back to article Samsung to bundle glasses with 3D TVs

In a bid to become the leading supplier of 3D TVs, Samsung will bundle every one of its 3D tellies and Blu-ray Disc players with two pairs of active-shutter specs and a copy of Monsters vs Aliens, the company announced last night. While many potential buyers won't be too excited by the prospect of a free BD, active-shutter …


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  1. Tony Hoyle

    Are they quieter than they used to be?

    I thought the smart money had switched to polarised because (a) they're *much* cheaper to make, and (b) shutter glasses, being mechanical, are both noisy and prone to breakage (the example I saw was someone prone to jump off your face.. it was a few years back though and i hope those glitches are out).

    Personally I'm not interested until you don't need glasses. £100 for glasses? I don't even pay that for real ones..

    1. Marky W

      Troll or retard?

      See title.

  2. Neur0mancer


    Eventually it will be cheaper to add dimensions instead of worthy, decent programming.

    We will all be in Dante's 7th Dimension of Hellishly boring programming. "Wooooh, it's like we're in the tv but in the future and watching Brockian Ultra Cricket" we will say, but actually we will be crying inside.


  3. Daniel Owen


    I feel for OLED, it's a much better tech than what we are currently using but it's become old news since 3D became the TV of the future :(

    We want OLED not stupid 3D!

    1. Hedley Phillips

      I hear ya

      I too morn the death of OLED.

      While 3D is pretty cool (saw Alice in Wonderland the other day) I would prefer to be able to just watch a good quality image.

  4. Ashley Stevens

    Awaiting the peril-sensitive add-on

    All that's needed is a peril-sensitivity add-on that closes both shutters when in danger! But how long will it be before the government mandates the P-chip that shuts both shutters on adult material when worn by children?

  5. Tony Paulazzo


    Well, saw an ad at the Manchester Odeon the other day that you'll be able to watch some upcoming football match live and in 3D for £9. It'll be just like the 'old days' when people went to the pictures.

    In fact, until 3D porn starts selling, I really can't see this taking off in the home at all, Simon Cowel in 3D - shudder...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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