back to article Mozilla site to offer multi-browser add-on security check

Mozilla plans to expand the reach of its web-based Plugin Check service so that it monitors whether add-ons on browsers from other suppliers are up to date and secure. An earlier version of Plugin Check only checked whether Firefox installations were running with the latest version of Adobe Flash and Apple's QuickTime, for …


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  1. Not That Andrew


    Shouldn't they actually make sure it can detect FF plug-in versions properly first? On my systems the only plug-in it reliably detects the version of is Flash. It is a bit funny seeing things like "VLC Multimedia Plug-in Version 1.0.5 - Unable to Detect Plugin Version".

  2. frymaster

    "only a limited number of IE7 and 8 plugins are detected"

    there only _IS_ a limited number of IE7 and 8 plugins ;)

  3. Anonymous Coward


    But anything made by Mozilla won't be let near my systems. Their products are too buggy and have too many security holes.

    Will they release a checker than checks the checker is upto date and not full of exploits?

  4. TonyHoyle

    It couldn't even detect flash on mine..

    "Silverlight 3.0.50106.0" ... "Unable to detect plugin version"

    "Shockwave Flash 10.0 r42" ... "Unable to detect plugin version"

    etc. etc.

    FFS guys you *printed* the version.

  5. jhermans

    @AC 17:03

    It's not a software product, it's a webpage that speaks directly to your plugins (using <about:plugins> or the equivalent in javascript). The webpage itself can't be a security problem. If something breaks, it's the problem of your browser or your plugins.

This topic is closed for new posts.