back to article Intel ships super-svelte SSD

Intel is now shipping a cut-down version of its X25-M SSD for less than $150, days after OCZ announced its sub-$100 Onyx SSD. The X25-V, presaged in November last year has just 40GB of multi-level cell capacity, half the entry-level X25-M's 80GB. It's a boot drive SSD with the performance skewed enormously to reading rather …


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  1. Nader

    The most IOPS for your buck!

    According to some really cool hardware geeks I know, these are the disks to get if you're looking for the most IOPS for your buck for a smaller server or other home computer.

    With three of these disks in RAID-0 on a ICH10R or better controller, you could get upwards of 90.000 IOPS / second read and 30.000 IOPS / write perfomance. *Not MY numbers.

    The recommended chunk size is 16 to 128, but 128 is the overall best performing size to go for, unless you could benefit from smaller sizes due to very specific purposes.

  2. Brutus

    There is no such thing!

    Cool geeks do not exist. Cool hardware, on the other hand, abounds :)

  3. I_am_Chris

    Like it

    I'm not interested pounds per gb. I just want a good quality ssd with a low unit price. This could be it if we don't get shafted in the exchange rate.

  4. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge
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    Cool geeks exist. As my example of someone who is a total nerd, complete dork, geek of fame and quite possibly one of the coolest mofos on the entire planet:

    The dude who writes XKCD.

    (Yes, I know it was a troll, but I could not resist. Everyone wants to be awesome enough to do something like XKCD.)

  5. Greenalien
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    Got one

    Fitted it to replace a failed WD Velociraptor in a CAD workstation - faster, silent and Windows 7 loads in seconds. (also fitted a 500GB HDD for everything apart from the OS).

  6. projectjay

    Careful Reg - Mind your PC

    "The random 4KB figures are even more extreme; up to 25,000 read IOPS but only up to a niggardly 2,500 write IOPS."

    Well done in describing write speeds as niggardly. The fact the word has rendered many a journalist, politician or writer jobless, does not deter the ever adjectivally adventurous REG.

    And yes, before you accuse me of being part of the "PC Brigade" I am very aware of the etymology of niggardly, but it still has too much controversy to use carefree.

    As long as we can look forward to queer performance, blond chip rating and handicapped video rendering frame rates. Walk that tight rope!

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