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Motorola's recent stock of smartphones has been an impressive return to form after a few years of style phone stasis. The Milestone runs on the latest, 2.0 version of Android, delivering an easy-to-use icon-based UI which allows you to scatter widgets across three different home pages. It's quite a hefty handful though its …


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  1. roy lovelock

    2.1 now

    just thought i would add that ota updates are now happening which upgrades the firmware to 2.1. the machine is much better now with none of the audio glitching whith headphones, live wallpapers, 9 home screens and most of all the machine is now fast with a lot less lag than on 2.01.

    if you havent upgraded to 2.1 or it refuses you can do it manually, you wont want ot go back.

    now roll on flash 10.

  2. EvilTweety

    Funny Thing...

    It's funny how the Milestone received a decent review, while the Droid (identical phone) review was an "It's not an iPhone" critique.

  3. Northerner

    Make you mind up!

    Since when did your comments in December,

    "it doesn't quite cut it in the quality stakes. Images suffer badly from light saturation and capture easily blurs unless you hold it extremely still. Colours tend to look flat and lifeless, while noise creeps in all too readily and isn't really as sharp as we might have expected from a 5Mp shooter. It might be able to boast a couple of megapixels more than the iPhone, but we couldn't in all honesty say it takes better pictures. Video drops the quality even more and while we wouldn't be ashamed to use it to post on Youtube, we probably wouldn't want to shout about it either."

    and the blurry, washed out sample shots that followed, suddenly turn into the verdict of "a decent camera" in this review?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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