back to article Trojan poses as Adobe update utility

Miscreants have begun creating malware that overwrites software update applications from Adobe and others. Email malware that poses as security updates from trusted companies is a frequently used hacker ruse. Malware posing as update utilities, rather than individual updates, represents a new take on the ruse. Vietnam-based …


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  1. Sean Bergeron

    Chicken or the egg

    This is a problem because Adobe's products and Java have so many bugs/vulns that they need an update program. Good work, guys. Interim solution would be to pay Microsoft a few bucks and push the updates through Windows Update. Long-term solution is: fix your busted-ass products, even if they require near complete rewrites. Apple finally did it with QuickTime! Microsoft's been doing it by deprecating APIs. This isn't rocket surgery.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hurry up!

    Can someone please port some sort of Visual Basic runtime so we can have this in MacOs and *nix ? Please!

  3. The Indomitable Gall

    Number 5 need input!

    Does this come in the form of a pop-up advising that an update is available? I've recently updated Reader through popups when opening PDFs....

  4. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    And BT has the technology they need

    With the recent incident of BT serving business customers the advert web pages of its choice instead of the sites asked for... if evil people - excuse me, eviller people (probably) - get hold of this, so that you open Internet Explorer and you are immediately offered an apparent security tool update instead of what you asked for - they'd catch a lot of people.

    So if BT actually aren't that evil on their own, then the villains need to infiltrate or subvert an agent of theirs into the company.

  5. Tom 7

    How to update Adobe Safely

    Go to add remove/programs and click on remove completely.

    1. Steve 72
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      Update Safely...

      Yes, exactly.

    2. Phil Tanner

      That's what I did...

      Then installed Evince to cope with all the PDF documents that everyone insists on sending me. Faster, smaller and open source to boot. Lubberly.

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