back to article Unfashionable DDoS attacks still menace websites

Internet security research firm Team Cymru has begun publishing a four part series explaining the hows and whys of denial of service attacks. The series plugs a long standing knowledge gap. ISPs, for example, can learn about DDoS attack trends from the likes of Arbor Networks, but if you're running a small online business then …


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  1. Tom Paine

    Read the friendly BCP

    Spoofing (of the source of malicious packet floods) should no longer be an issue, if only more service providers would implement the recommendations of BCP 38, which dates from May 2000. (BCPs are what RFCs become when they grow up.)

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    @Tom Paine

    Sounds a good idea. Any idea if *any* one uses it?

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