back to article Third of UK students would strip their way through college

A third of female students would happily top up their funds by stripping while four per cent would consider escort work as a way to make ends meet. The findings, which will strike fear into the hearts of parents across the UK, come from a survey of 1,022 female students by temp work webwise Studentgems. The poll found that …


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  1. The Original Ash
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    The tech guys may not be models...

    ... but they'll get jobs keeping the new websites running!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I'm happy

    I'm happy to strip off anytime for anybody - Strangely I don't see a huge queue of people beating a path to my door!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    can we expect action to ensure male students have equal access to these part-time employment opportunities?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I bloody hope not...

      ... I DJ in a "Gentlemens Club"

  4. Professor Tinklepants


    Every day is just a parade of reasons why I was very stupid to go to University......

  5. Brutus


    And they'll be generating a large amount of traffic for the sites, too :-)

  6. dave 46
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    Clearly males are at a disadvantage in education in these days of tuition fees and funding cuts - but what about ugly girls? The majority of girls wouldn't get mpodelling work, quite a few wouldn't get work as a stripped and some couldn't even give it away.

    Perhaps the male students could setup and maintain websites, payment systems and webcams, the pretty girls can work it, and the ugly girls can fetch, carry and make tea.

    That way the seedy underbelly of society isn't making money from students and everybody gets to work their way through university.

    I tell you, it's the future, communism wouldn't have failed if they started (as capitalism did) with sex.

  7. Mike Bell

    Hand Me Some Beer Goggles

    Glamour modelling might be a consideration for 41% of female students but there aren't enough beer goggles in the world to prepare mankind for such a visual onslaught.

    Don't get me wrong. I love girlies. But they do often seem to have a rather higher opinion of their looks than is strictly warranted. Hence, the army of photographers who manage to lure young poppets into free photo shoots that mysteriously involve many hundreds of pounds changing hands when all the clicking is done & dusted.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's actually rather "common" (or not that uncommon?) for teenaged/twenty-something girls to prostitute themselves in some countries not because they're poor or exploited but because they see it as an easy way to buy additional things they want (clothes/makeup/games/phones/nights out with friends) that they can't get their parents to buy, if you can get the equivelant of hundred quid and a nice meal for a few hours on your back in a hotel why the hell not?

    The alternative being work a crappy part time job for minimum wage that they hate and eats into time they could be doing something they enjoyed or studying.

    This image though isn't one people like to think about, it's always about exploited sex slaves from impovrished back grounds.

    If anything girls like that are exploiting men lol. Not that I think they'd complain about it.

    que the down votes (I've had too many upvotes this week)

    1. . 3

      Only 4%?

      Admittedly it been 15 years since I was at uni, but 4% seems very low for female students doing escort work. And I'd tend to agree that'd it would have been in preference to working behind a bar like I had to. Perhaps amongst the blokes the 4% figure would have been about right (unless you're polling the CS dept, in which case 4% would be about right for those that wash regularly). Maybe I was just hanging around with the wrong crowd...

  9. Richard 81


    Clearly the university I went to was full of prudes.

    Also, why do these studies always involve around 1000 people, with no mention of the spread of demographics that they covered e.g. different universities, or if they actually used some weighting scheme to correct the numbers?

  10. Andy Farley


    If ever an article needed pictures it's this one. Step it Regeson.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: *sigh*

      Use your imagination. And a tissue.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can you blame them?

    Juggle lessons and a minimum wage job, or an easy £500 a day working your own hours?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's actually a bid sad

      I've spoken to (not used, and no I don't care if you believe me or not) a few escorts and unfortunately the longer term picture can be a bit less rosy.

      Sure, assuming they're working at the premium end of the market, have no bad experiences and give it up after a defined period there's probably not much damage done. Your body, your choice.

      Unfortunately, as you allude to, 500 quid a day is difficult to legally earn without an awful lot of luck, skill and hard work. Many people have the habit of living up to their means, rather than the more sensible option of living well within your means and doing a bit more planning.

      Assuming they want to maintain the lifestyle, it can start becoming less than pleasant. There's also the consideration of what the money is being spent on - if it's enhancing your life all the better, but perhaps not if you're stuffing it up your nose.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Males? Disadvantaged?

    These ladies need pimps, lads.

  13. Anonymous Coward
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    When I was living in Mexico

    I went out with a table dancer for a while. She was 22 and at university. I was earning a UK salary in Mexico which meant I was able to live like a king but it was nothing compared to what she was earning.

    $8k a month (tax free thanks to La Hacienda's incompetence.) She already had a nice house in Las Lomas de Chapultepec - which, if you don't know Mexico City, is where the big expensive houses (including El Presidente's house, Los Pinos) are - had a nice Mercedes S-Class and plenty of money in the bank....

