back to article Microsoft renews vows with JQuery Javascript

Microsoft has put more of its considerable weight behind the open-source JQuery Javascript library, vowing to provide additional code contribution, testing resources, and integration with new versions of its own development tools. Redmond .NET veep Scott Guthrie announced the news yesterday at the company's MIX conference in …


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  1. Forget It
    Gates Halo

    JScript - anyone remember that ...

    Embrace & Extend

    Share & Enjoy

    let's hope not - this time!

  2. mafoo

    funny thing is...

    ..IE is the worst browser browser to get jquery apps to with.

  3. Jeff 11
    Thumb Down

    IE support

    Full browser support of jQuery in IE would be a good start, then! It's ridiculous how you can't do proper concurrent CSS fading even in IE8, for example...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Ooh, I'm feeling the Microsoft love!

    What.. wait.. that's not love! No, stop! That hurts..! Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

  5. serviceWithASmile
    Dead Vulture

    embrace, extend.....


    rip, jquery. it was short but sweet.

    you will be missed.

  6. Omar Marquez
    Gates Horns

    Well f*ck...

    I only started to learn JQuery a week ago (love it so far), and now I find out the Microborg is sticking its oar in?? Nooooooooo! I can see Microbarf squirting its special juice on JQuery, and then devouring it whole, leaving an empty shell of what was once a great Javascript library.... *sighs*

    1. Anonymous Hero

      @Omar - Well f*ck.

      Dude don't be a twat, but then I see you can't help it (Microborg, Microbarf oh yeah u so hip!).

      Microsoft are contributing, they're not part of the core team, see Resig's comments in the blog post:

      " jQuery is not becoming a part of Microsoft at all – Microsoft is contributing to the jQuery project, much like other projects and companies do as well. The jQuery library will continue to remain open and under the control of the jQuery project (and will be hosted on Github for the foreseeable future)."

  7. Raumkraut
    Thumb Down

    MIT and GPL v2

    I note with some suspicion that neither of the licenses under which jQuery is available include explicit patent-licensing clauses.

  8. Nic 3
    Thumb Up

    Came here to say...

    I bloody love jQuery. I love it love it love it.

    Did I mention that I love it?

    I have put together a shiny new comprehensive social networking site for a client (dont ask, I know!) and saved roughly 7 days development by making use of jQuery.

    Love it, love it, love it.

  9. Chris 155
    Paris Hilton

    Not a Surprise

    You see, the thing is, karma is a bitch.

    Microsoft left IE6 to rot for the better part of a decade, making the lives of every web developer since just the tiniest bit more painful and unhappy. The ironic thing is that now that they've realized they have to move with the times, the people who most want it to go away are actually Microsoft.

    Unfortunately for them(and for everyone else) getting rid of that boondoggle is proving a lot harder than anyone might have anticipated.

    Microsoft have to keep supporting it because at this point they really have no choice, if .NET applications don't work in their own browser they'e pretty much sunk. On the other hand they need to support real web standards these days for pretty much exactly the same reason. If .NET applications don't work in other browsers(as well as more modern versions of IE itself) they're still pretty much sunk.

    JQuery is really their best way forward, they can distribute it and count on its libraries to sort the whole tangled mess out as much as is humanly possible MVC applications will now "just work"(for a rather wide definition of work) in all browsers including Microsoft's, and they don't get their new technology sunk by their old one.

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