back to article AMD signs Acer to hit Intel in the Duomos

Acer has set itself the target of grabbing 10 per cent of the enterprise server market after embracing AMD's make-or-break Opteron 6100 architecture today. The Taiwanese-owned, Italian-controlled vendor unveiled the AMD-loaded lineup, which spans from towers to rack-mounted HPC kit, at a press conference in Milan today. They …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    48 cores and 512GB of memory - not sure that's enough yet...

  2. Busted

    Didn't anyone tell AMD

    Acer SUCKS!!!!!

    Really Acer Servers 10% of market surely they kid, Acer might manage 10% for home user PC's as most home users are clueless about IT. But servers are usually purchased by IT heads or those that know and they are unlikely to trust Acer for critical kit.

    But hey I could be wrong......

  3. Anonymous Coward

    AMD servers are great!

    AMD servers are great, but HP, Dell and Lenovo refuse to sell high end AMD servers, just AMD single core servers. You can build a dual socket 2, 4 or 6 core AMD server cheaper than a single socket Intel server from these companies. I'm a NASA system integrator and they love AMD!!!

  4. kain preacher


    Nice to see your competitor had honor and told you . That and he probity wanted to see if intel was screwing him the same way.

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