back to article Opera Mini 5 betas on Google Android

Opera has released an Opera Mini 5 beta for Google's Android platform. The Android incarnation of the Norwegian outfit's low-bandwidth mobile browser can be downloaded directly from the company's website or from Google's Android market. Now used by more than 50 million people worldwide - according to the company - Opera Mini …


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  1. Losheda

    NO, we want PROPER OPERA!

    I want the full version of opera not mini, can't they port it to android? Java front-end with a binary backend?

    The mini versions seems like a bit of a let down

  2. paul 97

    yeah right

    "But Opera believes Apple will approve the app because it doesn't actually interpret code."

    I hope they do let it in , but I would not bet my money on it. It may meet all the criteria - but apple dont like competition any more. Rather than get the company to innovate (apple of old) the new apple uses rules and legal measures to stay ahead.

    * Duplicates existing functionality - nope as it compresses pages and therefore has a feature the default safari browser doesnt have.

    * Interpets existing code - nope. All done on opera servers as the article mentions.

    * doesnt let you get on your knees facing west and pray to S Jobs every hour - ahh this is what they will reject if for.

  3. windywoo
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    Better than 4

    Mini 4 on Android was pretty terribly integrated. Clicking on a form box brought up a pink screen that then had to be clicked again to enter text. Editing settings required a press of the menu button and then "Save". This requires altogether fewer arbitrary clicks and feels faster too.

  4. Mr Brush
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    Much Better

    Very useable now. I looked at the last version of Opera Mini, but it didn't really work very well on my Hero as the lack of a physical keyboard meant that the vKeyboard obsured half the screen, including what I was typing. Plus the controls weren't very inituative.

    This version works very nicely with the vKeyboard and all the buttons controls and options are logically placed and easy to get to. Seems faster too.

    Dolphin may be getting kicked as my default browser.

  5. jonathan rowe

    Just downloaded it

    works a treat, pages load a *lot* faster - which makes a difference when you are on a crappy 3g network like t-mobile

  6. Neil 7


    That's what you get for buying a restricted product. Opening up native code execution on Android will mean giving up control, exposing a flakey security model and committing to API compatibility for years ahead - all so that a competing browser can be run? Yeah, right, not gonna happen.

    Opera Mobile will run just fine on MeeGo, should Opera want to port it... :)

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    pretty good + quick on the G1

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