back to article Apple details iPad's 'breakthrough' mobile contract

Apple's iPad will come with a monthly contract, a replacement option when the battery craps out and a button to stop the screen spinning round - and it'll even read bedtime stories to you. With the iPad now available for pre-order, for Americans at least, more details of the device have emerged including an additional button …


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  1. Matt Bradley
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    Battery replacement

    "Apple will charge $99 for the service which sees the iPad reset and fitted with a new battery, but it's hard to imagine that more than a handful will take Apple up on the offer."

    I think you'd better read the Apple page again. According to the link:

    "You will receive a replacement iPad that will not contain any of your personal data."

    This sounds like an enormous PITA. Lost data, etc. Especially when you consider:

    "Note: Your iPad is not eligible for Battery Replacement Service if the product has been damaged, for example, as result of an accident, liquid contact, disassembly, unauthorized service or unauthorized modifications"

    ... So if you drop your ipad and scratch it, or if you have it engraved or personalised in ANY WAY - you won't be able to get a replacement battery?

    Good one Apple. Nice call.

    I'm an Apple fan, but this is really poor.

    1. TimBiller


      Matt - it's just a glorified iPod touch. It syncs with a computer. All the data on my iPhone is backed up as part of a sync. There's nothing on it I don't have elsewhere.

      Oh and personalising stuff is for girls ... ;-)


      1. Anonymous Coward

        @ TimBiller.....Plonker

        What's wrong with girls Bignose?

      2. Matt Bradley


        Well yes. Sync.

        Funny you should mention that. My girlfriend's iPhone developed a nasty filesystem fail recently, so she had to do a factory restore and then resync.

        Now, I suspect she'll have used the default sync settings. Whatever: her Macbook hadn't synced her apps or downloads, so when she did the factory reset she then had to manually redownload all her apps from iTunes.

        This was a time consuming exercise, and pretty annoying. I guess she could have done this via iTunes, but the reset / sync process took long enough, so redownloading all the apps and resyncing again was a bridge too far.

        She's now redownloading them on her phone as and when she discovers a missing app which she needs. Convenient it is not.

        ... but no: although I did buy her the Macbook, I didn't have it engraved. ;) Maybe next time.

        My point is this: with any other consumer device, you'd simply go and buy another battery. With iPad, you have to give up your device AND ALL ITS DATA. Provided of course that it isn't damaged or marked in any way, in which case you can't get a new battery via this scheme AT ALL.

        I have no problem with Apple's locked device mentality when it comes to mobile devices - it makes sense: why do I want the hassle of worrying about the security and safety of my phone? But the iPad is supposed to be a home computing device, and I can't see many users being happy about handing over their iPad full of family photos and downloaded software / music, and being handed a blank one in exchange, just in order to get a new battery!

        Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe consumers will queue up for the iPad. I somehow doubt it this time.

        1. Dan 10

          Glass half-full or half-empty?

          I see where you're coming from, but my reaction on hearing of the battery death policy was "So provided I look after it*, when the battery dies after 2 years*, I can just sync it, then get a new one for $99?!** Sweet!"

          * = My iphone isn't scratched after nearly 2 years, purely because of the aftermarket protective covers etc, you just know these will also spring up for the ipad.

          ** = No, I'm not in the US, but obviously we in the UK don't have pricing yet.

          PS. I'm not saying I will get an ipad - this thing will make or break (probably make) on the apps - so I'll wait and see what it's used for.

          Apple aren't perfect by any means, but I think you're hating them for the wrong things. Fair point about default settings for backups on iTunes though. I was a little surprised when I found that one.

        2. Anonymous Coward

          RE: Sync

          "Now, I suspect she'll have used the default sync settings. Whatever: her Macbook hadn't synced her apps or downloads"

          ...but that's the default sync settings. Not only that, unless you download apps via WiFi then you'll be getting them via your computer in the first place. If they're not on your computer then you're asked about copying them over when you sync!

          "My point is this: with any other consumer device, you'd simply go and buy another battery. With iPad, you have to give up your device AND ALL ITS DATA"

          No you don't, since you will have been syncing it with your computer regularly, won't you

          (which btw, is what it sounds like your girlfriend WASN'T doing with her iPhone)

    2. Michael C

      Lost Data?

      It's synced with your fracking PC (and probably, and probably many other online sources).

      If you're getting a replacement because the battery isn't performing right, sync it, then send it in. 0% data loss (not even your personal settings and options will be lost). If the battery DIES, it can be powered THROUGH the dock port, and will still sync.

      If it COMPELTELY dies, and you were not doing syncs, how is this any different from your notebook or desktop dying if you had not backed it up either?

