back to article Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots

The citizens of Tunbridge Wells may not have been disgusted, but a few will quite possibly have been spluttering into their cornflakes Friday morning at the news that a well-known director of adult films will be standing as a parliamentary candidate for a nearby Kent constituency. Anna Arrowsmith – better known to …


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  1. Will Godfrey Silver badge
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    Go gettem girl

    That's all.

  2. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!
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    I've seen some of her work

    They sell it thru Anne Summers, and the missus fancied seeing some, because of the "female-friendly" labels tagged on to it.

    It was imaginative in terms of scenario, but, tbh, neither of us found it particularly erotic - more amusing because of the absurdity of the scenarios being played out.

    Meh, good luck to her anyway - be nice if someone with a streak of personality and drive got into Westminster. Especially someone who has, as El Reg puts it, "a commitment to following through", fnar fnar...!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Well, I had a look at her site....

      ....and from the clips there it didn't actually look very different from most male-oriented porn. I know that there is a certain lack of possible things you can do with two people of the opposite sex, but I suppose that women would prefer to avoid the classic facial/bukkake thing. I didn't notice the lack of that though.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Been there, seen that...

    So... Kent is the California of UK by the look of it.

    At the elections won by the Governator there were a couple of such "alternative" candidates. One was Larry Flint. His credentials both political and "non-political" are considerably more hard-core than the credentials of this lady. Another one was Mary Carey which coined what should probably be the best slogan of all times: "But unlike one of the presidential primary contenders, I’m actually a politician you’d want to get screwed by!"

    Hm... really food for thought... Probably Mary is right - the people from this business _ARE_ the right people for us to be screwed by...

  4. Arnold Lieberman

    Someone's got to say it

    I for one am looking forward to her first appearance on Question Time. Let's see the other MPs having a proper mass debate.

    Dirty mac please...

  5. MonkeyBot

    It's simply immoral!

    I for one will be boycotting her porn until she promises to stay out of that obscene politics business.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    She'd get my vote, saddly I have a choice between blue politico, yellow politico or, red politico. They're all as daily mail friendly as each other.

  7. OldDogNewWalk
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    Way to go!!

    Good on you girl. A little bit of honesty could (perhaps) go a long way in politics. I think ( and actually, hope ) that the Lib Dems have as much chance of making a significant political impact as a fart in a thunderstorm, But I wish you well and hope you make a real impact on politics. All the very best to a real champion.

  8. solarian

    yeah, right

    Speaking as someone living in the consituency, I look forward to receiving her mailshot [sic], but it turns out she is actually a Labour supporter:

    1. Graham Marsden

      I think you'll find...

      ... that she *was* a Labour supporter until they started turning into the Thought Police and banning anything that they didn't like simply because they didn't like it.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Are you sure she's not simply confused

    Election, erection - they're both similar sounding and spending all day with a bunch of dicks and arseholes she's not really going to be able to tell the difference?

  10. This post has been deleted by its author

  11. Daniel 20

    no change then ...

    ... she will spend all day looking at a bunch of c***s.

  12. oddie

    ..equal opportunities for female workers....

    does this mean that they will have their wages cut to match that of their male co-stars?

    (not applicable to the ones with girls only, obviously).

    oooh.. look! a glass ceiling that doesn't let penises through ;)

  13. Ally J
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    Wonderful news

    As 'Anna Span', she's even been on "Woman's Hour" talking about her work, so she's almost 'respectable' already. Fair play to the Lib Dems for being brave enough to let her stand, although I have a nagging doubt about whether they'd have let her stand if they thought they had a chance of winning.

  14. frank ly
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    British Board of Foolish Censors

    "...the BBFC, who both claimed that there was no such thing as female ejaculation (they say its really urination) and that if it exists it's obscene anyway."

    (Makes harumphing noises....) I don't know much about sex but I know what I don't like !

  15. TheRobster
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    We don't need no steenking titles...

    Quote: "...this has given me an excellent experience for the 'coming' campaign"

    Well, quite.

  16. Clint Sharp
    Paris Hilton


    Is there space next to her name on the ballot for three Xs?

