back to article Ofcom asks for dibs on Olympic DAB stations

Ofcom is asking anyone interested in running a local DAB station during the Olympics to let it know, so it can judge the level of interest before allocating frequencies. The request for "preliminary expressions of interest" is aimed at anyone interested in running a digital station for the duration of the 2012 event, with …


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  1. Bassey


    How are any of the overseas competitors supposed to have brought a DAB radio over with them? I thought one of the big problems with DAB is that nobody else uses it?

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Giving it up after the event?

    Is that 'cos Ofcom reckon that England doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of getting the World Cup in 2018 or is it that Footballing events of global significance are organised by smarter people who are more efficient in their use of the airwaves?

  3. Chris Parsons Bronze badge

    Lost opportunity

    Dab really could have been good, but in the usual rush to make as much money as possible, the bandwidth for most stations is risible, giving worse audio performance than FM. There are gaps in the coverage and, as Bassey quite rightly points out, it's not exactly a world-wide standard.

  4. Paul Crawford Silver badge


    Why push DAB where most people don't have one and don't care? A desperate attempt to make it happen in the face of public apathy and lack of compelling advantages? What about battery life, perhaps? Cost?

    As pointed out, overseas visitors won't have a compatible one even if they bring it, and most people's mobile phones and MP3 players, etc, offer FM (maybe just AM). But going for a working system is way to easy...

  5. Pie Eater

    What's wrong with WiFi, anyway?

    Far easier to set up an internet radio station for the Olympics, surely? So many mobile devices support wifi.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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