      This thing is SO much easier to keep backed up than any other PC, it;s IMAGED for all intents and purposes... Backups are a non-issue unless you;re a moron who buys a "companion PC" device without first owning a PC (which is a requirement printed on the packaging).

      1. ChrisC Silver badge
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        If it COMPELTELY dies...

        "...and you were not doing syncs, how is this any different from your notebook or desktop dying if you had not backed it up either?"

        If any of my laptops, netbooks or desktops were to COMPLETELY die, experience of such events in the past suggests it'll be the power supply or motherboard that's to blame, leaving the contents of the hard drive entirely (or almost entirely, depending on if the system keeled over in the middle of a write) intact and able to be read back once the drive is reconnected to a working system...

    3. Rolf Howarth

      Battery replacement?

      Hands up everyone who's ever bought a spare or replacement battery for their mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player?

      I used to have a couple of spares for my Nokia 2010i, about 12 or 15 years ago I think, and I think I bought a spare battery for my last but one laptop but only used it once or twice. It's useful to know there's a battery replacement service available, but I think the article is right, there'll be very little demand for it in practice. The whole question of battery replacement is a big non-issue.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      for goodness sake

      If you can't manage the Crayola safe world of (effectively) plugging an iPod into your computer and letting iTunes quickly and painlessly carry out a complete automagic backup, then you probably shouldn't have access to anything sharper than a pillow.

      Sorry, but.. even *I* can manage it, on days when I remember to plug the cable in, rather than taping it to my arse, so I can cavort around the office screaming "look at me, I'm a PONY!".

      I don't know how some people even manage to cross the road without assistance!

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      dropped iPads

      ... So if you drop your ipad and scratch it, or if you have it engraved or personalised in ANY WAY - you won't be able to get a replacement battery?

      Good one Apple. Nice call.

      I'm an Apple fan, but this is really poor.

      To be fair you get a lot of people that put through a dropped MacBook and claim it was the service centre. Its got to the stage now where most service centre book it in with an inspection and mark out damaged areas, similar to when you rent a car. Apart from the cosmetic disfigurement you get from a dropped MacBook, who can tell what internal components are also damaged. If you book in a iPad with exterior problems for a simple battery replacement, who can tell what internal damage has occurred and no doubt the end user will end blaming the service centre for.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    250MB is 1/3rd of movie

    Title says it all, 250MB is bugger all.

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      1/3 of a movie

      It is 1/3 movie. But there's no way to get a movie onto the DRM-infested piece of crud so it's a moot point.

      1. Michael C


        1st, it's the single LEAST DRM infested piece of crud on the market. Music is DRM free, many ebooks will be DRM free, and TV and movies are not DRM free from ANY of the competition, and that's not even under Apple's control but the MPAA and the content providers you Troll. Apple is a leader in DRM free content, and has been the first ot offer such content from major distributors in each media market. TV is being worked on actively, and movies you can simply give up on as per the studios "we don't offer DRM free content in ANY format, it;s DRM locked even on physical media in stores, and we're seeking to lock your TV into DRM with selective output, so why should we let Apple or anyone else offer it without that same protection online?"

        Next, Getting a movie on the iPad is as fracking simple as dragging a compatible (proper size/dimension, and a QT or H.264 file) file into your iTunes library. I have NUMEROUS home movies on my iPhone, as well as several ripped movies and TV shows. It requires no more software than clicking an "export to iPhone format" button in whatever video editing/compression/ripping software you're already using illegally to get your DRM free video content in the first place.

        1. JEDIDIAH

          What's simpler than warp drive?

          > Next, Getting a movie on the iPad is as fracking simple as dragging a compatible

          > (proper size/dimension, and a QT or H.264 file) file into your iTunes library. I have

          > NUMEROUS home movies on my iPhone, as well as

          Well,that's the trick now isn't it.

          First the video has to be in the right container format.

          Then it has to use an h264 profile that's not too "advanced" for the ipod.

          Then it can't have too high of a bitrate.

          Then it can't have the wrong type of audio.

          Then it can't have too large of an image size.

          If you get ANY of this wrong, iTunes won't tell you what you did wrong.

          Stuff like Handbrake is supposed to make all of that not a problem but I've

          recently run into stuff for which it doesn't generate a suitable ipod friendly


          Why should the end user be bothered with adapting content to Apple anyways?

          There is a reason that VLC is a popular MacOS download.

      2. Frank Bough

        Shows how much you know way to put movies on an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad? Have you even SEEN one? Criticisng things you've never seen makes you a proper bell-end.

      3. Steve Todd

        No way to get a movie on?

        What, apart from downloading from the iTunes store (via WiFi), or dropping one in a suitable un-DRM'd MP4 format onto your PC's iTunes app and then synching? Trying to download a full movie via 3G is pretty stupid though.

