back to article Microsoft whitewashes MSN in latest Web2.0rhea whimsy

Microsoft has taken the beta wraps off its MSN homepage, which the company relaunched in the US in November 2009. Over the next two weeks Microsoft will roll out its Facebook-like facelift to 100 million Stateside users of MSN. The MSN overhaul is the first major makeover to Microsoft's website - home to its free Hotmail …


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  1. GenericProdigy

    Sans Surprise

    Let's be fair; Sun Microsystems rarely used Java to stream any of their videos either, even the videos showing off JavaFX.

    I don't have Flash installed, nor Silverlight. Java all the way!

    Now where's my coffee cup?!

  2. The Indomitable Gall

    Oooh... now that's clever....

    "According to The Guardian, Microsoft plans this year to make programmes and films available in high definition based on its Silverlight tech. But Redmond clearly isn't brave enough to apply its own proprietary software to the rest of its MSN video estate yet."

    So the plan is to use well established technology so that people can use the site immediately, so aren't scared off. Then use enhanced content as an incentive to install the otherwise-unnecessary Silverlight player.

    Increased complexity in the server farm, but it will drive uptake.

    1. Player_16
      Jobs Halo

      Hey, that's right!

      When I did log on, my 'Click-to-Flash' blocker was showing these opaque squares and square boxes everywhere instead of playing in Silverlight: well observed.

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