    Paris, Needs no direction, has no direction.

  17. Anonymous Coward


    A bloody outrage - that disgusting business full of crooks and perverts. She should have stayed in the porn business.

  18. J-Wick
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    Linked saved for browsing at home.

    Carry on, that is all!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Women enjoying sex?

    Bloody hell, they'll want the vote next!

  20. Luther Blissett

    Drumming up business

    In the unlikely event she is elected I have a suggestion for what she might address first. Nothing nasty you understand. There is some bloke keeps walking around the British Isles naked, and is the target of chronic oppression from Plod and Jack the Straw's department. In Germany it would not be newsworthy on any day of the year. She would be in a position to make this persecution look silly - perhaps by having her actors dress up as policemen, scarecrows, pigs, fuzz, etc. She says her pr0n is political, and it would be an opportunity to demonstrate to her constituency whether she is merely parroting the fashionable line on de Sade, whether she means business, or whether she is just putting her mouth where the money shot is.

  21. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    behind the continent

    Almost 20 years ago the porn start Ilona Staller won election to the Italian parliament. I regret to say that she shortly after fell into disreputable company, marrying the American "artist" Jeff Koons. (He has since made an honest woman of her, assuming that the divorce means that she is no longer involved with his artistic endeavors.) The moral of the story, if there is one, probably is to stay away from parliaments lest your standards be impaired.

  22. Dazzz


    Cameron should like her, she even has a title on her website called 'Hug a hoodie'

  23. Neil Cooper

    Another radical

    She sounds like a radical feminist. Not really the sort of person that would make a well-balanced politician.

    There's no such thing as 'positive' discrimination.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Good for her... but

    ... why stand against a Tory? And why in particular against Holloway, who isn't noted as particularly chinless or corrupt (indeed, doesn't he have a background in investigative journalism)?

    Why not wipe out a NuLabour drone instead?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      It's because you need to have lived in a constituancy for a certain number of years before you're allowed to run.

      I want my "vote of no confidence in the system of government" checkbox, surely it should be a human right to wish for such a change if the current system is perceived as not working and simply changing ruling party won't solve the situation.

      Sadly, the government is no longer the embodyment of the will of the people and is just a way of making money for your corporate friends.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        AC @ 10:29


        It's because you need to have lived in a constituancy for a certain number of years before you're allowed to run.


        I wish it were so. Just look at the way MPs are parachuted into safe seats when their old constituency starts to look a bit wobbly for proof that it isn't.

  25. Graham Marsden
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    Best of luck to her!

    Perhaps if we have a few more people with actual real world experience in Parliament instead of the current clueless bunch of toffs and lawyers and ex-activists we might actually get some sense out of the place.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Liberal Democrats...

    Henceforce to be known "The Libertine Democrats".

  27. Oninoshiko


    you've got my pity on this one! between the trolls, sexests, and the echo chamber....

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There is "worse" precedent..

    .. in Italy.

    Personally, she'd get my vote. I prefer someone who actually knows what real life looks like, in her case to more depth than average (pardon the pun). More!

  29. Skipraider

    Pedantic grammar nazi alert

    "spluttering into their cornflakes Friday morning"

    ON Friday morning!

    Whilst I recognise that the Reg readership is international, I see no reason whatsoever for the crass Americanisation of copy for what is a very English-centric article on a UK-based website.

    3/10 - See me.

  30. Richard 12 Silver badge

    Anne Widdecome hates her

    Her answer to the Question Time question today was as bigoted and closed-minded as one can get:

    "Do you think former directors of porn films should be in Parliament?" "No no no no!"

    I'm *very* glad that Ms Widdecome is standing down this time - she's now proven herself to be a bigot. There should be no space in Parliament for people who discard others *out of hand* without even talking to them or reading what they have to say, merely based on newspaper reports of their job description. (Unfortunately, given the childish mess that is PMQs I'm not surprised.)

    Sorry Ms Widdecome, I hate to say this - but you are being bigoted and prejudicial. I used to respect you (if not agree with you), but now I most definitely do not.

    Ms Arrowsmith's adult films were and remain completely legal, despite the excessively harsh and vague legal framework recently pushed through to the dismay of most.

