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Canon’s Powershot G-series has been a best seller for the best part of 10 years. What photographers have always loved in these cameras is the combination of pocketability with full manual control and direct access to all main settings by means of professional-looking dials and buttons. Canon PowerShot G11 No contest? Canon's …


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  1. Kevin7

    From a G10 owner...

    There doesn't seem to be much to be worth upgrading for. There may be less noise but I'm not sure if that in itself is worth spending another 500 quid barely a year after the G10 came out. It still sounds like it's a poor performer in low light -- the full auto mode on the G10 can be hugely frustrating as by the time it decides focus and exposure is okay the subject has moved. It seems to have much the same chassis design as the G10, a mistake I think as I find it clunky and inelegant to use. Much smaller compacts for far less money are catching up fast and unless the G12 is a significant upgrade I can't see this going on selling for much longer.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    remote image capture?

    Great that a manufacturer like Canon is resisting the more pixels are better trap, certainly on compact sensors.

    "...What the G11 loses is the sound recording option; the remote image capture..."

    I'm a happy G7 user but use it a lot remotely via USB, without that capability a G11 is useless to me. It would be great to be able to shoot RAW remotely.

    1. A. H. O. Thabeth
      Thumb Up

      It would be great to be able to shoot RAW remotely. Now you can.

      CHDK is a firmware mod for cameras.

      One of the things it provides for the Canon G7 is RAW shooting.

      I hope you find this useful.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No looker?

    I think its absolutely gorgeous!

  4. breakfast

    That summary

    So one thing I tend to do is read the review, then wonder about the price rather than vice versa.

    Any chance of duplicating the summary data from the start of the review at the end? That one catches me out every single time I read a camera review here...

  5. Mark 65

    Video file size

    I'm guessing that the 4GB file size limit for video would be a FAT32 limitation and not something they could really change without WIndows users complaining that they have to install a driver in order to read a flash memory card.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Finally some sanity!

    Some sense in MP race. All these manufacturers whacking up the sensor size and still putting in nasty little lenses with cheap glass in them! I am sure 12-15MP is usually good enough for most people, even more so when you get some seriously good glass in front, like Canon L-series or Nikkor.

    It all depends what you're taking piccys of! You take pictures of you and your mates peeing about in a club or at a BBQ, do you really need some 18MP monster with a picture res of 6000x5200, just so you can see up Deb's nose in high-def digital detail?! If Deb is anything like my missus, the pics will be seriously darkened or worse, see the inside of the O/S TrashCan!

  7. Kevin Campbell

    G6 still suits me fine, but if I need a new one...

    I've had my G6 for about 3 years and absolutely LOVE it. If I ever need to replace it, I will no doubt select the new G11. The G7, G9, and G10 didn't have the tilt/swivel LCD that my G6 and the new G11 has. I've you've ever used one, you understand the broadened capability that brings. Using the tilt feature, I was able to shoot over the heads of the crowd to get parade shots, etc, that I would have otherwise missed. For a shorter person, that is worth its weight in gold. Using the swivel, I am able to protect the LCD from incidental damage or scratches. Mine is as pristine as the day I unboxed the camera because of this feature.

    I am by no means a pro, but my experience with the Canon G-series has always exceeded my expectations by a wide margin - including battery life. My G6 uses a Canon camcorder battery. A bit bulkier/heavier, but I've shot over 600 pictures at an airshow (including some flash interior shots) and never dropped the battery level below 50%. My camera sits in my carry bag for WEEKS at a time between charges. If the new G11 has similar battery life, then that's another reason for me to buy one.

    One feature my G6 has that subsequent G-series units lack is the backlit status LCD on the TOP which displays resolution, flash state, #shots remaining, etc. This is incredibly useful when shooting at night. It's lit dimly - bright enough to read, but not so bright as to ruin one's night vision like the LCD. I wish Canon would bring this feature back to the G-series.

    Overall, I've been more than impressed with this line of cameras and wouldn't hesitate to purchase a G11.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    can be had for £100 cheaper...

    As a 7D owner, I've been looking around for a portable that'll give me the creative control I'm used to, but still allow me the 'anonymity' that a smaller camera provides. The price puts me right of - £500 is just too steep. I'd go for £350 - doing a search, the camera can be had right now for around £400.

    Personally, I'll wait and get a good second hand G10 for half the price.

  9. Paul

    much cheaper in the USA

    why are UK consumers getting screwed? compare (US$480 = £330) vs (£410) price!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Amazon hates you Brits. Something about the Prince of Wales not paying for a book once.

      (It should be possible to set the exchange rate automatically but who ever heard of that? Also don't moan too much just look at what they do to the Canadians! 1US$ ~ 1Can$)

    2. mariushm


      Add 19% VAT... and obvious profit.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I bought the Canon SX 20 based on the reviews in a number of places. (It replaced a 5 year old Fuji) It has taken some getting used to but - the thing can pick up wonderful shots. The 20X telephoto really makes for some nice shots. (And no - not of nose hairs!) I would expect the same out of the one being touted here. Note that the SX20 runs $350 (and up - if you feel the need to pay more).

  11. JeffyPooh

    Even with 68% of the pixels...

    I've got the previous model, a Canon G10, and I think it's fabulous. It feels good in the hands and (under suitable conditions) it takes amazing pictures. In order to not even bother trying to compete with DSLRs (it's not in the same league), I've removed the neck strap and installed a nice wrist strap. The neck strap goes on the carry case.

    I think it's amazing that almost anyone can afford a very good camera these days. There are lots to choose from.

    By the way, I feel sorry for UK residents and the prices they have to pay. I got my G10 (brand new) for Cdn$430 from a reputable dealer (walk-up sale).


  12. Arctic fox

    Much cheaper in the USA? Not really, at least not this time.

    Once you take British VAT into acount the kit is only about 24 quid cheaper across the pond. Though it is certainly the case that the AV manufacturers do take the piss when they can. If you compare the price of Sammy's 55 inch LED TV in Blighty and in the States (one has to compare specs to work out which models can be compared, they are very carefull to make it as difficult and confusing as poss.) one sees that the equivalent model is about 40% cheaper! However on this occasion it does not seem as if Canon is taking the piss by very much.

  13. David McMahon

    Swivel Screen

    Back down to earth my old Canon Powershot A80 had a swivel screen, Loved it so good to see this G11 has one too, hope Canon and the others bring them back :)

    The A80 sensor don't work properly but cant bring myself to chuck it lol

    1. David Gosnell

      Sensor fault

      It may be repairable for nothing apart from a couple of quid postage. Our A85 had a sensor fault, and Canon repaired it free despite being 4 or 5 years out of warranty. There's a known issue, and if confirmed, they'll repair or replace.

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    How can they justify the price? It's around the same price as many entry level DSLRs. And a DSLR comes with a number of advantages over a compact like that. The much larger sensor on such a camera will give less noise, more control over depth of field and the larger photosites should give a better dynamic range. Of course a DSLR has a wide choice of lenses where the G11 is stuck with it's fixed and rather slow lens.

    Yes it's a nice camera, but it's list price is at least twice what it should be.

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