back to article Sepaton in anti-Data Domain pitch

Criticising the pain of single-silo deduplication products, Sepaton has introduced a dual-node clustered product that can be upgraded to its larger ES2 system. The MS2 is described as rack-ready and has from 36 to 192TB of raw capacity, meaning 30 to 160TB of usable capacity. Data ingest can occur at 1,200MB/sec. It comes with …


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  2. EvanUnrue


    I don't really think EMC have much to worry about. Proposing that Sepaton grad architecture is better than DD's offering when EMC have Avamar in their portfolio already is a little weak. EMC Partners will most likely position DD for point solutions, but also have Avamar in their armoury if having a Grid architecture is really a deal maker/bearker. Bearing in mind that Avamar also does dedupe at source and is already on its 3rd Generation. I'd say Sepaton are a little late to the party.

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