back to article US city holds outdoor Google worship service

Hundreds of Google worshippers gathered in the streets of Greenville, South Carolina over the weekend, paying homage to the all-powerful web god with eco-friendly glow sticks in the hopes it will one day bless their homes with 1Gbps broadband. On Saturday night, a massive congregation of Greenville residents formed "the world’ …


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  1. James O'Brien

    And afterwards

    It turned into the worlds biggest rave party with cops storming the place to break up the packs of ecstasy, lsd and stoned Google lovers. "These Google fanatics were running around ripping their clothes off," said Officer Eric Schmidt "I have never seen anything like this but they certainly werent worried about their privacy."

    So how did they syncronize the lighting ceremony? With Android powered phones and Gmail?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    In South Carolina

    you advertise Google

  3. Daedalus Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    From Googlewhack to googlewackos

    It's Cargo Cult all over again. Bring down de magic from de sky. We be rich.

  4. gimbal

    R u srs?

    Wow. I mean, golly. What a testament to ... something or another. What the heck?

    I can understand that they must have some enterprising intentions, in mind. I guess that it must legally stand to forgive their poor font kerning ;)

  5. hplasm

    Unlike most US pay-as-you-go religions;

    This one actually has a real world 'reward'. If you must worship, go for the go(ogl)d that gives stuff out that you can use when not dead.

  6. deadlockvictim Silver badge
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    In the end, you will love Big Brother too.

    Obligatory quote from 1984.

    1. Mike Smith

      seraphically free from taint of personality

      Plus a quote from The Machine Stops.

      Am I the only person who finds this sort of adulation worrying? The Internet is a tool - a damn useful one admittedly - but it's not a deity and Google isn't a messiah. It's not a living entity - it basically consists of a lot of computers tied together with electric string.

      There's something very, very wrong about people being so willing to prostrate themselves before an organisation that makes its money from just pushing advertisements.

  7. lglethal Silver badge


    So lots of eco-friendly glow sticks off set against the not so eco-friendly helicopter required to hover around in order to take lots of pictures...


  8. Elmer Phud

    You wot?

    "with spinning LEDs guaranteed not to harm the planet"

    Hmm, there's nothing quite like using a load of disposable plastic and small batteries to save the planet.


  9. Bucky Moog

    More Gimmicks?

    Pretty clever for getting press, but Google wants a community that will use the technology to innovate. I think Asheville, NC has the edge in that part of the country.

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