back to article Russia arrests three over $9m RBS WorldPay scam

Three men suspected of orchestrating a massive $9m cyber-raid on RBS WorldPay involving cloned payroll cards and hacking have been arrested by Russian's FSB internal security service. Viktor Pleshchuk, the alleged ringleader, and two accomplices, Sergei Tsurikov and Oleg Covelin, were arrested on suspicion of masterminding the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    No doubt the FSB...

    Wants its cut of the profits, along with all source code so they can make more cash on the side...

    To the state run cash cow...$$$P

  2. Etrien Dautre

    But Seriously... It's Olympic ""

    Oh, maybe, RBS still allow quotations like those in the title?

    "The high profile cyberblag involved the use of cloned payroll cards to take out money from an estimated 2,100 cash machines in 280 cities worldwide during an audacious 12 hour overnight cash-out operation" -

    if I'd make a choice between judging those artisis and the overlords of the Russian Winter Olympic team (not para-Olympic, of course, if I'm ever to judge anyone, hmm), I'd take the overlords. The cyberblag's making more use from a videotape, and the international calls were @ their own cost.


  3. Graham Bartlett

    Didn't pay someone off

    Russia being basically a collection of criminal gangs, with the largest criminal gang (the former KGB) being the biggest dog, this sounds like they failed to pay off the right person.

    1. Etrien Dautre

      You can always find such Russia right behind the corner

      English-speaking criminal probably counts much more gangs, I'm not mentioning AU & NZ. I think that what you're talking about is Wild-West-like informal economy. It has two branches: selling goods to abroad and sending dollars there too, and importing goods from the abroad and bringing dollars back again.

      I'm still in doubt, Graham Bartlett, if you really do need me saying which dog has which meatloaf. It's a sad disposition, and maybe both dogs absolutely don't wanna get on barking about that nearly everything depends of them in the modern economy.

    2. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1
      Black Helicopters

      Hardly a Club Med fact finding tour is it?

      They don't intend to give those bank robbers golden handshakes, massive pensions and time in the House of Frauds for good behaviour and jobs for the boys.

      But I can't help thinking it is good news for some. {R}

  4. Nigee

    Big mistake

    not paying off ' law enforcement'. Good article in this weeks Economist. If you think Russia bears any resemblance to law enforcement in the west then you are very very deluded. And there's bugger all prospect of it changing.

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