back to article SA news outlet deploys sh*t London Olympics logo

It's a hearty round of applause today for, self-trumpeted as "Southern Africa and Africa's premier online news resource", which has decided it doesn't much like the London Olympic logo: story with Olympic logo spelling "SHIT" The 2012 Olympics logo When the original logo (right) was unveiled to much …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Remember when the organizers initially got all that stick for their crappy logo? Their response was something along the lines that the logo was not static and would evolve over time. Maybe this is one step along it's evolutionary path towards being a decent logo that actually signifies something.

    Or maybe not.

    1. asiaseen

      Re Evolution

      "the logo was not static and would evolve over time"

      Presumably into an animated gif of Ms Simpson's BJ.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "and once you've got that image lodged in your brain, it's difficult to shift."

    Make that "impossible to shift". I really do wish that they'd change the blimmin' thing.

  3. lglethal Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    one question though what is the difference between "Southern Africa and Africa's premier online news resource". Funny i would have thought Southern Africa counted as part of Africa?

    Great call on the logo though... And at least having the "sh*t" logo on your computer wont see you banged up on possession of images involving indecent underage cartoon character charges!

  4. Bilgepipe
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    I prefer it. It's more apt.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      a1 (a letter, 1 digit) happy now?

      yes, where's the T-shirt, should be popular and it won't be infringing the trademarks.

  5. Sampler

    Cartoon picture..

    ..of an underage girl performing a sex act? Wouldn't like a copy of that on my computer when the fuzz come round...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's difficult to shift

    I thought, a good helping of fibre will solve that, then I saw the f.

  7. Ashley Stevens


    At least possession of the shit logo won't result in a spell in prison on a child porn charge.

  8. Robert E A Harvey
    Thumb Up


    Good effort lads.

  9. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    One of the girls in my office

    Sees a man with his hands on his hips and a whopping great erection.

    (Obviously I told her that it wasn't THAT big, etc etc etc....)

  10. Andrew Culpeck

    Apt logo

    Having seen the plans to give IOC members their own lanes (so they can stay in Park Lane hotels) on Londons congested roads, I think I may be using that logo a lot. The roads in the Westminster area are so congested Westminster Council has had to controll the number of motor bikes comuting to the area by charging them to park at the road side!

    Just emagin how bad public transport is going to be with all the the people coming to see the games and like the IOC members rushing to the shops in the west end after.

    If I am working in central London during the games I will be looking to take a holiday and go anywhere as long as it is out of London. I also think the road system is going to be at a stand still in the run up to the games as they still the roads to make express lanes for IOC members. We will also have to see how quickly they return the lanes to normal use after the games.

    They wanted a legacy from the 2012 games and I think their will be one, no one in London will want to host the games for generations to come!

  11. Dale 3


    they fixed it :-(

  12. Leo Davidson

    It sure is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiat.

    Why is that 2012 Olympics logo still in use?

    It's like Gordon Brown. Everyone hates it. Everyone knows it's shit. Everyone knows everyone else knows it's shit. Yet it's still there and we still let it represent us. WTF?

    London is walking around with "TWAT" written on its forehead.

    1. Chris Dupont

      Now be fair

      It's not like that isn't the case anyway, yes?

  13. Shady
    Black Helicopters

    Extreme porn laws

    By inferring that the original logo looks like an abstraction of a cartoon representation of a junior engaged in the act of fellatio, you have in fact fallen foul of the Extreme Porn Law.

    Prepare for a visit from the rozzers.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I have had this shit logo as my Avatar since 2005....nothing new here!

  15. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    South Africa football world cup logo

    Looks like a woman with a ponytail being vigorously shagging by a gigantic hamburger-and-bun. I'm going to assume that's a baby onion at the top and not a single giant eyeball. That would be quite disturbing.

  16. Desk Jockey

    Very defensive

    Is the London committee involved with that rubbish thing. They even received letters from school children telling them it was rubbish, London was spelt wrong and here was their suggestion for their logo. Fortunately the kids are too young to make the Lisa Simpson link!

    Anyway, the letter the committee sent back to the kids is still be used as an example of the worst sort of response that a public body can send! I guess they are quite sore about all the criticism!

    1. calaiskid

      This is and advance?

      Seriously, look at the new logo, they go from BJ to SH*T!!!!!!! lmao

  17. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    @calaiskid that's a joke fake imitation logo I think.

    Which is the entire content of this article.

    ...still regretting failing to make MY point well, by confusingly writing "shagging" in mistake for "shagged". Ah well.

    I do not care about the Olympic Games in London, not even the Paralympics or the Animalympics, but I wish journalists would stop going on about the logo for want of anything else to criticise. If you lot have made up your minds already that this is going to be rubbish (like Athens... games were okay, economy apparently hasn't recovered since though), do what I do - ignore it.

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