back to article Mozilla spits out last version of Firefox 3.0

Mozilla has released the last update to Firefox 3.0. On Tuesday, the open sourcers pushed out Firefox 3.0.19, which includes several security and stability updates, and in a brief blog post, Mozilla's Christian Legnitto confirmed that this would be version 3's final incarnation. It patches six vulnerabilities, five listed as …


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  1. jane 3

    Slow as ***

    I switched to Opera some time ago, because all of the recent offerings of Firefox have run like treacle on my machine.

  2. Robert Moore

    Freaking whiners

    I hear this tired complaint the Firefox is to slow every time there is an article about FF.

    I have used every version since about 0.8 and while there have been a few dogs in there, for the most part those version have been fixed and replaced within days.

    So I can only conclude that the ones complaining are all just a bunch of freaking whiners.

    1. Not That Andrew

      I find myself forced to agree with you

      I am no fan of Mozilla, or the default UI of Firefox (too much like IE, but it can be customised), but it is certainly not a noticeably slower in my experience. IMHO the obsession with speed among a large number of users and apparently developers, is a futile diversion and pain in the arse. I am much more interested in stability and security. Something which no-one seems too be reliably able to offer these days.

  3. A41202813GMAILCOM


    The Only Setback With FF Is That Some ADDONS Are Not Updated With The New Versions.

    I Test Every New Version That Comes Along, But Right Now I Will Continue To Go Back To 3.0.19+.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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