back to article US Army considered attack on Wikileaks

It is claimed that leaked documents show the US Army felt sufficiently threatened by security breaches on Wikileaks that it considered ways it might wreck the site. A 2008 report by the Army Counterintelligence Center, classified Secret, calls for a mole hunt and prosecutions to undermine potential sources' trust in Wikileaks …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "obscurification technology" !

    They even invent new words in the report. I'm sure it's called 'obfuscation' over here.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge


      I now understand why the US Military's so keen on dealing out death to other people.

      It's obviously too good for them.

  2. Chris Hatfield

    Delicoiusly ironic..

    ..that this very document was leaked.

    I can't believe someone wrote a long report to say what could be said in about 2 sentences.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Speaking as a British soldier ...

    ... I say fuck the US Army. Wikileaks is one of the few tools we have to keep the powerful and unaccountable in check, and exposing this kind of thing is GOOD if it means it won't happen again.

  4. Paul Johnston


    "Will foreign organizations such as FISS,"

    By that I take it they mean

    Jihad at speed on ice, whatever next???

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just file a UK Filter Notice under Mandy's bill

    File a copyright notice in the UK, your Army lawyer will demand ISPs block the website. The ISP has no budget or wish to challenge the army in court, so they will cave at the first threat.

    Thus UK will never be able to see Wikileaks ever again. Even all the illegal nasty stuff that is normally protected by whistleblowers, will be blocked because Wikileaks is blocked.

    This is what happens when you may one entity liable (ISPs) for a claim against someone else (Wikileaks).

    And this is why Mandy's bill must be canned immediately.

  6. Oninoshiko
    Big Brother

    Not suprising

    What does suprise me is that they are not using this to spread disinformation. it's the perfect forum for it.

    It's what I would do.

    1. OldDogNewWalk
      Black Helicopters

      @ Not suprising

      Tell me..... What makes you think they are not?

    2. J 3
      Big Brother

      Spread disinformation?

      Who said they aren't?

  7. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    If they stop people going to wikileaks ...

    ... they will have no idea what is being leaked.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How unlike the US Army

    to unleash the full might of the military-industrial complex on a much less capable foe. Oh, wait...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Go go US army

    Moles shouldn't expect to be able to expose others without being exposed themselves. There are proper ways to deal with injustice / malpractice within any organisation, whistleblowing should be a last resort.

    Wikileaks lack moral principles as they have leaked information from organisations and about persons whom have done no wrong, and leaked information which relates to ongoing National Security issues.

    1. elderlybloke
      Big Brother

      Ah -National Security

      The most used idea of the USA, to prevent the peasants from knowing the truth about the blunders, corruption etc. that their Government engage in .

  10. gimbal

    Well, let me play devil's advocate for people desiring to be responsible

    ...and for people desiring to hold people responsible for their being truly irresponsible with information they've been entrusted with.

    ...Oh wait, I may well be playing to a deaf audience, there. Cheers.

    MIne's the one with the label that reads, "Nomex"

  11. Cortland Richmond
    Black Helicopters

    In the USA

    Whistle-blowers -- people who expose unlawful, unethical or in some cases harmful actions by employers or organizations -- are to some extend protected by law. It is natural that classified or sensitive information should be held dear by those organizations who generate or use it, and if they want it to remain secret, they can and should act -- as the laws allow -- to keep it so. Other countries may not be so limited in what they can do.

    "Isn't it true you've been saying Comrade Chernenko acts like he's dead?"

    "He acts like it!"

    "Yes -- but that's a State Secret!"

    The whole Internet is a source of uncorroborated and fabricated information, some of which may indeed contain secrets *someone* wants kept out of view. Wikileaks is not immune. So can comic books. Where do we stop chasing the will o' the whisp?

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