back to article Best Buy buys in modest iPad supply

US Apple stores and Best Buy branches will have a few iPads in stock on Saturday to ensure the media-friendly queues. However, some in the expected line-up may be waiting for the next-generation iPhone. Steve Wozniak told Newsweek he'll be amongst those queuing for an Wi-Fi iPad come Saturday, as Apple has confirmed that both …


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  1. The BigYin

    Love 'em or hate 'em... have to give kudos to Apple for the way they can manipulate their customers and whip up a media frenzy.

    (Sod the iPad, gimme a wePad or whatever that Chinese one was called.)

    1. GrandpaChris

      Love, em - eh.

      New device catagory! We'll need to wait to see how users play the device. The iPad is just the first of the catagory iTablets. I use the iTouch for 75% of my online time. The laptop isn't used that much anymore because why not just use the handholds ease of use for emails, podcast and audiocast.

  2. Ed Gould
    Thumb Up


    You will have to give Apple a big applause as they managed to have a TV episode (in the US) about the IPAD opening day. The show (Modern Family - ABC) actually revolved around the one of the husbands wanting an IPAD for his birthday.

    Not sure when it was taped but it looked like a working piece as the screen was showing burning candles and a person blew on the screen and the candles went out.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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