back to article World Cup-themed PDF attack kicks off

Miscreants have booted a World Cup-themed email malware attack onto the web, taking advantage of existing material on the tournament. Booby-trapped emails are doing the rounds, posing as messages from African Safari organiser Greenlife. The emails contain an attached PDF file claiming to provide a guide to the first African …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Let me Guess's a C or C++ issue ?

  2. giraffe

    " The Hackers That Do Damage"

    This is just my feelings about being hacked and the fact that this world cup was always going to be controversial but now we have people with no feelings for the enjoyment of others that want to derail the whole game. It is so sad but true that we have to patch everything as often as possible and l took off my adobe reader for the same reason as even with the updates it was not secure. I have googledocs but it does not support certain white-papers so l am ardently looking for a replacement download with secured environment for my business. Anyone reading this please let me know so l can check them out next visit will be CNet as l have been with them a long-time. Finally thank you from my organisation to ALL at The Register it is a great and very helpful site for security alerts. Ian

  3. adnim

    Symantec on the ball as usual

    I read the published Symantec analysis...

    "Next the malware does a DNS lookup on some subdomain of (e.g., and then it receives some information from that page, we don’t know what that is."

    Why not, where the packets encrypted?

    "It looks like the malware also attempts to contact other machines on the same network, probably to try and propagate the threat."

    "it looks like", " probably"

    Are these the words of erudite professionals?

    I could do better myself, for the right kind of incentive.

    As for using the world cup as a potential earner...

    It doesn't matter what the occasion, if a viable percentage of Internet users are interested in an event, news item or some celebrity gossip, then some criminal somewhere is going to, or is going to employ someone to exploit the situation.

    This is more expected than news.

    Yes, despite all the "protection" offered by AV vendors the only real defences are the wits of the end user.

    Sorry to finish on such a negative note ;-)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PDF Viewers

    If you don't want to use Arobat, use xpdf,evince or one of the following:

    Also, NEVER, EVER run it as an Administrative user to open a document.

  5. Tom 7

    Pointless Document Format

    or Problematic Document Format - but never ever Portable -how did they manage to sell that lie to so many?

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