    She still expected me to pay for everything though :o(

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Sure they make a bunch o' money. About the money being tax-free, it isn't because of SHCP's incompetence... it's because prostitution isn't exactly er... "legal" over here. $8k tax-free? I think that's more than what my boss makes... hell, that's 4x my income! And yes, Lomas de Chapultepec is a very expensive zone indeed.

    2. Les Matthew


      "She still expected me to pay for everything though"

    3. Mark 65

      Me thinks...

      That you weren't the only person "going out with" (or even in) this particular dancer for $8k/month.

      A house in that locale and an S-class and I'd have thought her bedroom would be decked out with saloon doors

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Very true... but then...

        ... I wasn't exactly an angel in that department either so not a problem. She wasn't the sort of girl I'd have been taking home to meet the parents. Especially as that meant a 16,000km round trip!

  14. Seanmon


    And where were yeez all when I was a student?

  15. tuna 1
    Paris Hilton

    And Every Girl Wants A Pony...

    Until they realize a pony takes hard work and burns through money like hay. If the pollsters asked the males if they'd be gigolos, 90+% would probably trip over themselves queuing up... until that fugly, 300lb reality tries to sit on their face.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Ask yourself the question : Do I get plenty of people I want to (or at least wouldn't have nightmares) sleep with, wanting it for free?

      If not, why should you expect someone to pay you for the 'privilege'?

      I've had relationships and sex with some very nice people, but I don't kid myself I'd be able to charge for it, even if I wanted to.

  16. EddieD

    Been happening for years

    In Edinburgh we have a small group of Go-Go bars that have been around for many, many years - certainly since before I started University in 1982 - it's known as the pubic triangle. As a young, oversexed student at a science and engineering University with a male-female ratio of 10-1, I was occasionally persuaded to visit one of these establishments (it actually had a good video projector and a good line in tapes). We got chatting with one of the girls once and she was a student, she loved the job - one afternoon's work, 3 sets, only topless for the last half of the last song, and the pay worked out as a month's rent. On the other hand, working as a life model at the local art school, she would get half the money for being fully nude, in bright lights, for a long time, with a large room of young, oversexed students ogling her.

    Morality is a weirdly flexible concept.

    1. Seanmon

      Vuja Dej

      You know, I followed in your exact footsteps about 10 years later*. That lot can't still be there, can they?

      *no jokes about "... seconds", thanks.

      1. EddieD


        They're still there... I think the universe will come to an end before Bridies, The Western and The Burke and Hare close...

        And, okay, I won't

  17. hello.c

    The questions seem a bit innocent, no?

    Who the hell is making money "modeling in their underwear" -- that reflects a fairly uninformed view of the sex industry.

    99 times out of a hundred "escort" is not not having some rich dude buy you a nice dinner -- it's just straight ahead sex for cash, with the additional problem for the escort of having to provide the venue.

  18. Anonymous Coward


    Weather 34% of UK female students would be up to the job is questionable unless the 'muffin top' becomes a desirable attribute!

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Hmmmm...

      Tell me, were you yourself born a rippling Adonis or do you have to work at it?

      1. dogged

        Being born with it isn't necessrily the thing

        Apparently, studies show that girls who wear belly-tops in cold weather develop an extra layer of fat. This is not only viciously amusing but shows that environmental pressure could be responsible.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          I was just going to say that

          In the absence of a jumper a layer of fat does quite nicely. So by trying to look more "sexy" some people only end up looking more and more like a walrus.

      2. Anonymous Coward


        why have a six pack when you can have a barrel :D

    2. hello.c

      Yummy muffins.

      For some of us, it already is!

  19. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    It Would Be Interesting... see the results of a similar study in Las Vegas.

    The "entertainer" market is huge.

    Plenty of 211 about also.

  20. Annihilator


    Technically, 100% would consider it if asked. Just answering the question "would you like to be a stripper?" means you considered it.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm experienced

    I worked briefly in the industry as a 'driver' AKA bodyguard back in the 90s. To me the girls seemed relativly happy with the arrangement - certainly no one rushed out screaming or dissolved into tears in the back of the car.The worst time I can remember was when some 'customers' were trying to persuade the girl back for another show - we just drove away. (I fully admit that this is not a suitable sample)

    /Provided/ this sort of thing is properly regulated I can't see a prroblem. However, as usual it looks like it'll be improperly regulated, so who knows?

    1. Alice Andretti
      Black Helicopters

      Professional strippers seem happy, but drugs are a problem...

      ... or maybe drug use is the *reason* they seem happy (temporarily anyway).

