back to article Has Symantec sprinkled Veritas developers with pink slips?

The fate of hundreds of Veritas developers hung in the balance this week as parent Symantec was rumoured to have killed off its S4 object storage development effort. Last week ESG's Steve Duplessie blogged that up to 600 Veritas developers and engineers of Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), file system (VxFS) and Cluster Server ( …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Vertias on Sun

    "It's clear that Sun as a channel under-performed for Symantec, with the Oracle acquisition proving a big distraction no doubt."

    Actually more and more of what some Veritas products do is now standard and free in Solaris 10 removing the need for them. From experience VxVM and Storage Foundation users are switching to ZFS in droves.

  2. Panasas

    Difficult Technology

    Interesting development - perhaps one reason they are getting out or defocusing could be that "Panasas for commodity server solution of choice product" isn't that easy to do (in the vein of full disclosure I'm the new CMO of Panasas so it's possible I'm slightly biased :-) )

  3. tempemeaty

    Security is where your home is.

    Noticed the moving some stuff to India part., "...cancelling some projects and moving others to India..."

    * shivers *

    I've dealt with India. Not a good thing for security of data. Some things should be kept at home.

    1. Ulf
      Thumb Down

      India, another way to kill yourself

      Moving stuff to India will mean that in most case stuff coming out will be crappy. I have seen it in more and more places :-(

    2. alwarming
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Security is where your home is.

      While your comment might be right on money about security of data, I don't see how it is relevant here on a discussion on the topic of moving R&D of erstwhile Veritas' storage products ?

      Paris, coz she lost some data.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    moving to India for software development

    means not only bad software, but little or no revision control, and then there finally is the fact that you'll need to send the whole package back for yet another rewrite just to get the misspellings corrected... (been there, done that)

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