    2. Brian 6

      @AC "250 is 3rd of movie"

      "Title says it all, 250MB is bugger all." Thats why you would download the movie on your main PC NOT your ipad.

    3. Xander Dent


      And you'd use a mobile connection to download movies?

      Get out. Get out and don't come back.

      Some days I think the gene pool needs a little bleach.

      1. William Gallafent


        At my house, ADSL2 (Bulldog/Pipex) gives me about 576kb/s downstream, HSDPA (T-Mobile) about 2Mb/s. So I would use a mobile connection to download large files, if it were uncapped.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          @William Gallafent

          Get a new internet provider FFS!

  3. cdtplug
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    Do you also get a large free mug with this break through offer,£700 for a large calculator

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Other than from your arse, where did you pull that figure?! With exchange rates in mind (Sterling is approaching worthless) and allowing for taxes, duties and logistics, I'd expect the price in the UK to be around the £400 mark, which isn't far off the US price when you take away the VAT and other taxes. Still, that doesn't hold with the myth that Apple are always more expensive than the competition, does it? Typically the usual 'tards that have yet to see the device (and probably never will--they'll go out of their way to avoid it) condemn it, making spurious claims based on their own rediculous and petty predudices.Their inabillity to think outside the box and empathise witha verage consumers is laughable, and just a little bit sad. The irony is that they are usually rabid Microsoft fanboys themselves and will hail the admittedly impressive Courier concept as the second coming, negleting to mention that it too will have a similar propietry OS (ie not a 'full' desktop OS) and be similarly priced, if not more expensive. I suppose these are the same peaple that refer to users as 'lusers' and consider themselves "mighty morphing power-users"! Nerds...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "...more expensive than the competition"

        Is there competition? Is someone else doing a tablet that you can't upgrade, has no keyboard for when your touchscreen breaks, can't take external USB devices without an adapter, doesn't have an SD card slot (again, without an adapter), restricts you to purchasing software from a single retail outlet, and which doesn't support multi-tasking?

        Of course there isn't, because anyone else who launched such a device would be committing their company to financial ruin.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          It was a general comment...

          The touted Courier, which Microsoft reportedly hope to release later this year; and as pointed won't be running a "desktop" OS, and the 'new' HP tablet will be more expensive, with the HP tablet being less useful than the iPad. More (or 'bigger') != better.

          Generally; Apple stuff is about par with other medium-to-highend kit in terms of spec and price, sometimes more, as often less. FACT! Again cheap != value. Can we move on from this strawman now please?

        2. Aaron 10

          Financial ruin?

          C'mon. You can do better than that. Just because other companies don't have the ability or interest in opening new markets, rather sticking with the same old x86 kit, doesn't mean Apple is headed for financial ruin.

          Look at the iPhone: The hardware itself is pretty lackluster. It's the SOFTWARE that makes the phone's features more accessible for those who do not have a CS degree. The same thing will happen with the iPad. If the rumor about multitasking in the 4.0 software comes true, you will have one less thing to complain about.

          It's obvious you need a laptop. Get a laptop. The iPad is not for you.

        3. chr0m4t1c
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          "Is there competition? Is someone else doing a tablet that you can't upgrade, has no keyboard for when your touchscreen breaks, can't take external USB devices without an adapter, doesn't have an SD card slot (again, without an adapter), restricts you to purchasing software from a single retail outlet, and which doesn't support multi-tasking?"

          That'll be Archos you're thinking of, with the possible exception of the Archos 9 - it can multi-task. That said, the reviews have found it to be so dire just single-tasking that it sounds a bit pointless.

          Can't upgrade it? No. There are a handfull of "tablet" machines on the market already, larger ones are based on existing laptop technology and the new smaller ones starting to appear are based around touch screen. I don't expect any of them to be easily upgradable, if they even can be.

          Yes, if your touch screen breaks you're stuck, but then if your laptop/netbook keyboard breaks you're in the same boat (yes; you can plug in an external keyboard, but guess what? You can do that with the iPad too, or use a Bluetooth one).

          Can't take external USB devices without an adaper? Erm, so what? My laptop can take a few but I hardly ever plug anything in. What vital piece of equipment do you think you'll need? I can see why you might want to use an external mouse/keyboard on a netbook, but you can use a wireless keyboard and with the touchscreen the mouse is likely to be pointless anyway.

          Doesn't have an SD card slot. Again, so what? My current phone uses micro-SD (or mini, can't remember) so would need an adapter and my camera uses Compact Flash. Point is, even with a machine /with/ an SD card slot I still have to carry adapters and a card reader.

          Yes, you can only get software from one place, but so far Apple have done a reasonable job. The app store compares rather well with offerings from Nokia, Google and MS (especially as they haven't bothered).

          Multi-tasking. Not at the moment, but if the rumours are true it'll be along a little later in the year.