      AC wrote:

      "I'm experienced. I worked briefly in the industry as a 'driver' AKA bodyguard back in the 90s. To me the girls seemed relativly happy with the arrangement"

      I agree. I spent some time doing deliveries to more than a dozen different strip clubs (*female* strippers) in a major U.S. city, and sometimes I'd have to wait in the office for a while to pick up a payment (check) to take back to my boss. While waiting, sometimes the girls[1] (the strippers) would be on break or would stop by to talk to their manager or whatever - they seemed extremely self-confident and sometimes even a little stuck-up when speaking to each other *and* to their bosses (I'm trying to avoid use of that 'other' "b" word which some people would apply to some of those ladies' attitudes). The girls were nice enough to *me*, but in my work clothes I wasn't much competition ;) for them either. Point is they didn't appear to be in any great misery or anything.

      However, that said, I did notice a lot of illegal-looking drugs and obvious drug paraphernalia scattered around in the back rooms and offices of at least several of those strip clubs, and they didn't even seem all that concerned about hiding it - it was right out in the open, in plain sight. I always *literally* looked the other way when I spotted something like that because *I* didn't want to get blamed if they got raided by the cops or something. ... my attitude was like, See something? What? I didn't see anything, no sir, nothing there to be seen, I'll be on my way now, see you next week for your next delivery...

      So it's apparently not all rosy, working in a place like that - those were one of the few types of places out of many thousands of different businesses I delivered to in that time period, where the drug use was so out in the open like that - gives more credence to the oft-heard statements that people who work in "those kind of places" are more prone to drug use... er, I was trying to avoid the overused phrase "crack whore" but I seem to have not done so. ;)

      Of course that's just my, what's the term for it, "anecdotal" observations which don't mean anything scientifically - for all I know maybe there are strip joints that are totally clean where the employer does random drug-testing on their employees as a condition of employment (although I rather doubt it - if I'm in error, please advise).


      Some of the female strippers couldn't dance/move very well either, but *some* of them were quite excellent - I learned a few things :) as to movements etc., from my glimpsing their work on the way in and out of the clubs - not all of the clubs had back delivery doors (all-too-common in certain types of poorly-designed buildings), so I'd sometimes have to go through the main public door, with a good view of the strippers and their movements.

      Girls don't turn me on (I'm straight), but some of their work actually was artistic and beautiful on its own merits, nevermind the "arousing the guys" aspect of things.


      [1] I use the word "girls" in the same sense that people call men "boys" - I do not view it as disrespectful in any way.

  22. Hetore Del Faveri 1


    IT?, any girl will be confuse and depress just to hear a question like that, now guys back to work.

  23. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Male art class modelling can be fun.

    You stand naked in front of a group of usually mostly female quite attractive teen art students and get *paid* for it. * Handy if your physique has more floppy bits than a stuffed toy dog.

    *However should your body react to them you will be fired on the spot. It's true that the more you *don't* want to think about something, the more you *do* think about it.

  24. Anonymous Swineherd

    I think

    strip clubs for students should be subsidised actually.

  25. serviceWithASmile
    IT Angle

    wait a sec....

    "Perversely perhaps, only three per cent would carry on once they'd left college, reinforcing the view that much of what you learn at college is not much use in the real world."

    If only 3% of the girls who would work as strippers to fund college would carry on afterwards, shirley that means that 93% think that whatever they will learn in college would be useful enough to get a job with, and will not require stripping or escort work to get by?

  26. Ken 16 Silver badge
    IT Angle

    being f**ked professionally?

    Good training for a job with any large IT organisation!

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Shurely the answer to our problems is to raise fees and make students pay tax. That way there will be more lap dancers...

    More lapdancers=more competition, so lower prices :)

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    But the real question is how do you tell which of the girls are which???

  29. Alice Andretti

    The (male) ones I saw were scrawny and couldn't dance

    Yes, I know, the survey was of female students, not male ones. But why? Aren't there any male-stripper places over there in England? How odd.

    Anyway, the male strippers I saw looked like they'd been in the "starving student" category for a bit too long. I went one time only, talked into it by some of my female co-workers who insisted it would be "fun." It wasn't very interesting, rather sad actually - now if the guys had been more healthy looking, it might have been more entertaining. The *audience* was another surprise - a good percentage of the audience looked like frumpy probably-neglected middle-aged housewives - maybe that's why the place hired lousy college-student strippers, because neglected housewives probably aren't very demanding.

    Interestingly, the bouncer carded (checked the I.D. of) literally *everyone* before entry - no exceptions even for obviously-old customers so they weren't just checking for legal drinking age - it seems that they wanted to ensure an all-female audience (men weren't allowed in), to prevent guys-in-drag from trying to get into the club, or something. (The town already had plenty of gay bars to service that type of clientele.)

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