back to article Yahoo! buys! fantasy! sports! site!

Yahoo! is making another attempt to strengthen its weak social networking products by buying Citizen Sports. The site offers various fantasy leagues and ways for fans to link the site's applications to their social network profiles. Yahoo! said it would be integrating its sports content into Citizen Sports. Citizen Sports …


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  1. Rob Moir

    Never heard of it

    I'm sure it'll be a roaring success.

  2. Dave S 1
    Thumb Up


    Still smiling at the use of ! after every word in the title.

    I know it's an old joke but it makes me chuckle every time.

    Excellent! work! El! Reg!


  3. Graham Bartlett

    For why?

    Even describing social networking as a "product" is dodgy. Do they make money from the social networking? Nope - it's just a vehicle for advertising, that's all. And the advertising doesn't bring in any significant income anyway, compared to the income you could expect from investing that much money in any other business. This doesn't say how much money changed hands, but you can expect it's in the millions. If you invested that in a few clothes shops, or coffee shops, or damn near anything else, you'd be unlucky not to be getting a decent return on the investment within a year, and ongoing revenue year-on-year. Meantime Facebook *still* hasn't broken even, never mind ever turning a profit.

  4. John Navas
    Dead Vulture

    Grow! Up! El! Reg!

    The! many! exclamation! points! are! juvenile!

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