        4. Frank Bough

          You Also Fail It

          "when your touchscreen breaks"? WTF? And, `FYI, there IS a keyboard accessory. You MASSIVE tool.

          As for someone else launching an iPad - they would if they knew how.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Dear me, aren't we excitable Frankie-boy?

            Breath deeply, you tiny tool. Relaaax. Remember - none of this really matters. It's opinion on the internet. It's not real life.. you don't need to get so upset or start trying to insult strangers. My experience of using touchscreens is that on occasion they can go wrong, not registering touch etc. In such circumstances the ability to easily plug in any old keyboard/mouse that's lying around has been invaluable to me. To have to go out and purchase either a specific piece of hardware or an adapter for a generic piece of hardware is hardly ideal.

            @Aaron, my implication wasn't that Apple would be headed for ruin - clearly this device is going to be a massive success. But it's not solely because of the device iteself - as noted above, it's a result of good quality software with an emphasis on ease of use, but also the massive "cool" weight with idiots that apple kit has. I would imagine most of the iFad sales won't be predicated on a "need useful tool" basis, but on a "want cool white toy" basis.

            @chr0m4t1c, if I buy a tablet PC that I can't stick new RAM or HDD in I'd be rather ticked off..

            FYI all, I would have jumped all over this had I been able to plug my camera or SD from my camera straight into it out of the box, purely as a field photo review tool. The quality colour reproduction from the screen, portability, and touch interface would make it absolutely perfect for this purpose. Just seems a shame that this market (and I'm sure it'd be a big one) isn't catered for without spending extra..

            You beautiful people you.

            1. Volker Hett

              That's your use, not mine

              I don't expect anything with a 1GHz ARM CPU to convert the 12MPixel RAW files from my camera, so my "field photo review tool" is a notebook. But I might put some processed jpegs on an iPad to show them around.

              Funfact, three of four professional photographers I know will buy an iPad for this purpose. One of them uses Macs. I'm the one who works in IT and I will buy an iPad because it's a cool gadget and I want one to play with.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @Matt Bradley

    > This sounds like an enormous PITA. Lost data, etc.

    Er how? All your iPad content is synced with / backed up in iTunes, so if you need the battery replacing you just sync the new one to get the stuff back onto it.

    Who, in their right mind, would send any electronic item off for repair without backing it up first (or deleting all their pr0n)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What we have come to expect

    Lock in, owners tax and excuses as to why they won't actually be replacing your iPad.

    No thanks Skeletor.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Apple Apologists

    Always trying to justify why everything Apple does is for your own good. Something as simple as a battery replacement should never result in a different device being supplied back to you. Itunes sync or not, you should be able to get it back exactly as you left it.

    Personally I think replacing the battery should never be a manufacturer issue, it should be law that if it is a battery powered consumer device then that battery should be replaceable by the consumer.

    1. hdyson

      Good luck...

      Good luck with your pacemaker...

      1. JEDIDIAH

        Lord of bad analogies.

        > Good luck with your pacemaker...

        A pacemaker is a MEDICAL device and is regulated accordingly.

    2. Michael C

      Why not?

      Fact is, the cost of labor, and the risk of damaging the device during tear down/rebild is simply too high. If it takes an hour to disassemble and re-assemble, plus the processing time to get it in front of an engineer, and then process the return, there's the cost of the battery plus a good hundred bucks in the process, and a couple extra days delay while it sits in a queue waiting for repair.

      They don;t fix inkjet printers, or later systems under $500, for the same reason, nor MOST cellphones for that matter. A replacement device is in most cases not only cheaper than a repair, but it's also a much quicker turnaround for the customer.

      I'm also a personal fan of built-in batteries. It gets me a smaller device, the battery doesn't fall out and corrupt data I was working on when not properly locked in, and no one needs a second battery when it lasts 10 hours, charges in 1, and there's a tiny universal connector that can leech power off any outlet and most USB ports. Also, external 3rd party "portable chargers" (big battery that charges your internal battery) you don't require custom fit batteries, and a single portable charger could work for half a dozen personal devices with simple adapters, and it;s cheaper than a manufacturer replacement/OEM battery to start with, and typically holds 2-3 charges.

      Batteries were not designed to be removable aside from the fact you had to change them several times a day years ago. 1-2 hours was too short to reasonably work. 6-8 hours on a performance notebook, and 10+ hours watching video (30 DAYS in standby) you don't require a stand-by battery that costs $100... Cross shipping a replacement iPad in a few business days is a COMPLETELY acceptable solution vs. the bulk and complexity of a removable since you'll NEVER use a spare OEM battery anyway (when you can charge via the dock almost anywhere and get cheaper 3rd party chargers to boot).

