back to article Steve Jobs spotted not hating Eric Schmidt

The on-again, off-again relationship of Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt may be back on again. According to a Friday afternoon post on Gizmodo, the Apple and Google CEOs were spotted at a Palo Alto, California coffee shop - out front on the sidewalk, mind you - chatting over coffee. The site's tipster even snapped photos, it would …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Latte my arse

    that's an organic decaff mocha with soy milk Jobs has in front of him

  2. Anonymous Coward


    It is clear that they have decided to go their separate ways. Apple will buy Europe, China and the rest of Asia while Google will takeover all of the Americas. (Africa is already owned by the 419 lords.) No one gives a damn about Australia.

    Please be such to welcome your new overlords.

  3. jake Silver badge


    "Whatever that cryptic comment might mean, the entire tête-à-tête seems bizarre in the extreme. Two love-'em-or-hate-'em billionaire tech gods, in broad daylight, sipping what one can only presume to be caffè lattes at a sidewalk table outside a coffee shop"

    The author has obviously never spent much time in downtown Palo Alto ... The most shocking thing about this picture is (to me, anyway), that Steve[1] is actually wearing shoes & socks. When I had a house in the Johnson Park neighborhood of Palo Alto, I often ran across Jobs when walking the dawgs. He was always barefoot. As was I ... old-timer North-West Palo Alto rolls that way ;-)

    [1] If it's really Jobs, of course. Which I doubt.

  4. Snowy Silver badge

    could it be...

    what was stolen when they got hacked

  5. Stinky

    I hope Eric is sipping a non-fat drink

    Eric, with all your billions can't you afford to go to the gymn or find time to walk? Really Eric what good will all that money do you when you loose your health ?

    - your mother

  6. Justin Clements

    Longer jeans

    Any chance Mrs Jobs could get her husband jeans that are slightly longer in the leg?

  7. Robert E A Harvey
    Paris Hilton

    camera car

    I want that photo to have come from Google Streetview. Please say it is so.

    Paris, because all of this gossip and twittering (in the old sense) is not about IT it is about fame.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    i wonder....

    how long they sat there for drinking coffee before they were told that someone had noticed them and took a photograph that was likely to make its way into the media? it must have been a while, Jobs is sat their with his legs platted, obviously needing a iPiss...

    One thing is obvious is that it was some sort of publicity stunt. Jobs and apple never do any thing without first making sure it looks exactly how they want it to look.

    Keep an eye apple/google.. somthing is going on...

  9. Melkor
    IT Angle

    Smokey conversation

    This looks like this week's LOST chapter, with a conversation between Jacob and the man in black, where this one tells Jacob (again) in an apparently friendly chat that he hates him, among other things. Could Jobs be the man in black and Schmidt Jacob? Stay tuned for an amazing conclusion to this exciting events next week, same day, same time, same channel.

  10. Jonkin
    Paris Hilton

    They may be Uber Techie Types ....

    But someone really needs to tell them that you should never wear black shoes and blue socks with biege trousers. Not even going to mention the black pull ups with trainers!

    Paris: Cos she should give them a makeover!

    1. Maty



      Last time I looked fashion advice for geeks was : Wear clothes. If you want to go all fashionista add 'without pizza sauce stains'.

      Otherwise, save it for people who care.

    2. blackworx

      Who are you?

      The fashion police?

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Steve Jobs' jeans exactly match the fashion I'd expect of a 'typical American' who works most of the year, with only 1 or 2 weeks holiday, although many are paid for their second weeks holiday.

    My image of a balding semi-obese middle aged man in a very large polo shirt tucked into cheap $5 walmart jeans with bright white trainers is almost there. We just need to get Steve some more pies, and a pair or bright white sneakers :D

  12. ratfox
    Thumb Up

    I can only admire these people

    I wonder how it feels to know that world+dog is following your steps, and to calculate each of your appearances to that level. Steve Jobs could probably give lessons to the most media-savvy movie star.

    I think it was their wives. Must be.

  13. Quotidian

    I hope that Jobs is discussing joining Shmidth's "exit,"

    I hope that Jobs is discussing joining Shmidth's "exit," or whatever it really is, from China. By the way, I hope that Googlehas as much balls to exit from the US Patriot Act; It replaces the US Constitution.

    I have not found one single individual, both on the Left and the Right, that favors it. Only the branches of gub'mnt's like it. This tells us that we the people were not cousulted, hence it's a top-down, dictatorial or kingly, imposition on the people.

    Should they be discussing the US Patriot Act, I hope that this is the beginning of big corpo's reorientation away from politically and socially oppressive policies, and toward doing what is right for the people.

  14. werrington
    Jobs Horns


    I've never seen this buzz-generating approach before. Nice one Apple, I believe it was staged.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    body language

    one looks comfy and the other quite awkward.

    Steve : why on earth did you embark in the cell phone business so unprepared ?

    Eric : we were prepared Steve I think, we just didn't realize our appeal is weak compared to yours

    Paris : you want a brownie with your coffee sirs? they're hot

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You'd think...

    .... steve jobs could afford some decent fitting jeans.

    1. Marvin the Martian


      Not on his 1$/year salary he can't.

