back to article Intel: 'We won't wait for software'

An Intel vice president said today that his company's hardware advances will lead - not follow - software developments. "We learned our lesson in waiting for software. We did this 64-bit thing that was perceived to be a little bit late relative to the market. So we will get the hardware out there as soon as it's ready," Kirk …


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  1. Kai Lockwood

    You get the kitchen sink....

    it's just they've cast it out of platinum.

    All these features have an additional cost, so ... what are they? Power consumption, interface complexity and mayhaps countless hours of trying to implement the next best thing.

    Itanic was a "brilliant" design that failed to be implemented meaningfully as a platform. This could just be the same feature grab only lashed to x86. /cynic

    How effective will the implementation be?

  2. Mighty Gaz


    ok, now this might be be being a retard, but stop me when i'm wrong.

    These chips aint released. the chips they say they have sent out, these are sample, chips they dont get paid for?

    they say they have shipped - "tens of tens of tens of thousands"

    well thats at least a million. they reckon they have shipped at least a million chips, for free?

    Am i the only one thinking there is some hyperbole at work here??

  3. Christian Berger


    If Intel had waited for Microsoft to implement the software stack for USB, we still wouldn't have USB.

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Never in the Field of Human Conflict .... *

    "It's all well and good to have such capabilities built into chips, but operating systems need to be upgraded to take advantage of them."

    That can surely nowadays be done Virtually from Cloud Servers, with Remote Programming and ReProgramming of BIOS to deliver SMARter Enabled and Enabling IDEntities tuned to chip and Fab requirements ..... Intel Needs for Future Feeds, so that a Virtuous Circle of Magic Supply is Provided in a Self Sustaining Perpetually Growing More IntelAIgent Loop.

    Or is that A.N.Other Central IntelAIgent Processor Unit's Fab Intellectual Property, if it is not Intel's?

    The above being a neat tight fit for the following QuITe Alien Work in Progress ...... "SMARTer CyberIntelAIgent Security Systems Software and Programs for AI Hardware and ITs Virtual Machinery Networks .... InterNetworking Sublime Informative Secrets and Ancient Wisdoms for a CyberIntelAIgently Designed Artificially Advanced Postmodern Raw Core Source Singularity ...... which Delivers New Worlds and Orders out of CHAOS/Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

    GOD is a Concept you Imagine and it's True and that is QuITe Alien too, so Global Operating Devices utilising Clouds Hosting Alien Operating Systems should not be impossible, no matter how improbable it be thought, for you to accept. Although it will be Necessary for you to be more Intelligent than just BASICally Equipped for Concept Command and Control ...... Master Piloted Flight Operations.

    And that would be Presently, the Future Alien Work in Progress with AI in IT, as just clearly revealed to you in the Plain Text above ...... and hereby Registered for Patent Peer Review and Critical Constructive Comment.


    1. Marky W

      Awwww...'ve been missed.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Intel ``leading''? What's the weather forecast for hell?

    Notice the ``trusted execution'' reference snuck in there. That's oracle and/or micros~1 calling intel to lock up its processors for their enterprise-y software. Makes sense they sidestep the backlash and lets intel make a good show with their ``leadership'' spin.

    Only intel ``leads'' like micros~1 ``follows standards''. In much the same manner that fish follow migrating caribou. I for one don't fall easily for big lies.

    It still means you paid for hardware you no longer control. Your abusive software vendor does.

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Thank You

      Def, It is just that sort of petty negative mindless attitude which makes what is being done in those novel fields so freely shared with you, so much simpler. Others who would be smarter though, would be into look, listen and learn and thus be better ably prepared to reap the reward with that which is being developed and betatested so transparently in these Live Operational Virtual Environments.

  7. Sean Bergeron

    Worked so well the last time they did it

    Rumors of Andy Grove calling Robert Ballard to find the Itanic aren't true!

    I follow the NetBSD port-ia64 list; looking through the archive, it appears the only thing posted there in the past month was a solitary piece of spam. In many respects, it's still a better platform than amd64, however, the expense of hardware and development tools put it out of reach for most people. I wouldn't be surprised if you could cobble together an amd64 machine for less than $150 these days.

    All that said, if Intel can figure out a way to remedy some of the dumb things AMD did, the world would be a better place. 64-bit register access from 32-bit mode would be a good start, as would v86 mode in 64-bit operation.

  8. Tom 13

    64-bit software? You mean like the Vista 64-bit software I installed

    but which didn't run Lord of the Rings or Conan? I even bought a top end graphics card for it for the first time in my life. Or which we can's use to support FIPS compliant VPN? No thanks.

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

      or run

      64-bit Linux, runs great for some HPC stuff I try out in smaller (4-6GB) scales on my quad core at home.

      OK so few games, but serious computers are for serious use ;-)

  9. kain preacher

    @Christian Berger

    List of companies that worked on USB design.

    Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, Sony, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Northern Telecom

  10. henrydddd
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    It sounds like the hardware side of wintel is wants to go it alone

  11. Goat Jam

    intel, rewriting the history books

    ""We learned our lesson in waiting for software. We did this 64-bit thing that was perceived to be a little bit late relative to the market"

    When he refers to "this 64 bit thing" is he referring to x64 or the ill-fated itanic.

    I assume he is conveniently forgetting about the latter because I do believe that the Itanic was a) Released before x64 and b) a text book case of intel building the hardware and then expecting the software to follow.

    And we all know how that went now don't we?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Maybe it is a poorly disguised dig at XP not advancing for umpteen years?

    Maybe it is a dig at organisations working with HD/SD trying to milk HD content at grossly elevated cost while HD hardware has been available for years?

    Maybe it is a dig at dinosaur like marketing models that try to link the next new technological thing for umpteen years only to find that nobody really wants to pay for it (mammals have evolved on - dinosaurs merely wait for extinction?)

    Maybe it is a hint that newer and bolder stuff is in the pipeline but content providers either keep pace or get outwitted?

    (By content providers I mean free market stuff rather than monopolies/oligopolies/ ... )

  13. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    iAPX432 anyone?

    A previous Intel architecture with *lots* of internal features to support security and garbage collection (Ada and LISP).

    Didn't work out too well then.

    We'll see if it works out better this time.

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