      1. LinkOfHyrule

        If Apple were actually innovative

        If Apple were actually innovative then surely by now they would of come up with a design for a battery compartment cover that looks sleek and doesn't spoil the design and lines of the underside of their devices! Cant be that hard, plus I'm sure if they came up with something really cool they could patent the **** out of it like usual - they are defo missing a trick here!

        Mines the one with a spare battery and miniature screwdriver sticking out the top pocket.

        1. Ivan Headache

          In principle

          I agree with you. But - and it's a fairly consistent but - in my experience, the biggest problem with battery operated portable kit is the battery door. I see so many broken doors, particularly on cameras and flashguns. All the remotes in our house have either a sticky label or an elastic band round them to stop the battery door falling out.

          The number of times I find my phone battery in my pocket because the door has come off is now getting silly.

          I'm very impressed with the battery fitting on most of Apple's laptops over the years so i think they ought to be the company that could design a proper sensible, non-breaking door.

        2. Jamchal
          Thumb Up

          Innovate This.

          Designing a product with an integrated battery clearly has its benefits as you can see from their uMBP June2009 Launch - this is innovation.

          Putting a battery in which can be removable, which has moving parts and which would increase the overall device size is simply copying everyone else.

          Incase you didn't know, innovating is to break the mould, which is essentially what apple have done. I was critical of the iPhones non removable battery and lack of multi tasking, now i cant think of using any other phone with either feature, why multi-task on a phone, its not an office device and neither is a multimedia tablet. Can you imagine trying to watch a movie and create a powerpoint presentation on a 10" netbook? I cant.

          Kudos on the battery replacement scheme, or device replacement even - many handheld portable devices do come under attack from day to day use and get scratched etc. Apple are nice enough to replace this with a cosmetically perfect device. Excellent.

          1. Anonymous Coward


            a couple of things....


            Putting a battery in which can be removable, which has moving parts and which would increase the overall device size is simply copying everyone else.


            By 'moving parts', i hope and assume that you mean the battery door? Please tell me thats what you mean?


            why multi-task on a phone, its not an office device and neither is a multimedia tablet.

            Can you imagine trying to watch a movie and create a powerpoint presentation on

            a 10" netbook? I cant.


            No my friend, neither can I. However, I CAN imagine attempting to run say.....Windows Live Messenger (MSN anyone), Google Latitude/Maps, Facebook whateveryoulike. I generally don't watch movies whilst creating powerpoint presentations on my DESKTOP with 30" screen (not apple, dell 3008 thankyouplease), and neither do most people, so pulling that as an argument against multitasking on a phone is frankly ridiculous.

            1. Volker Hett

              One problem with MSN/Live Messenger

              to do it properly you need Windows, the courier might be worth the wait then.

              I use a Jabber server with a gateways to almost anything, works fine for a mobile device.

          2. DrXym Silver badge


            Horseshit. The Google Nexus One is thinner than an iPhone yet sports a removable battery. For that matter, so does virtually every other non-Apple phone in existence, many of which are as thin or comparable to an iPhone.

            As for multi-tasking, again all Android phones multitask, as does the Palm Pre and doubtless some others. Android phones are explicitly designed to multitask and apps are encouraged to be broken down into activity apps that can be chained together. Obviously the issue is more glaring for phones which allow 3rd party apps. You might be writing an email and wish to look up something on a map, or a browser without stopping those apps to accomplish it. You might even be just playing a game when the phone rings and you want it to pause while you answer. Or you might have an IM / twitter / ebay sniper / downloader which you wish to run constantly in the background. Some lame state save / restore simply doesn't cut it and is onerous to implement too.

            As for the battery replacement program, it wouldn't even be necessary if the battery could be removed. Furthermore, you might think it wonderful that you spend days waiting for your iPad be replaced with a refurb just to change a lousy battery but I doubt many other people do. The ONLY reason Apple seal the battery in is to encourage their blind obedient consumers to buy a new model and throw away their otherwise functional old one.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Wish granted

      @AC: "you should be able to get it back exactly as you left it"

      In my experience (with the iPhone) this is exactly how it works. My iPhone developed a fault with the accelerometer, so I took it to the local Apple store. They gave it a quick once-over, asked my if the sync was up-to-date, wiped the contents, and handed over a new one. I took it home, restored the latest sync, and everything was exactly as it has been before (except the phone was brand new and worked perfectly).

      I don't know about being an 'apologist.' All I can say is they provide excellent service - I wish other companies worked like this.

    4. DrXym Silver badge

      The real reason batteries are not replaceable

      Other manufacturers are able to make devices with replaceable batteries but Apple, alleged masters of design find the task is possible. Why is that I wonder? The reason is simple - Apple seals the battery in because it makes people more likely to buy a new iPhone / iPad rather than hang onto the old one. It's as simple as that.

