back to article Toshiba announces world's biggest 2-platter drive

Toshiba has announced the highest-capacity twin platter laptop hard drive in the world at 750GB, as well as a 1TB, three-platter laptop drive. The two-platter model fits in a standard 9.5mm z-height notebook drive bay whereas the 12.5mm x-height three-platter drive does not. Both drives spin at 5400rpm - 200rpm faster than WD' …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    Toshiba to Seagate, WD....

    "We've upped our areal density, up yours."

  2. Nater

    SAS 6Gb/s Notebook drive?

    Those things won't work in a notebook. First off, I'm unaware of any, ANY mobile that has a SAS controller onboard. Even those ludicrous portable workstation models. That said, they're for servers.

    I'm sure you meant to say 10k and 15k 2.5" hard drives.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    This drive... not anywhere near the 'biggest'! I'll tell you what - I've got a drive upstairs that's a LOT bigger than that. The sucker must weigh 25lbs if it's an ounce.

    I'm thinking of taking the platters out and making a kitchen clock out of them.

  4. gratou

    and the desktop?

    Where are the 3TB and 4TB 3.5" drives? Moore's law (yeah I know...) collapsed for desktop drives.

  5. Bill Neal


    And the race continues! We shall soon see, who can cram the most into Sony's little black box!

    Too bad xbox was proprietarily build with square wheels and will not take any part in this competition.

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