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It's taken a while, but LG has finally got around to releasing an Android handset. We're pleased to see they haven't just gone for a me-too 'droid either – the GW620 is firmly aimed at the lower mid-range rather than the smartphone high end. It puts the focus firmly on social networking, with integrated SNS, a slide-out Qwerty …


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  1. Skrrp
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    Number row _and_ arrow keys? Want!

    1. Cameron Colley


      If only Nokia et al would take note.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Want

      How many band does the GSM and 3G radio support?

  2. David Gosnell

    "LED flash"

    Please can the Register take the lead and stop playing into the hands of marketing departments?

    It's either an LED or a flash - not both.

    Each solution has its merits and downsides, but they are not the same, and should not be confused.

    1. Ian Yates

      Why not?

      Have I missed something? Can't a light-emitting diode produce a sudden and short burst of light in order to illuminate a scene... say, a flash?

      1. Robert E A Harvey

        well quite

        And in the same manner, I'm sure an LED can output far more light in a short burst than it could cope with continuiously.

  3. Goat Jam
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    Oh, it's an LG you say?

    I think I'll pass, thanks anyway.

  4. Andrew Bush

    Your cat...

    ... looks like he might have early stage hyperthyroidism. Drinking lots of water, ravenous? Struggling to maintain / loosing weight? Loss of energy? Take him to the vet for a few tests. It's better to catch it now and get him on medication before he looses too much weight and it's too late.

    Apologies if it's just the camera angle, but my memories of holding down poor little Kipper on our kitchen table while the vet administered a lethal dose are still raw.

  5. Jim 48
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    Some stuff here

    From the first photo I thought 'that looks nice', but they have made some major design errors; they seem to forget that these things can be used as phones as well so hardware call and hang-up buttons are a must. Also, resistive screen, wtf? And it's still on Android 1.5!

    It'd also be useful to know what chip it's using and the amount of on-board memory, but then again I can't even find this on the LG website.

    I'll be sticking with my bargain basement Huawei U8220 thanks very much.

  6. Alastair 7

    Re: "LED flash"

    A quick guide for you:

    LED Flash = LED

    Flash = Flash

    Not complicated, is it?

    1. Obvious Robert

      Re: "LED flash"

      "LED Flash = LED

      Flash = Flash

      Not complicated, is it?"

      Weeeeeeellll... being that my phone has an LED on the front used as a notification light for texts/emails/alerts etc but no camera flash at all of any description, and my wife's phone has a xenon flash... yes it is complicated.

      If the review just said the phone has an LED, there'd be no indication that the LED was intended for taking pictures with the camera. If it just said it had a flash, how would I know whether it was a xenon or an LED designed to momentarily switch on and off (i.e. flash in the literal English sense of the word) in sync with the camera to illuminate the picture?

      What's NOT complicated is simplifying matters by referring to them as an LED flash and a xenon flash. They both flash.

      Unless of course you want to uncomplicate matters further by redefining the meaning of the word flash, but that's your call.

      1. Craigness


        It's very simple - when a new technique is applied to an existing technology a new name must be found. If a new name is not available then the name of the technique or material must be used instead. Bathtubs, for example, were first made of tin but are often made of plastic these days. So, if you have a tin bath it's a bath but if you have plastic it's not a bath. Houses either have bathrooms or plasticrooms depending on the material used for the main item within the room.

        Plastic bath = plastic

        Tin bath = bath


        This "phone" does not excite me. I'd prefer that they were honest and called it what it really is - plastic encased circuitry and chips. Without even a hint of Bakelite, it cannot be called a phone.

        Troll because "I refer the reader to the post made some moments ago"

  7. Danny 14 Silver badge
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    had one for a month

    just about the only good thing about this phone is the fact it is on virgin for £23/18 months with 1gig data and the keyboard. Cant say I like android 1.5, too many bugs for my liking - mainly when syncing to cars (wont sync with my BMW or ford convers+

    Shame as I really wanted to like this phone. Battery life is crap too, maybe a day and a half at best. The home capacitive button is annoying as hell, so easy to brush it.

  8. armyknife

    Better a meritocracy than titles

    What on earth is the point of making a phone that fails this badly in its primary task ie making calls as a mobile phone.

    "Call quality was surprisingly poor, due for the most part to the speaker. If you crank it up full – and you'll need to, unless you have cat-like hearing powers – voices invariably sound a little muddied and there's a harshness to the tone that we haven't heard on a quality phone for a while"

  9. Bad Beaver
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    How about OS X

    Is there some proper way to use the 'droid with iSync, or am I still supposed to hand over all my data to Google?

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Oh, typical!

    Just got an LG GW520 recently, fanatstic to have a proper tactile QWERTY keyboard, it's even usuable by someone like me with huge chipolata digits!

  11. ToonArmyBarmy

    Works for me

    I've had this for a while and as my first smartphone I am very pleased with it.

    Although I'm sure the comments complaining that it's only Android 1.5 are valid, but for someone's first experience, don't make any difference.

    The camera (and LED Flash) is very good for what I want i.e. in the pub etc and if I want anything better I would take my dedicated compact.

    So, the only complaint above that I would agree with is that, yes, the home button is too sensitive and easy to brush accidentally, but you do get used to and avoid it after a while.

    For anyone wanting a cheap route into the world of Android I would recommend this phone!

  12. Unimotorcyclist

    Nice phone

    Come on that touch screen is not that bad, can't see much difference from this to other touch screen phones, but you make it as if it's the worst ever.

    The size of phone easily fits into your hand, size somewhat similar to older phones not like the iPhones and Nexuses slates of today, and it doesn't feel to heavy either.

    The back of phone is a very smooth leather(?) and feels great to the touch and would have grip to a desk. And the keyboard is the best since HTC Touch Pro - that is nuff said.

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