  7. Jimmy Floyd

    Can't do <insert functionality here>

    " one will be running BitTorrent clients on an iPad."

    Why not? Ah yes, 'cos Uncle Steve says so.

    No, I wouldn't want to either. But I'd have liked the option. If I can run BitTorrent on my Android...

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Because Apple should let you download movies and music for free illegally! FFS...

      1. Jimmy Floyd


        WTF has it got to do with Apple?! My device, paid for with my money to do with as I please. You wouldn't tolerate me telling you what you can and can't do; why do you accept it from them?

        Doormat, because Apple fanbois are.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          @Jimmy Floyd

          Are you retarded? Why would you want to download things directly to the pad? How many torrent files are .zip/.rar or something that can't be opened?

          Any sane person would download them to their main computer anyway!

      2. Anonymous Coward


        BitTorrent can be used for legal downloads.

      3. DrXym Silver badge

        What business is it of Apple's?

        Why should Apple give a shit what someone does with a computer that they bought and paid for? If someone wants to run Bittorrent (and there are quite legal reasons to wish to do so), it should be none of Apple's concern.

        Christ almighty for every one of the iPhone's obvious shortcomings it seems the apologists have "an excuse for that":

    2. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Can't do <insert functionality here>

      I'm sure you could do this on a jailbroken iPhone but why bother? I can download at about 1Mb/sec on my home broadband...

      ...and what good is DVD quality video/video coded with a borked codec/a massive .rar file on a phone anyway?!?!

  8. Shell
    Thumb Up


    250Mb may be 'a lot of farting applications' but that's half a days worth of YouTube in HD... If you really are going to use this for web browsing, 250mb is hopelessly low. The bigger screen lends itself to video playback.

    1. D@v3
      Big Brother

      if 250mb is too low

      Then go unlimited*, or better yet, use wi-fi (would you really trust trying to stream HD over 3g?)

      Its not 250mb limit or nothin, not that i really care, as i get more for less on my iphone, and will be stayin well clear of this thing.

      *im sure fair usage will apply.

      1. Rick Brasche

        AT&T already can't handle the iPhone

        so if they can't support the iPhone on 3G, to the point where they're planning on eliminating the "unlimited" option for the phone, how the hell can they now suddenly support the 3G iPad which will be encouraging even *more* bandwidth use per device.

  9. Ian Yates
    Jobs Horns


    Having used iPhones and Heros, I'd much rather an orientation button that the auto-rotate feature.

    I do use the landscape view for some things, but I find it happens more by accident than by need.

    To me, it's a bullet-point feature that would be better served by a discreet user action.

  10. tgm
    Jobs Horns

    Michael C

    Thanks for the emphasis hints in your text, I'd have had NO IDEA otherwise.

  11. NellyD

    99$ Bargain

    So you pay $99 just to have them send you out a new unit when the battery goes? I'm in the wrong business! I hear Apple are getting set to launch a companion service that's bound to appeal to the same target market - $25 to tie your shoe laces (that's $25 per shoe, obviously).

    1. Rolf Howarth

      Re: $99 bargain

      You what??! You really think you can set up a service where you take in a used device such as an iPad, send it off to a service workshop, take it apart (which will no doubt require special tools, training, and a not inconsiderable amount of time), supply a brand new high spec battery, reassemble, wipe the data and restore it to factory settings, thoroughly clean and test the unit, then provide a full warranty on the refurbished item (and absorb the loss of any units that fail) -- all for $99 and still make a profit??

      At $99 Apple will be making a loss on each iPad they have to replace the battery on. They can only afford to offer the service so cheap because they know so few will need to take advantage of it.

      1. DrXym Silver badge

        Rolf stop drinking the kool aid

        Rolf, the "special training" and tools required can probably mastered by an illiterate monkey in a morning. Replacing a battery, even a sealed in one would involve little more than putting the device in some kind of specialised clamp, exterting pressure to certain points of the case, removing the back, removing some ribbons / screws, unplugging the battery, putting the new one in and reassembling.

        A factory reset involves little more than pushing a recessed button on the device, or entering a service mode and choosing "factory reset".

        Of course none of this should be required if Apple, alleged masters of usability and design could accomplish what seemingly every other manufacturer can do. The Nexus One phone packs far more functionality into a thinner form factor than an iPhone yet manages to provide a removable battery. How is this miracle achieved?

        The only reason the Apple seals the battery in is to encourage people to buy new phones, or at least stiff them for a replacement fee. An iPhone battery part can be had for $10. I doubt the iPad battery will cost more than $30. Clearly Apple have plenty of room to make a profit from a service costing $99.


    Giant iPod

    I think what this clarifies is that Steve Jobs' claim that this is the new, better version of the 'crappy' netbook is bunkum: the iPad is a computer add-on not a stand-alone device.

