back to article UK net 'more resilient' than other EU states

The UK's internet infrastructure is better prepared to withstand attack or natural disasters than many European nations', a Lords committee has found. The interconnections between national internet infrastructures however mean the UK could benefit from improvements overseas, the Lords EU Home Affairs sub-Committee found. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Can the gentlemen put their money where their mouth is

    OK, in that case would the Lords please be so kind to pull the plug on the 2 blocks on Coriander Avenue in Docklands and demonstrate us how the entire UK internet continues to tick after this has happened.

    What a load of utter bulshit. Did they get infected by the Tony bLiar bug by any chance? What do they think? That all of the EU and UK Internet professionals are idiots?

    For f*** sake.... My coat...

    1. Lionel Baden

      Coriander Avenue

      why is this relevant ??

      Mines the one with the flame retardent lining

      1. GottaBeKidding


        Won't allow single word posts? Aww.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      You mentioned Docklands... Infrastructure is very resilient here, NOT! I cannot have even business broadband connected as Poplar Exchange is full (has been since 2007, thanks BT!). I'm stuck with crappy AOL that disconnects on average 1000000 times per day. I mean sync is fine to exchange, except that it just doesn't work from there as Poplar exchange hasn't had fibre upgraded since Stone Age.

      BS I call all of it!

      1. smooth1x


        Sorry to hear you cannot get connected to Poplar, I have two Be broadband lines from my house in Poplar and a business class router that pings out and fails over if one goes down

        (and this has failed over several times now).

        It is still not resilient as the two lines from my house were cut last year and the BT engineer showed me that both lines were through the same thin cable which is in the same big yellow bundle under the pavement.

        All broadband is BT lines apart from cable and whilst Virgin Media do cover Poplar they do not cover my house (available in your postcode region but not in your house!).

        I do have a laptop with Vodaphone mobile broadband and in Poplar you should get the full 7.2Mbs connection.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Re:Docklands

          BE doesn't connect anybody to Poplar exchange anymore. They stopped over a year ago. Exchange is full and nothing can be done about it. BT doesn't have competition here, so they don't care.

          Virgin Media has old coverage from NTL times, but it's analogue and just rotting away... They stopped upgrading some time ago...

          FAIL written all over...

  2. Captain TickTock


    Two-day outage on Be in Beds/Herts

    1 fibre break took down all internet in Luton and Hemel.

    How is this resilient?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      big fucking deal

      >> 1 fibre break took down all internet in Luton and Hemel.

      Who gives a shit? That wasteland's still waiting for fire to be discovered so it's no great loss to human civilisation if they don't get interweb for a while.

      1. Captain TickTock


        Actually, Mr Anonymous Coward,

        (using the name you gave yourself - why isn't there an Anonymous Unpleasant Coward option?)

        Hemel discovered fire in a big way a few years ago:

        We're now chasing wildebeest with our newly fashioned spears, because they're great barbecued.

    2. AndrueC Silver badge

      I have no title at this time.

      Big deal. It took out a small proportion of backhaul for some operators. Hardly the Internet.

  3. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Real reason we're safer

    The government's IT systems are so broken not even hackers can get them to do anything.

  4. Tony Hoyle

    I call BS

    Take out THE and THN and you've knocked out most of the UK internet infrastructure.

    That's about as resilient as a soft boiled egg.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      confused with the term resilient??

      Resilient doesnt mean that you can knock out multiple locations without impact. Dual location is the standard practice. One location covering another to a certain % SLA.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    It'll work.....

    ...but it won't be usable, it'll still be "up" - but as we know that's of no use if you can't use it. Most international connectivity still goes via London (although it is getting better, with some USA routes from Manchester now).

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Don't believe it for a second.

    Bollocks as like, they expect us to swallow this tat when all our data is no doubt sitting on a backseat of a cab or a train? Government good with looking after data, come off it!

    Sounds like the Lords being used to give the Gov a jolly nice bit of backslapping for the election than anything else.

  7. Red Bren

    Shaped, Throttled and Slow

    Uk broadband is hobbled by mis-selling, over subscription and under investment.

    Perhaps their definition of resilient is that no one notices if it's switched off?

  8. heyrick Silver badge

    Oh dear...

    "The UK's internet infrastructure is better prepared to withstand attack or natural disasters than many European nations', a Lords committee has found."

    Didn't some ponce once claim the national grid was unhackable... and days later it was hacked? Spouting balls like this is just begging somebody to "make a point".

    "The interconnections between national internet infrastructures however mean the UK could benefit from improvements overseas,"

    Yeah, and a lot of us overseas could benefit from the UK not being slow-as-treacle.

    "the UK government was ahead of EU nations in guarding against cyber attacks."

    Which UK government put its citizens online safety first and advised them to dump IE (any version)? Hello? Anybody there?

    I guess if you compare UK with, I dunno, is Moldova in the EU now?, then you might have a point. But no. Estonia and, um, Finland I think, have decided that high speed internet access should be a fundamental right. The UK, meanwhile, has MEPs voting AGAINST calls to make the ACTA discussions open.

    "Our witnesses generally thought the United Kingdom had sophisticated defences compared to most other states."

    This is VERY telling. Their witnesses "generally thought"... I generally think the current MPs are a bunch of freeloading tossers and I generally think that Blair/Labour did sell peerages because the freeloading purchased-peers want to undermine the House of Lords, thus permitting reason for it to be dissolved to provide the MPs with more absolute power. But, hey, who gives a flying **** what I or anybody else *thinks*? When discussing something like this, or how ready the UK is for online invasions, cold hard FACTS tend to be of much greater value, i.e. how many people have been paid to white-hat various important systems? Not "ooh, it's safe" from the inside, but (sanctioned) attempted hack from the outside. Because if you don't test your own defences, it won't take long for the Chinese to offer to do it for you... just ask America. :-)

    Still... "The UK is safe, blah-de-blah, we can't be hacked, blah-de-blah, aren't we wonderful". This has "Pending Epic Fail" written all over it, so if El Reg returns a "server can't be found" message soon, I'll know why.

  9. ShaggyDoggy


    "vital datacentres and peering points concentrated in London's Docklands"

    which Einstein located them there


  10. Barry Lane 1

    And this is why...

    ... anyone to do with government should not be permitted to have anything to do with anything to do with anything more complicated than a pocket calculator. These eejuts' ever so 'umble colleagues in the Commons have wasted gerzillions of taxpayers hard-earned wonga on kit that was doomed to fail. Look at the pisspoor Passport Office debacle, for example, and the NHS farce,

    Oh, and calling up the thieving bastards who sell this obsolete kit and asking their advice about what stupid price the government should overpay for the next Amstrad 1512 is about as stupid as it can get.

    How can these stupid bloody people be so bloody stupid? Aaaaaagh!

    Nurse! My pills! My pills!


    Sophisticated Defences?

    "Our witnesses generally thought the United Kingdom had sophisticated defences compared to most other states."

    What? Like the sophisticated defences that protected us from nationwide industrial espionage/mass personal surveillance by Russian/Greek/Turkish/American spyware crooks like Phorm in 2006, 2007 and 2008?

    What defences might those be exactly? It certainly wasn't anything BT did. It wasn't anything the ICO did. Nothing the Police did either. GCHQ apparently didn't even notice. CPNI weren't made aware. Security Services didn't think it was their problem. BERR drank the Flavor Aid. And the Home Office were even actively giving Phorm 'comfort'.

    So that sort of protection? Bollocks to him. It is obvious he hasn't got a clue.

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