back to article Cybercrime losses almost double

US net crime loss complaints almost doubled in value from $265m in 2008 to reach $560m last year, according to official figures. An annual report of the FBI-backed Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), published on Friday, reports that the unit handled 336,655 complaints in 2009, a 22.3 percent increase on 2008. Around 16 …


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  1. lglethal Silver badge

    Hitman Scams

    Hitman Scams? What a brilliant idea! I mean you pretend to be a hitman, get the money in advance and do a runner - its not like the victim of your scam (not the victim of your supposed hit) can go to the police and complain - "Excuse me Mr Policeman i paid this man to kill my husband but he's just taken the money and my husbands still alive. Arrest him, please!".

    And Astrological Reading Scams? Wtf? Did you not meet that tall, dark, handsome stranger that Mistress Athena promised? Oh no she must be a fraud...

    Honestly some people need to be taken off the internet for their own protection...

    1. Sooty

      Hitman scams

      I'd steer well clear, as they have already shown their willingness to hire hitmen to go after people that have upset them in the past, it's not something i'd want to risk!

  2. Daniel 1

    Actually, the hitman scam works the oposite direction

    The victim gets and email from someone *claiming* to be a hitman - usually an Islamic terrorist. The sender tells the mark that they have been targeted for assassination, along with their entire family, unless a donation is made to some account or other.

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