    So you need to replace the non-user-replaceable battery? Suppose your netbook was similarly designed - before sending it off to the maker, you'd back up its data to a USB hard-drive or something. With the iPad, you NEED a second personal computer running iTunes or ... you're screwed.

    Maybe that's not a big deal to some people, but it does mean that the iPad is not suitable for everyone who wants to buy a slick Apple device instead of a Windows-running netbook, which is what Jobs seemed to be touting the iPad as when he launched it.

    iPredict: moderate initial success from all the must-have-it Applecolytes (sorry) but long-term failure and abandonment/neglect (like Apple TV). And all those businesses hailing it as their saviour - like the online newspaper businesses? Oh dear! Hope they didn't burn any bridges! :(

    1. someone up north

      who want an obese iphone

      yes I agree iPad is just an obese iphone I won't be buying something like this!

  13. Joebetwa

    Battery Replacement

    Can anyone tell me if there is a hardwired reason that Apple iPods/Pads have to be permanently connected to the battery at all times? If there isn't then they are more than likely illegal in the UK as the Waste Battery and Accumulator Regs 2008 state that

    7.—(1) No person shall place on the market an appliance into which a battery is or may be

    incorporated unless that appliance is—

    (a) designed in such a way that a waste battery can be readily removed from that appliance;


    (b) accompanied by instructions showing how the battery can be removed safely and, where

    appropriate, informing the end-user of the type of the incorporated battery.

    There is a slight out in that

    (2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply where for safety, performance, medical or data integrity

    reasons continuity of power supply is necessary and requires a permanent connection between the

    appliance and the battery.

    I am sure that Apple can throw up any number of reasons why they come under this 'out' but everybody else seems to have to comply with their products, why not Apple?

    1. Steve Evans


      That's an interesting one...

      If Apple are using that "out", I can only assume that the moment an iPhone/iPad gets a flat battery, it forgets everything and returns to its as new state.

      Then again, they might have used the safety "out"... People might try to eat the battery.

      Or maybe it's made of highly dangerous radioactive squirrels.

    2. Mark 65

      Just a guess

      but I think that's why they offer the service. Maybe.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Lying down

    "anyone who's tried to read an iPhone screen when lying in bed: the problem seems to have passed most users by, but for remains a constant irritation for the rest of us."

    "anyone who's tried to read an iPhone screen when lying in bed: the problem seems to have passed most users by, but for remains a constant irritation for the rest of us."

    Actually there's a pretty well hidden feature in the iPhone that allows you to use it lying down. While lying down hold the phone in a landscape orientation (home button pointing to your feet) the screen will rotate to landscape and be the wrong way round to use it, now rotate it again so the home button points up and this time the screen will remain in landscape orientation, perfect for using lying down! Using my iPhone in bed in the mornings used to drive me crazy till I twigged this, now no problems.

    Just realised it may have been easier just to say "hold the phone upside down"!! Regardless give it a go, lying down will never be the same again.

  15. Andy Baird

    Syncing is easy, but standalone use...?

    "the iPad is a computer add-on not a stand-alone device."

    And that's a significant drawback, given the huge potential market of people who don't have a computer (viz., that survey on broadband connections reported last month).

    Yes, there's been a lot of ignorant criticism here, so it's worth repeating: an iPad will be fully backed up every time you plug it into your Mac or PC, just as iPods Touch and iPhones are now. If you get a new or refurbed iPad, plugging it in will automatically restore all your data. The only action required of the user is to push a USB plug into a socket.

    However, is quite right in pointing out that this requires you to have a computer in addition to your iPad--either that, or a subscription to MobileMe.

    Look at Kindle for a contrast: no computer is ever needed, and all your books are backed up on Amazon's servers. I'd be willing to bet that many Kindles have been sold to people who wanted an ereader but didn't want to have to connect it to a computer.

    If Apple wants to address the new markets that the iPad can open up, the company needs to make the iPad and its cousins fully independent of computers, so they can sell them to people who don't want the hassle of a computer in the first place.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yes, look at Kindle..

      It's kinda shite in Europe, due to massive corner cutting on the wireless network provision. The GiPod seems like a better proposition (though I don't see myself buying either at the time of writing).

    2. Anonymous Coward

      @Andy Baird

      "I'd be willing to bet that many Kindles have been sold to people who wanted an ereader but didn't want to have to connect it to a computer."

      How much would you be willing to bet?!?!


      iPod vs. Mac

      This is another area that highlights how a proper Mac is a much more

      robust solution than taking an iphone and blowing it up. This sort of

      battery replacement policy is the perfect use case for Time Machine.

