back to article SpringSource adds springiness to Tomcat server

Open-source Java framework specialist SpringSource has unveiled a new incarnation of its Apache Tomcat-based tc Server, offering application developers and operators additional tools for building, deploying, and monitoring their software on the lightweight runtime platform. SpringSource vice president of product management …


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    1. sventamagotchi


      most helpful ... thanks for the input. I for one am quite excited by this new spring edition as I use spring and tomcat (but may also use c#, perl or whatever on other days) and want to take both bottles into the shower. There really is no need to get all 'xxx is shit' about it, no need for a religious reaction, just have a cup of tea and calm down ;)

  2. dannypoo

    Tomcat's relationship with the hypervisor

    I'm struggling to come up with any ways in which TC Server can have any form of relationship with the hypervisor. Given that traditionally, there is a JVM and a (possibly paravirtual) OS in the way, they would surely have to come up with some sort of JVM-pvOS hybrid?

    Alternatively, here's an idea - why don't they just ditch the hypervisor and run up some JVMs on Redhat?!?!?!?!

    I have got to say that VMWare's purchase of SpringSource ranks right up there as one of the most puzzling ever for me...

    1. Adam FitzGerald

      Re: Tomcat's relationship with the hypervisor

      There a lots of ways that application deployment topologies may need to synchronize with the virtualization layer/hypervisor. Respecting production DMZ topology and anti-affinity rules are two of the most obvious ones. These two items and others were discussed last October at the SpringOne 2GX conference in Adrian Colyer's keynote. You can see a recording of the presentation at:

      Combine that kind of intelligence with the lightweight, less resource intensive runtime from Apache Tomcat/tc Server and you can see why people are excited about the synergy between VMware and SpringSource. Hopefully that will make things less puzzling for you.

      Adam FitzGerald


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