still manage to earn money. Wow.

      Either people pay the developers to to write the apps or the apps don't get written. It is that simple. This does not mean that the apps have to be kept secret or locked in anyway. Unless of couyse you are a sub-standard developer....

    2. A J Stiles

      That's your problem

      You're in the same unenviable situation that importers of the rare shellfish which used to be the only source of purple dye were in, when artificial chemical dyes that could be made for pennies were invented.

      There are ways to earn a living besides programming, you know. Just pull your head down from up your own backside for a minute -- or do you expect to be paid for that, too?

  15. WonkoTheSane

    Think I'll write a script called "Diogenes"

    This will remove any Facebook/MySpace/Google Buzz type apps from my system at install time.

    I much prefer "Anti-Social Networking"!

    PS AC@11:53 - AFAIK Linux is the ONLY OS with 64-bit Flash right now. Video plays just fine on 10.04beta. "Ubuntu Tweak" will put the buttons back on the right.

    If you want a Linux distro that plays DVD/MP3 out of the box, I suggest "Mint" which is Ubuntu with all that kind of stuff pre-installed.

  16. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Simple Old Viking Trick

    "so, um, how do developers working on writing the apps that hold the world together feed their families?" .... OffBeatMammal Posted Tuesday 6th April 2010 15:16 GMT

    They write apps for security systems which can bring the world crashing down ..... to test global defences. Pretty sharpish will those with the most to lose with a systemically flawed program which doesn't pass investigation and binary attack pay handsomely to have the flaw protected at whatever it costs..... for then is the Danegeld paid a legitimate business expense tax deductible and carried as a newly acquired asset rather than logged and considered as a liability.

    1. Zinzane

      As you've said

      Danegeld. %ankers by any chance, RBS, LTSB, just a thought

  17. AlexS
    Thumb Down


    I'm running Windows mobile 6. It can boot up, do anything I want it to do, and with very little memory. An it's open source. I can put it out in the open when I decide to source it out. It's crap at making phone calls but that is besides the point.

    I don't understand what the fuss is about....

  18. Adrian Esdaile

    How many times?

    For the Ubuntu runners out there, how many times have you reinstalled your OS in the past two years?

    I guess lots of updates is a good thing, but surely this must be a PITA if you're managing more than one geekbox in the corner.

    1. The BigYin


      Per unit, (beyond right at the start when I was playing silly beggars) I have only upgraded the OS with the release cycles. So once every six months (I don't have to, of course; it was my choice). The system keeps itself up-to-date and only needs to reboot if the kernel gets updated.

      This is much less hassle than Windows which needs to reboot after just about every update and which also moans, moans, moans, MOANS! if you do not retsart immediately.

      You clearly have never run Ubuntu, let alone and modern Linux distro, so why not keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself.

      Linux is not perfect, but it is arguable less imperfect than Windows.

  19. henrydddd
    Thumb Up

    using Linux

    I have been using Linux since the early 90's. I have used Slack, Redhat, Debian and others. Linux has been a pain in the butt until Ubuntu came out. I remember having to hunt for drivers (praying that none were Win), recompile the kernel, update the X86 configuration files just to get distro working and the Xserver to work. I remember having to hunt all over the net just trying to satify all of the dependencies just trying to get GNU Cash to work on slack. I use Ubuntu 9.10. I briefly gave up on Linux when I updated a distro and had to re-do everyting. Someone gave me a copy of 9.10

    (ubuntu) and it made me, again, a believer in Linux. With its ease of installation (the printer, sound card, video card and xwindows actually worked after the install without messing with configuration files and looking for drivers). I can easily add applications without worrying about dependencies.

    All I got to say is that in my book, shuttleworth is a hero in the fight against oppressive licensing, bloat, and ultra-greedy operating system developers (un-named). Keep up the good work

  20. Goat Jam

    Lameduck Lynx

    I'm on the verge of moving from Ubuntu to Debian and if Shuttleworth doesn't undo that abominable shifting of the window controls in Lucid then it will be tha last straw.

    The list of things that I have to fix in every new Ubuntu install is getting too long.

    Fix Nautilus Location Entry

    Fix Vi ( -> Vim)

    Remove goddam mono

    Now, fix the broken fricking window controls

    Pah! I expect that the first one will still need doing in debian because that is a gnome thing, not sure about the second but I know that final two don't afflict Lenny.

    It's a shame, because I really have enjoyed Ubuntu since I shifted over from Redhat 9

    1. mhenriday

      I, too, found that removal of the window controls

      to the left of the window both superfluous and annoying, but abandoning Ubuntu for that reason, when the mishap is so easy to fix, strikes me as something of an overraction.....


    2. Anonymous Coward

      Luckily... have the choice of many other distros and even the option to roll your own. Try that on Windows...

      (I disagree about Mono, we need a cross-platform language for GUI apps; Java has completely failed in that regard, it is barely fit for basic server work).

  21. Zinzane
    Thumb Up

    Ubuntu rocks

    Now I'm ubuntu, or linux or whatever now never look back

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