      Give the user the option of plugging into a proper USB drive or some

      disk that sits on the network. They would even get that nice incremental

      backup that comes with Time Machine (and really isn't practical with the

      iTunes type tether).

  16. someone up north

    ipad = an obensent iphone, no thank you!

    Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

    1. Rod MacLean

      RE: ipad = an obensent iphone, no thank you!

      I'll bet it has a built in spell checker though.

      WTF does "obensent" mean? I googled it but there were only two hits - one in a foreign language and the other one to your post... I think you've invented a new word!

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    $30 for unlimited data... Yeah, I'll believe that... Now check the small print for their definition of unlimited... For Orange in the UK it appears to be 500Meg.

  18. Dick Emery

    Screw iPad

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Dick Emery

      You may have called your post "Screw iPad" but when I looked up the URL, I saw that it said: "Windows 7 Home Premium".

      Surely you know that MS have been making an OS for tablets for nearly a decade? The reason a lot of people have missed out on this is simple - the hardware consistently sucks (to say nothing of the OS!) Will this be any different? I doubt it.

      Nearly $900 dollars? in China? Chinese dollars? Assuming it's US dollars, that means it'll be £900 if/when it comes out here. For which price you could buy a considerably faster windows laptop anyway...

  19. Watashi

    250Mb is pathetic

    I recently accidentally connected to iPlayer through mobile WAP instead of WiFi and burned up 50Mb of download over the course of a football match. Fortunately, this is only 1/10th my monthly limit, which, from Vodafone, is only £5 (when priced as an add-on) a month.

    The reason you use an iPad over an iPhone for surfing is because you can use the normal internet. But 250Mb is just nowhere near enough. Read ten web pages a day and you've used up your limit thanks to the ads. Basically, you're paying $15 a month to be able to get your emails and use network assisted positioning.

    As for backing up iPad / iPhone. I can back up most of my phone's content without having to syncronise anything with anything because my Nokia touch phone can act like a mass storage drive.

    1. Lance 3

      Normal Internet?

      Normal Internet? Is that the Internet without Java and Flash? To me that is normal and not the reduced "features" that Steve thinks that you don't need.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    I still want to know

    why the hell people are shelling out $100+ more for the 3G model when according to every analyst article I've read it's costing apple something like $16 to add it in!!

    Is everyone blinded by the shiny screen so they can't see jobs laughing all the way to his next kidney?

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      That's not the half of it

      The iPad won't let you tether your device to your phone either, because we can't have people picking and choosing their own 3G providers and networks now can we?

      A workaround, probably one which uses a lot more power would be to carry a 3G wireless modem. It's probably cheaper from the get go than being suckered into some AT&T plan.

  21. DrXym Silver badge

    $15 for 250Mb

    How do they keep their prices so low and still make a profit?

  22. J 3

    Just goes to prove...

    Just goes to prove, as if it was needed, what everyone not under the Reality Distortion Field influence already knew: iPad is but a fat iPod touch.

  23. uhuznaa

    There are batteries and batteries...

    Yeah, I know. I have had phone batteries fall flat in no time at all. But the battery in my MacBook and my iPod touch (which is three years old now) seem to be very carefully cared for by the charging electronics -- both still work as new. Especially the iPod battery does really impress me, since I use that thing every day and charge it accordingly often.

    I know I may sound like a fanboi, but Apple is now talking about 1000 full cycles before the capacity is down to 80%. With the iPad (10 hours on a charge) this should be enough for about 6 years.

    1. Jay 2
      Jobs Horns

      Apple and batteries

      The battery on my 160GB iPod (5th gen) is pretty rock solid still after 2 years so no problems there.

      Though the battery on my girlfriend's MacBook (late 2007) is a different matter. In December it was almost bang on 2 years old, and the battery had less that 400 cycles, so according to most bits of info was in pretty good shape. After spending a few days away the battery was flat as a pancake and not charging. I took it into Apple who in other words said tough and get lost. Despite the fact they've designed a setup where the battery will quite happily will kill itself, their only solution was to spend £100 on a replacement battery. They referred to the documentation that said what to do if you were going to leave the laptop off for "an extended amount of time". To be honest I don't consider 7 days to be an extended amount of time.

  24. Paul Hates Handles

    This sounds more like...

    ...a fool and his money are easily parted.

  25. Yordan Georgiev

    who cares?!

    i do browse over HSPA and WLAN with my N900 for unlimited amount of data for 10 euros in finland

  26. Inachu
    Thumb Up


    There will be videos in the future that will show you on youtube how to hardware hack your IPAD and run it off a car battery or somethign made by kipkay or whatever his name is who does all those hardware hacks that let you do more things with your stuff that sits in your house.

    I am sure I'll just use my future ipad to be a permanent fixture on my nightstand to watch videos as I fall asleep.

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