  17. Patrick O'Reilly

    Careful ElReg

    All this "what could it mean" talk is bordering on the world of Closer, Chat and those other gossip rags.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Well ...

    ... my money's on a fence around China.

    Of course it could be just a demonstration that they are not just one huge blood-sucking ego, but two huge blood-sucking egos. Anybody see any Crosses ? Smell garlic ? Tempting fate with the sunshine, but the reflection in the window was a nice subtle low-key touch. Probably took Pixnar & DreamWorks a month to do that.

  19. Carrierbag Head

    "They're going to see it all eventually"

    "They're going to see it all eventually"

    That's Steve's plans to show off his junk on ChatRoulette.

  20. Trotskiii

    I call fake!

    I would believe this photo if SJ was wearing anything other than a black turtleneck which he reportedly only wears for keynotes?

    You've either been had or this photo got out 4 days early!

    Trotskiii (UK)

  21. Tony Paulazzo
    Jobs Horns

    do no evil?

    google to jobs, 'how can we be more evil?'

    jobs reply, 'lock down everything, censor nothing, destroy copyright - bwa ha ha.'

  22. Duncan Wakeling
    Black Helicopters

    It and they?

    The Chinese and the Internet without censorship?

    Too boring an answer and not controvertial enough? Probably!

  23. gaijintendo

    Exactly how long are his socks?

    Do they connect with his sweater, like a body stocking? Does he wear garters to prevent his socks from falling down?

    Why is he so sock obsessed. He almost never wears sandals at press conferences, and conferences. Perhaps he is ashamed of his talon like nails? Maybe he lost them all when he let his athlete's foot get really bad.

    My speculation is rife.

    1. Scott Mckenzie

      I'm sorry..

      ...but you appear to be suggesting that it is at any point acceptable to wear sandals. In this, you are incorrect.

    2. blackworx
      Thumb Up

      Re: Talon-like nails

      They're for catching baby field mice - his staple diet.

  24. sleepy

    He's just a regular guy?

    Perhaps they wanted to throttle back the mutual hate stories, and this was an easy off-the-record way.

    But I believe Steve Jobs is quite often seen out and about, at the shops, with his family, etc, just like a regular guy. (Except he has no number plate on his car.)

  25. Rafael 1

    Yeah, right.

    Just two guys chilling out, drinking some coffee (is it a tall glass of something on Steve's side? And it seems he have TWO cups of crapuccino or whatever he's drinking), without several bodyguards and no bystanders/patrons gawking in awe or asking money or throwing pies. All in a low-resolution, blurred photo.

    And I am quite sure I see Elvis on the reflection of one of the glass windows.

  26. Annihilator

    Half mast..

    Did Steve Jobs' cat die or something?

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Dressed in Primark

    Two very rich men, two very cheap looking outfits!

    Prob backstory for an april fool.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge


      Anyone dressed in oh so cutting edge expensive designer crap isn't rich and influential enough not to give a flying f*** what everyone else thinks.

      Steve and Eric are rich and influential enough not to give a flying f*** what major Western Governments think, let alone the likes of us down here at "sticky things they found on the sole of their trainers" level.

  28. Cannop

    Who could "they" be?

    "They're going to see it all eventually, so who cares how they get it." We'll leave it to your imagination what the unknown antecedent to "they" might be. Users? The Federal Communications Commission? Steve and Eric's wives?

    Gizmodo's tipsters photographs perhaps?

  29. John Barberio


    Breaking news, CEOs have life outside of work. News at 11.

  30. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not just you, but...

      I've always thought guys who say that are either trying to brag or must have particularly low hanging plums.

  31. Fred Mbogo

    Steve and Eric's wives?

    Why did I read that with the West Side Story soundtrack playing in my head?

  32. Cliff

    Anonymous Tipster

    Are these the same 'anonymous tipsters' who 'spot' media-hungry girls with their boobies out on private beaches for the tabloids and pretend they're news when they're really PR agency stunts?

  33. Dave Ashe


    Wouldn't be surprised

  34. Mark 65

    Clothes issues

    To anyone that bothered by their attire I would guess that, with all their wealth, they really couldn't give a shit.

  35. deadlockvictim

    The CEO LeStat

    Is it me, or does Steve Jobs have no reflection in the shop window? Maybe it's just the angle of the shot.

  36. Pete 48

    Gay Couple

    "They're going to see it all eventually, so who cares how they get it."

    Photos of jobs and Schmidt in an erotic soy bean porno...

    2 men 1 cup... of soy been latte.

    1. paulf

      Might not be

      Just because Steve told Eric that he can "Shove it up his arse" he may just have been talking about the Nexus One....

      1 (one) coat? Check.

  37. Bilgepipe
    Gates Horns

    Tin Foil Hats at 12 O'Clock

    "And what is "it"? Some secret Apple/Google pact? Innappropriate content banned from the iTunes App Store? Sub-rosa political communications with Sarah Palin and/or the US Tea Party movement?"

    Downloaded video content? Movie rentals from iTunes? TV shows recorded on a PVR? Music videos downloaded on a phone? Books downloaded from the iBookstore? Or from Amazon? or via some other yet-to-be-introduced method?

    You know, all the stuff that Apple does. *shakes head*

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