    If she wants to stand, then she should stand and be proud.

    I am however very disappointed that none of the media or politicians have paid any attention to her as a person - what are her views? What does *she* stand for?

  31. Andus McCoatover
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    "Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots"

    God, I'm still laughing my head off at that line!

    Priceless. Wish I could write like that!

    10/10, Squire!

  32. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Two thumbs up.....

    ..... just probably not where she'd stick 'em in one of her films! At least, as she says, she is a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated industry, and she has done so through hard work rather than simply toeing the dominant, male line. Whatever you think of her "work", it is legal and highly competitive, so she can't be thick. I suspect this is actually a quite shrewd move by the Libs as she does compare very favourably to many of the vacuous "Blair's Babes" that NuLuddite stuffed their party with just to try and grab the female vote. Looks like poor Adam Holloway will actually have a real battle on his hands, though she may end up stealing votes from dissatisfied Labour voters tired of Broooon the Goon and keeping Holloway in the seat.

    And I thought everyone knew feminine ejaculation existed?

  33. ElFatbob

    meanwhile, in reality...

    politics remains completely bereft of anyone capable of dealing with the utter sh!t we find ourselves in at the moment.

    We are truly looking f+++ed.

  34. Steve Roper

    Oxymoron time!

    A feminist pornographer? Isn't that a bit like saying an RIAA pirate, or an atheist priest, or a banking charity? May we live in interesting times!

    Beer, 'cause I think I've had a few too many if I'm reading stuff like this...

    1. Coruscating Frenzy

      Only if you assume ...

      ... that feminists don't enjoy sex, sexual stimulation or sexual imagery. I doubt there's any evidence for that assumption.

      Possibly you are confusing the term 'feminist' with 'frigid lesbian' which is a common mistake.

      1. Steve Roper

        Not assumption, historical precedent

        Never once before this have I ever seen any feminist in favour of pornography. Their view on it to date is that it is exploiting women and portraying them as sex objects. It has nothing to do with *them* enjoying sex or not, just that they never liked the idea of commoditising it in that fashion.

        And no, I don't make the mistake of confusing feminists with lesbians. In fact, I don't make the mistake of confusing feminists with *women*. Because most of the most obnoxious feminists I've dealt with have actually been men, while some of our staunchest supporters in our various campaigns against the feminists have been women themselves. Let me guess: you're male, right?

        Go and have a look at Not only will it show you some of the more egregious excesses of feminism, you'll also note that its founder and managing director is a woman.

  35. Peter Hood
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    Australian sex party

    Probably this is a good idea. Perhaps someone could field another la Cicciolina, and we really could do with copying the Australian 'sex party'. Labour - with its lies and other twisting of the statistical tail until it broke - has proved to be about as backward as Victorian England, with its dislike of faces on the fabric of chair covers; curve fitting or 'bending' is not uncommon in science, but Whacky Jacqui, her descendents and some of her colleagues (e.g. Harriet Harperson) have grabbed the scientific metre, put it across their scabrous knees, and have broken it. So please, more candidates from the sex industry to take on these vile, hypocritical, lying, venal, twisted throwbacks with their personalised view of how the world should be.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just a few miles down the road?

    I'm not sure over 30 miles qualifies as "just a few" - but with that kind of accuracy, you'd be a natural for a MP!

  37. alwarming

    What happened to economists, (real)engineers, industrialists ?

    What happened to economists, (real) engineers, industrialists ?

    I have nothing against he candidate per se' [in all likelihood she is better than the existing lot]... but this shows that as a society we take censorship more seriously than re-building the economy or tackling global warming.

    Why are we (errr...) hung up on issues which take our focus away from real ones. And while we can hurrah her personal achievements in the 'prawn' industry [no doubt impressive], do we really need fashion designers, makeup artistes and film directors to run our ship ? IMO NO, we want them to entertain us - not lead us.

    Leaders can come from any corner yes, but I am not sure if this is a case of natural leader caught in an irrelevant job. This is a case of political opportunity due to a raging issue - which by itself is of not much importance compared to real issues.

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