back to article MySpace first to drop pants on Outlook

Microsoft has now slotted MySpace updates into its Outlook application. The company confirmed the move yesterday, after it announced the deal as part of its Outlook Social Connector (OSC) release last month. "MySpace for Outlook enables you to view activity updates for friends and colleagues in the People Pane, synchronise …


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  1. Ray0x6

    oh, yes

    I can definitely see all those execs making great use of the new Myspace functionality.

    "omg i can haz new investment portfolio!!11!!1?? I CAN HAZ!@!!!"

  2. lglethal Silver badge
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    "... before hooking their email up to the Web2.0rhea sufferers' hotline."

    Brilliant, just brilliant...

  3. Craig 33


    Protip for anyone who's going to try installing the new OSC plugin with Outlook.

    If you just blindly install Outlook will crash on launch.

    In order to make it work properly, you need to;

    1. Goto Add/Remove programs, find Office 2010 Beta

    2. Choose 'Change'

    3. Remove "Outlook Social Connector' from the application choices.

    4. NOW you can install the new plugin.

    We were testing at work the other day for linkedin, and had the above issue.

    Enjoy x

  4. Wize

    But no one uses myspace anymore...

    Isn't everyone on Facebook or Twitter?

    1. Skip Raider

      letters and/or digits

      Judging by the current tabloid hysteria, I'd say that nobody is left on Facebook - they've all been abducted by evil paedophiles because there is no CEOP panic button on the site.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      re: Wize - But no one uses myspace anymore

      Sure the correct question should be

      Surely no one uses 'lookout' anymore?"

      Yeah I know corporates and all that exchange crapola.

      OTH, some of us (for good security reasons) avoid FaceBlock, UStupid, NotLinkedIn & TwitsRUs etc like the plague.

      Tux who knows how to keep things safe.

      1. dogged


        I understand you're trying to be witty and I've managed to decipher most of it, but wtf is "UStupid" meant to be? Did you make that one up?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          I'll guess he means

          the "home" video amalgamation site because it is filled with such stupidity.

    3. heyrick Silver badge

      I use MySpace...

      ...because Facebook is a stupid name and Twitter is full of stupid people.

      Well, I *have* a page on MySpace, I think "use" is too strong a word. All I used to get were band promos (now disabled) and the odd marriage request from some chick I've never even met (who probably is twice the stated age and looks like Jabba the Hutt).

  5. Gordon is not a Moron

    "the People Pane"

    I get this every morning about 5 minutes after I walk through the door at work

  6. Rob Moir

    I LOL'd

    you can tell this was designed by and for marketing forkwits. I'm trying to think of a reason why a normal human being would use this.

    1. Andrew James
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      And since most places i know of actively block employees from having access to distractions such as social networking during work time, why would they encourage their IT department to integrate something like this into their email clients?

      Surely there is enough intra-office flirting going on over the email setup as it is without social network integration.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's MySpace?

    Some kind of square dancing thing?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's quicker just to bedazzle your computer

    really? you'd want to know what your "business" contacts are saying on MySpax

    I feel quite nauseous just visiting that site with it's flashing banners and tasteless background colours and I sure don't want to bring it into every email I write to someone who just may have a profile page there.

    I resent every pixel that outlook etc gives up to crap like this that's irrelevant to the task in hand just adding bloat to the app for PR column inches.

    Has anyone seen Idiocracy? It's all about constant distraction

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Does that still exist? I *have* to use it at work but I would have thought that any sensible person wouldn't let Microsoft deal with anything as important as email!

  10. jnievele


    MySpace wasn't first - LinkedIn published their plugin already

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