back to article Sheffielders must retune their Freeview boxes tomorrow

Readers in the Sheffield area will tomorrow need to retune their Freeview boxes if they want to carry on watching BBC channels. Freeview said the change will have been implemented by 6am on the morning of 17 March, after which set-tops and tellies will need to be retuned. The channels are moving to make room for the …


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  1. SteveB

    Longer wait

    Not just a wait for HD boxes I'm afraid. They're moving the BBC mux at Sheffield so that they can use the same (or an adjacent) frequency at Emley Moor, the main station of which Sheffield (aka Crosspool) is a relay to launch the HD service early (before DSO).

    If your aerial points at Sheffield, you won't be getting HD until 2011 when Emley and its relays go through Digital Switchover and the muxes move to their final frequencies.

  2. mfraz

    So much for modern tech

    Why do we have to keep retuning every few months just because they either want to add/change channels or add things like HD? With analogue, once your TV was tuned in, the frequency a channel was transmitted on rarely changed.

    That's progress eh?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It'd be nice to even get freeview signal first! Apparently, due to geography the signal from Emley Moor transmitter doesn't reach us in Meadowhall :(

    Our only choices are telly thru the internet (our preferred option)

    Sky digital (won't give money to them)

    Or freesat (gonna invest in a tuner for my PC and test it out).

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      In reply to...

      Get a freesat dish and a Humax Foxsat HDR - you won't regret it.

  4. Neur0mancer

    Mines already done

    I let my whippet do it for me.

  5. David Gosnell

    What a rod for their back they created

    Seems all the more support for my notion that the whole digital television thing was bodged from the start. It was the ideal opportunity to kick out the old analogue paradigms and move to a completely different way of doing things, based far less on this archaic scheme of fixed channels. Freeview should have been implemented as a kind of UDP broadcast IP protocol, with some kind of on-demand bidding scheme for bandwidth, whether on a per-programme or per-broadcaster basis. Would have ended up far more flexible, allowing better image quality in off-peak hours, no more delays to schedules (just perhaps slightly reduced bitrates) when sporting events overrun, more access to smaller broadcasters, etc. But oh no, it had to work basically the same way as it has right from the start, and cause immense upheaval every time someone somewhere decides to change some minute detail.

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Sony TVs already in the shops

    Devices are now finally in the shops. I've seen the Sony Freeview HD TV in the shops already. I've also heard that the Humax STB might be on sale but I've not seen it myself.

  7. alwall

    No you don't!

    "you'll have to wait for suitable set-top boxes"

    NO you don't.

    Freeview HD boxes have been available to buy for a few weeks

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